Normani Blazes TIDAL X Brooklyn With ‘Love Lies,’ ‘Checklist,’ & New Song ‘Waves’ [Video]

Published: Wednesday 24th Oct 2018 by Sam

Normani came to play approximately no games with her first high profile set as a solo artist.

The Fifth Harmony star joined the likes of Lil Wayne and Lauryn Hill on the bill at TIDAL x Brooklyn fundraiser event at the Barclays Center.

And she showed out.

Backed by an army of dancers, the budding diva took command of the stage with a degree of seasoning well beyond her age.

She spiced up the spectacle with live performances of top 10 smash ‘Love Lies’ and ‘Checklist’ – her recently rolled out collaboration with Calvin Harris. Also part of her set was previously unheard song ‘Waves,’ which seems to feature rapper 6LACK.

Check out her showing after the jump…

Normani Set:

1. Waves
2. Love Lies
3. Checklist


Normani slayed!

She’s magnetic on stage, drawing all eyes to her every move. A trait that’ll no doubt serve her well as the spectacle around her inevitably grows bigger and brighter.

What’s more, she possesses a poise, polish, and potency as a performer that has her ready-prepped for any platform. Put simply, to watch her is to watch a ready-made star. One whose success feels all sorts of imminent.

If we had one tweak, it’d be for Normani to have incorporated at least one 5H song (‘Work From Home,’ perhaps). For no other reason than helping the masses make the mental connection to where she’s come from.

Still, it’s understandable why she’s keen to strike out on her own accord. After all, those that “can” …”should.” More power to her!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Erica October 24, 2018

    It was really good!! I will say she has to be careful in pulling too much from Beyoncé, she don’t want to look like a carbon copy. She was very entertaining to say the least it’s win

  2. Liam October 24, 2018

    She slayed she’s giving me a mix if Jan & Beyoncé…I live for this performance she clearly read the blueprint of these 2 ladies combined it and give us a performer to def watch for this generation.

  3. RihNaj October 24, 2018

    Yoooo this was??? everything was on point. As the above stated though careful not to be too Beyonce, but it was amazing loved it. Crowed was boring tho ?

  4. Xanadu October 24, 2018

    Go Normani!!!.. Good for her!!.. She has a long and fruitful career ahead of her and I am excited to see and hear what she has in store for us visually and musically in the near future!

    A FAN.

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.! October 24, 2018

    She definitely brought a lot of energy but I just don’t feel the connection/spark/energy. I think that a lot of performers are missing that “IT” factor that makes dynamic performers like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson etc. I don’t know, could just be me but I wouldn’t pay to see her.

    I DO however, wish her much success in her career. She’s most definitely talented.

    • Jj October 24, 2018

      I don’t see the WOW factor with Normani either. I felt like I was watching Beyoncé’s backup dancer with a mic while Bey changes wardrobe for the next set. 🙁

    • Kizzy October 24, 2018

      She is still a developing solo artist. Damn!!
      How do you expect her to be seasoned str8 out the gate?! It is going to take time and support from fans to really get Normani more comfortable on stage and into her own. She is certainly more entertaining than most of these mainstream popstars who still have support from millions of fans. And are we forgetting that Janet was being heavily criticized in the begining for not having the “IT” factor but she showed them. Stop looking for perfection and start appreciating the potential. Support Black artists.

      • Keith October 24, 2018

        I think its the music. SHE gives her all but the songs leave a little to be desired and I like them. She is the most watchable of the 5H girls, tho…

      • Keith October 24, 2018

        As a long time Janet fan, I can say this is true. But when the songs “popped” things began to turn around. I think that’s what’s happening with Normani…the music doesnt match her potential. I want her to win.

      • pat October 24, 2018

        Janet was 19 when control came and slayed tho…. kinda hard to compare

      • SMH October 24, 2018

        I agree with Keith. Normani definitely slayed her performance, but her music is leaving alot to be desired. She’s gonna need to come harder with her music, then she’ll be unstoppable. Just like Janet, it took her two albums before she really popped off and became a Legend. Normani clearly has what it takes to be the next major star of the next generation, they just can’t drop the ball when it comes to her music.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 24, 2018

        @Kizzy – I don’t recall hearing anything about Janet Jackson NOT having IT ever, but then again I’m not that old. With that said, I DOUBT what YOU say is true about Janet. In regards to Normani and your comment on others giving an opinion contrary to yours, get over it! She’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

        I’m not going to support an artist JUST because of skin color. That’s absolutely RIDICULOUS. You act as though Normani was given NO compliments and that she was cut to shreds but our comments, she wasn’t! No one is expecting her to be PERFECT, what people are tired of is MEDIOCRITY. Not everyone that can sing and/or dance is going to have IT no matter what people like you think. It just doesn’t work like that.

        There are NOT going to be millions of James Browns or Michael Jacksons etc. There is an IT factor that exists. An unknown qualitative factor that comes into play when it comes to being a STAR. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being good or okay. She just doesn’t do it for me and I stand by my opinion

    • Kizzy October 24, 2018

      When did I sat you should support someone *Just* for skin color? I said that we need to support Black artists especially BW because diversity and visibility for them is so low and a beautiful talented girl like Normani is perfect to feel that niche. In addition, it is my opinion that you aren’t giving her a chance and you are holding her to a higher standard than other new artists and expecting her to meet the same level as a more seasoned artists. This was literally her first solo performance performing all new songs that no one in the audience has heard before. The “IT” factor does not just jump out of nowhere, it takes time for everybody including the greats.

  6. DanYiel Iman October 24, 2018

    Her style is far from Beyoncé or Janet Jackson IMO..??‍♂️ She’s doing what she wants to do!!

    • Keith October 24, 2018

      You MUST be a comedian. The performance DNA of those ladies was VERY apparent….

    • Meme October 24, 2018

      You have to be kidding me. Everything about Normani performance style is Beyonce:

      1. All female band
      2. Female guitarist
      3. Wind in the hair
      4. Leotard and leggings
      5. Sensual/sexualised dancing style
      6. The way she interact with the crowd

      I can go on…not saying it’s a bad thing because everyone has their idols they study.

  7. iamme October 24, 2018


  8. ILN October 24, 2018

    This performance was so dope! I can’t! I really hope that people will push her and buy and stream her music! This could be the start of a great new artist coming up to the heights of the current top ones! I love Normani

  9. Kasdaghost October 24, 2018

    Great performances and energy! I also really like her songs! Am I the only one who feels like her vocals were subpar at best tho??? It seems like she doesn’t even have proper mic control and there is no excuse as she came from a successful girl group.

  10. pat October 24, 2018

    im rooting for her… technically she has the whole package….i just don’t see that eye of the tiger when she performs like tina, janet, beyonce. She hasn’t found her own personal swag just yet.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 24, 2018

      @Pat – “She hasn’t found her own personal swag just yet.” — I think you may be right about that.

  11. iamdiego October 24, 2018

    I love this!

  12. Pedro October 24, 2018

    I think she is realy taletend but this was to much Beyonce.She is Trying so hard to be like her.
    She needs her own Performance Style, like Teyana Taylor or Tinashe.

  13. Achooo! October 24, 2018

    Normani and Cardi B are the only females that can command the stage in this era. Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and other 4th Harmonies could never command it despite great sales. Talent, Presence, Rhythm, is what make a star. They will have to find the right producers to make it command the charts. They both had the Wow and It factor.

    • A&R October 24, 2018

      I must say, I’m shocked by Cardi. Ppl are trying to say she isn’t good live but she’s a perfect rap performer. Oddly she does perfect mix of choreo, stage production, and raw hip hop ish that we don’t get her confused with trying to perform like she’s a singer. I think between the AMAs followed by the Hip Hop awards, she was perfect. That Hip hop award performerance was ahh! It was ratchet yet choreographed enough that was intentional and organized. The ass shaking was spot on. Hell, I even grunted like Rick Ross lol which watching. It was hoodrific lol

      Not to get loss in comparing them, but..

      At times I think Nicki’s performances can look like they’re designed for a pop singer. And it’s not because she tries to dance… Missy Elliott dances. I think Nicki needs to rethink that. The last MTV performance was good but she needs intentional just raw hip hop moments in every live show. She’s a rapper 1st. Embrace the hood part of hip hop. That’s what ppl love about the art. Just show how the hood looks cleaned up ??‍♂️

      Cardi is definitely awesome to watch. And Rihanna is way better live than you mentioned. Don’t confuse her relaxed approach as lacking presence. Also, she goes hard when she wants to.. see the VMAs when she got the vanguard award.

      • pat October 24, 2018

        damn.. you’re spot on with Nicki

  14. byisi October 24, 2018

    I don’t see the hype at all. Her music is just so terrible. One thing I can say about Tennisshoe(Tinashe) is that she makes amazing music and majority of her performances are decent. Normani’s music and vocals just aren’t there yet. Performance wise, she’s good. There’s a reason why the 5 ladies were put in a group in the first place. Solo there’s nothing special about any of them if we’re being honest.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan October 24, 2018

      One thing I can say about you is that you AT LEAST pay your trailer park rent. That’s what I like about you sis ???

  15. A&R October 24, 2018

    I get excited every time I see this woman. I love that I’m able to see she’s influenced by all the great ladies before her. I’m also aware she will soon develop her own distinctive performance traits. I hope she keeps the hair and fans though lol and I hope that all of us starving for this next great performer doesn’t put out so much pressure/ expectations that we mess things up like we did with Tinashe. Speaking of.. if Tinashe is able to find her footing, between her and Mani, we can have our next female singers who could reach Beyonce/Rihanna/early Ciara level. My fingers are crossed because the world needs some new super star performers. Now I’m just hoping Trevor Jackson can get his ish off the ground and my life will be complete??

  16. Tati October 24, 2018

    I LOVE her I think she is awesome! But I do get a Luke James situation here when they have everything; looks, good voice and the have presence/stage presence. The X factor isn’t shinning because the music is just not up to par. For example with Luke James his voice is amazing yet the songs are so dry and it’s like wait what’s happening here? I don’t know what her team is trying to do with Normandi but I will day this…all this pressure about singing live…F**K IT! Just lipsynch and kill the choreography. I get that they want her to be the next Beyoncé but sorry their ranges are not even the same. Normandi’s Voice is every thin and she’s not gonna run back and forth and roll around the ground like Bey and not be out of breath. I think she should focus on having fun and creating music that engages the audience.

  17. JET October 24, 2018

    I think Love Lies was more just her and less Beyonce, but yeah she definitely is taking a combo from her and Janet, I am sure she will figure more about herself soon. This is still one of her first (5 or less) solo performances post Fifth Harmony.

    Also, that unreleased song is super dope! I think that is probably her upcoming hit!

    The Calvin Harris songs are good imo.

  18. Sandra October 24, 2018

    I’ve decided that I don’t want to see the video for checklist. The performance was too cheorgraphed and that’s where I think that where I think that Rihanna or Ciara would’ve been better visually to watch, and as this sing doesn’t require much vocal technique might’ve been better altogether.
    I think these new girls need to not wear a bodysuit, develop your own style and bring it to the stage as this was very inspired and lacking originality.
    I gave been playing Checklist a lot since it came out but this isn’t it.

  19. AnonymousTruth October 24, 2018

    I’m DEAD at this Beyoncé tribute . She needs to really stick to her own Niche . Because one , her vocals are not great , don’t strut to the corner of the stage , flip your hair and then deliver some weak a$$ howl …. if Beyoncé do that she gone serve some fire vocals .
    Normani has a strong dance ability , she is much more of a Ciara type of artist. I feel she should lip sync to pre-record vocals , her voice is definitely not strong enough to sing live and dance , it just makes it sound even more shaky than it already is . The first song was yawn , 2nd warmed up a bit , and third was by far the best . But it was so cringe to watch the Beyoncé imitations and the ‘all female band’ thing was just so uncomfortable for me . I love Normani , but I want her to find her strength and deliver … and for me , a fire routine with pre-recorded vocals will make her sh!t.

  20. Mother October 24, 2018

    This was fire! Loved the checklist performance, she was hitting that shaku shaku.

  21. ~The Arcade~ October 24, 2018

    She’s the new hope of this generation of singers/ performance. Wish her the best!

  22. Beygr8 October 24, 2018

    You can tell she studies the QUEEN. She has a lot of work to do though. The vocals were not hitting and nothing really stands out about her yet.

  23. Tino October 24, 2018

    From the outfit to the dancing to the al ll girl band and even herstance. She’s trying way too hard to be Beyonce.

  24. John L. Anderson V October 25, 2018

    She is getting her footing. She has a good foundation though and I really like the way she performed checklist.

  25. ブレイデン October 25, 2018

    She did a great job. Waves definitely caught my attention most of all. I think the studio version will be absolutely fantastic.
    I can understand the comparison to Beyoncé and I want her to find her own path a little more but she’s new and still needs to find her own image and onstage persona, and I think she will. Let’s keep our eyes peeled as she develops.. I really do want her to become the super star she’s capable of being. Love her

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