Drake Responds To Sexual Assault Allegation

Published: Wednesday 19th Sep 2018 by David

Drake has filed a lawsuit against a woman who sought to extort him!

A dramatic story after the jump…

The performer learned that a lady named Layla Lace had accused him of assaulting her following their meeting in Manchester, England and even went as far as to insinuate that she was pregnant with his child.

His story? That she agreed to sleep with him in his hotel room following a performance and was livid when he rejected her request to join him on the road when the deed was done.

Since then, he believes she has fooled herself into believing he is in love with her and- after realising that her attempts to bag him had amounted to nothing- had her new lawyer threaten to go public with the rape claim if he refused to send her millions of dollars.

Today, he has struck back by filing a lawsuit against her and is suing her for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process.



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@Shade45 #streetsweeperradio sits down with #LaylaLace the woman alledgelly pregnant by Drake. #jazziebelletv

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He also believes that the baby Layla says he fathered may not even exist.

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  1. Zion September 19, 2018

    Yuck he has poor taste in women

    • jesus loves us not illuminati September 19, 2018

      sell his soul to the devil and he will pay the price. ask kanye..

    • Brotha Jesus September 19, 2018

      Drake- spiritually broke Canadian.
      Kids pay attention this is not what u want to aspire to be. He belongs in the same group/ring as Rihanna, Bey, Gaga, Taylor, Nicki…Rothchilds Illuminati corrupted puppets. It is a matter of time. ?

    • Who’s next??? September 19, 2018

      Harvey Weinstein of the hip hop!

  2. China September 19, 2018

    If it was a MAN i’d believe it. Ya’ll Know Drake’s sexuality is Questionable. Girl bye

    • Lulu September 19, 2018

      Drake rhymes with r***
      r*** is a crime
      crimes doesn’t pay
      but why drake has money if crimes doesn’t pay?
      Money, american money is dollar and devil worshipper!

      • Milla September 19, 2018

        Truth! He loves to be rimmed!!! ?

  3. DanYiel Iman September 19, 2018

    Oh so he’s screwing any & everybody, deciding to sue all while screwing folks RAW!! Gotta love his Canadian brain!! ?

    • Bukky September 19, 2018

      He looks gay to me! Never buy her music!

  4. Lulu September 19, 2018

    drake is illuminati, ok we all know the nba is illuminati, but if you turn the bulls symbol upside down you’ll see the same owl that apparently stands for drake’s so called “ovo” gang!

  5. Kanye is right September 19, 2018

    Another Illuminati exposed!!! ???

  6. Mmm September 19, 2018

    Black Harvey Weinstein?

  7. Trump’s Supporter September 19, 2018

    Harvey Weinstein is not the first powerful Hollywood player to be accused of sexual harassment. … Before the accusations about him emerged, many actresses had already shared their own experiences of Hollywood’s infamous ‘casting couch’, a term meaning the trading of sexual

  8. Caleb September 20, 2018

    It seems he will f*** and make a child with anybody.

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