New Music: Normani x Calvin Harris – ‘Checklist (ft. Wizkid)’ & ‘Slow Down’

Published: Monday 22nd Oct 2018 by Sam

Normani delivers a double dose of dynamite with not one but two Calvin Harris collaborations.

The Fifth Harmony flamethrower unleashes the heat with ‘Checklist’ featuring Afrobeats superstar Wizkid and ‘Slow Down.’ 

Both follow the top 10 success of Khalid collaboration ‘Love Lies.’

So what are you waiting for? Listen to both jams after the jump…

Come through Miss Kordei!

Both songs showcase equally compelling corners of Normani’s appeal.

‘Checklist’ skews more Urban and places her in the thick of the Afrobeats wave that is taking over, while ‘Slow Down’ plays more to Calvin’s Pop/EDM rooting while feeling authentic to Normani too.

We envisage the best performing cut will receive the most push – which we’re fine with as both are deserving of the full single treatment.

Even more exciting is the prospect of what the live performances will serve too.

Storm through Normani, storm through!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Klorie October 22, 2018

    I was expecting something different and better. My money is on Lauren. Nor is chasing fame to much and it shows.

    • Here 4 This October 22, 2018

      Sorry Checklist is a f**king SMASH! Straight ??? You know she’s gonna kill performance wise too!

      • A&R October 22, 2018

        A SMASH!!!

    • Meme October 22, 2018

      This is def different. Completely different sound from H5. And fresh. She’s coming different than any other urban girl.

    • ??? October 22, 2018

      lmao lauren who?

    • Venus October 23, 2018

      Both these are fiya! She starting this thang off RIGHT! GEt it Girl

  2. Londonlad October 22, 2018

    Sssssh I am here for Normani ????????????

  3. Meme October 22, 2018

    F**king chills. LORT wasn’t ready. I completely underestimated mama. I’m here for both tracks. It’s so refreshing and exciting. I can not wait to see visuals. SLAY

  4. pat October 22, 2018

    paaah..form! so here for it

  5. Achooo! October 22, 2018

    I don’t like it either songs. I hate the beat. However, that might change once I see a good video for it. She will have make a outstanding video for those songs

  6. Section8DaGreat October 22, 2018

    Checklist is giving me Tiwa Savage vibes.

  7. Xoxo October 22, 2018

    Expected something better….

  8. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 22, 2018

    I really hope she’s stays more towards the urban/r&b/carribbean dance side of things. She needs to break up the current state of pop music because honestly it’s generic trash with no talent. She has the talent to do that, I think. Even if that means she’s not AS popular I’d much rather see her talent used for actual art than generic forgettable hits.

    • Rasputia Lattimore is ANNOYED of trash demon FAKE JasMAN aka GAY TRASHmane BEGGING to Eat Her Box & Impersonating Her & talking to her EVERY DAMN DAY October 22, 2018

      DONT anyone care what u think TRASHmane. N|gga u stay trolling this site with your dated irrelevant opinions and bullying. U are a yester year queen with a dated mindset.

  9. Meme October 22, 2018

    I’m already addicted to both songs. My only critique is that you can tell Checklist was written for a male or by a male. They didn’t even bother tweaking some of the lyrics to fit a female. She’s talking about getting drown and getting up, which is very confusing. Lolol too funny.

  10. DanYiel Iman October 22, 2018

    I actually like this song & I’m buying!! ?

  11. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 22, 2018

    I like both.

  12. Liam October 22, 2018

    Checklist is cute but I love her vocals and tone on Slow Down which I have a feeling is gonna be the bigger hit???

  13. A&R October 22, 2018

    I was awating these singles to see how her voice would stand alone on a track. I can officially say I love it. I love her tone and vocally styling. Sounds mature beyond her years and it’s mainstream yet unique enough that I can pick her out from the other new girls. Normani is creating a fever and it’s so time for it. Ah!

  14. Beam Me Up Scotty October 22, 2018

    Neither song did much for me. I wanted something more catchy. I can definitely hear a superstar in her voice though.

  15. BuzzOff October 22, 2018

    I’m Sorry but I don’t like her voice ..
    I just don’t .. sometimes it’s hard understand what she’s saying — it just doesn’t attract me the way Dinah’s voice and Lauren does .. but best success to her..

  16. Kosher October 22, 2018

    I see you Normani. These aren’t bad. I didn’t know what I was expecting but I think “Checklist” will have a dope video filled with choreography.

  17. MusicJunkiee October 22, 2018

    I’ve Always Liked Her ! She not the best vocally but can ENTERTAIN & I Always Forget She Has That ( Hidden Whiste Talent) I’m Excited For Her . ” Checklist Is the most catchy & it’s different in the market now especially for an ” urban girl “

  18. Moe October 22, 2018

    Damn checklist is fire

  19. JET October 22, 2018

    both are dope as hell!

    I think Checklist will be the initial hit, but slow down will be the one that gets bigger in the long run

  20. Kool Kid October 22, 2018

    I like Normani, but this is not it. Support from the likes of Beyonce and Nicki have put too much pressure on her. There is also way too much autotune on both tracks.

    • iamdiego October 23, 2018

      she didnt even use a lot of autotune.

  21. John L. Anderson V October 23, 2018

    I think I’m pleased overall with these songs. I like checklist and slow down has potential to grow on me. I have a feeling even her album tracks will be even better.

  22. iamdiego October 23, 2018

    I love both songs but slow down is my personal fave because she is the only one singing! no feature.

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