Breaking News: Mac Miller Dead At 26

Published: Friday 7th Sep 2018 by David

TGJ is saddened to report that the rapper Mac Miller is dead.

The performer, who struggled with substance abuse, was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home after police were called by a male said to have been at the property.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

We are praying for his loved ones.

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  1. Meme September 7, 2018

    Wowzers. Why are all these artist on these heavy drugs? This is so crazy.

    I ain’t tryna be funny but I hope Nicki gets help.

    • Nah September 7, 2018

      Meme… Go have you a tall glass of shut the f*** up with your bull what if I said I hope riuhanigetd help didnt we see a video of her doing lines before?

      • Meme September 7, 2018

        You might take my comment the wrong way but I am being serious. Her actions as of recent makes me worry.

        P.S I am a huge Nicki supporter but this is coming from a place of genuine concern. Everything isn’t meant to be shady.

    • Rosy September 7, 2018

      I agree with you nicki look suspect during her interviews with Ellen she seem to be sniffing her nose like a coke person I’m been serious these celebrities are ridiculous they are bless in life and rather turn to drugs for what go on a spa retreat pay for therapy if you depress how is drugs making them feel better maybe it’s true in the music industry that illuminaty exist people suffering around the world and these people rather destruct on drugs the world is a mess

    • blaah September 7, 2018

      Nope St nick needs OD so Female Rap can progress. She’s the worst thing to happen to the hip hop. Maybe they’ll make a sculpture outta ha! 😝

      • Caleb September 7, 2018

        Come on! Have some decency. That was a terrible thing to say.

    • Yummy Yo September 7, 2018

      I ain’t laughing either , but she needs counseling before she meets her sticky end.. I don’t wish this on anybody .. but Nicki is Going through something ..

    • September 7, 2018

      What action is that? explain, please.

      • Meme September 7, 2018

        You must not follow Nicki. She’s not acting normal. She’s acting like Kanye did when he was at his lowest. She may not be on drug but she’s clearly unstable right now which can lead down that path. But from what I heard, from trusted sources, she has been abusing drugs for a while now. This is something I refused to believe because island ppl just don’t do hard drugs. But her actions are indicating other wise.

  2. c September 7, 2018

    How could you use this picture for this story. Remove it. Disgusting.

    • iamdiego September 7, 2018

      I agree.

  3. Stephy September 7, 2018

    Another drug addicted celebrity dead, so sad. RIP … I guess.

  4. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) September 7, 2018

    This young generation of rappers is dying out fast.

    • Olusheyi September 7, 2018

      I agree

  5. Isyss September 7, 2018

    Come on Ariana Grande and drop a Mariah Carey circa 96 style ballad !!!

  6. Rasputia Latimore September 7, 2018

    Another method out kid bites the dust. Sad. He represents thousands of teens and 20 something year olds that are dying every day from drug overdosing. Kids remember to eat before you get high and always keep your cell phone handy to call 911in the event u get a bad dose. Let this be a cautionary tale to not do hard drugs in the first place. Stick to wine coolers and weed like your girl Rasputia do.

    • Rasputia Latimore September 8, 2018

      I’m sorry for acting like the devil trash that I am, please forgive me people.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 8, 2018

        So u impersonating me again huh. How childish. U cant run from the FACT you are racist evil white trash. Own it like Roseanne and stop hiding behind fake accounts.

  7. Boytoy1814 September 7, 2018

    Rest In Paradise M.M.

  8. Keith September 7, 2018

    RIP…love “What’s the Use”

  9. Drinkmybussyjuice September 7, 2018

    Sry. This may sound harsh but i dont’t its hard for me to car about someone passing because of drugs. Esp with everything that is afforded to the ppl. There are endless avenues of help. You just have to want it.

  10. Mark111 September 7, 2018

    Bye! Bad week to be a White rapper. 😂

    • Danzou is laughing at how TROLLMINE got exposed 7-31-18 with his FAKE modeling pictures. September 7, 2018

      How’s it working out for Aaliyah..?

      • Rasputia Latimore September 7, 2018

        Shut up queen. U is a lying b|tch. How u gonna tell me u got black in u yet u b stanning for crackers 24×7 as if it personally offend u. Even uncle Toms like tiger woods got more n|gga and buck in them. It is obvious my girl Jasmine was right that u is certainly Suicide Hag Blonde hiding behind that troll account. U is such a queen.

        Why was u begging to eat your royal heiness Rasputia”s box yesterday and today spouting out like a sissy? The only thing black in u is infected d|ck up ur crapper hole u sissy pig bottom.

      • Rasputia Latimore September 7, 2018

        Danzou….trash demon don’t u ever speak about the Beautiful Iconic Aaliyah again. That comment alone proves you are gutter white trash….full of evil and hate. U are a disgusting vile serpent that smells like dog with a head full of lice. I will make sure from now on if I ever catch your ugly heshe white trash f.aggot ass on this site again I will verbally destroy your ass. I’ll make sure your racist agenda gets no where b|tch. You will be laying up on that park bench u live at repenting when I’m done with u…

      • Rasputia Latimore September 8, 2018

        Sorry for acting like a trash queen, I haven’t been the same since I got dropped from modelling.

      • Danzou is laughing with how the TROLLS are getting busted these days September 8, 2018

        Shut the f up TRASHmine show me where I said I was full black. And not all black people are racist trash like you boo but on thing we all have in common is that we hate you ISIS people.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 8, 2018

        So u impersonating me again huh. How childish. U cant run from the FACT you are racist evil white trash. Own it like Roseanne and stop hiding behind fake accounts.

      • Rasputia Latimore September 8, 2018

        You just wait till I get my vasectomy procedure.

  11. Remymafia September 7, 2018

    Anybody joking about this is seriously ill.. Rip macmiller. Another young soul taken to soon😞😥😭

    • ROCK September 8, 2018

      He wasn’t taken.He gave himself

      • Anon September 10, 2018

        *sips tea

  12. Meteorite September 7, 2018

    No shade
    No tea
    Idk who he is however my heart goes out to his family.
    Be at peace.

    • Bravo!! September 7, 2018

      Just say R.I.P and keep it moving. Maybe next time google a person before leaving a comment.

      • Meteorite September 8, 2018

        I did google him before I commented. Read his Wikipedia page and I still don’t know him. Before today I’ve never heard of him.

  13. September 7, 2018

    This is so crazy, damn. RIP.

  14. Olusheyi September 7, 2018

    Rest in peace

  15. Bravo!! September 7, 2018

    R.i.p mac miller. I’m going to miss that hairy booty & s*** smile bro..

  16. DanYiel Iman September 8, 2018

    DARE to keep KIDS OFF DRUGS!!🙏🏽

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