Remy Ma Defends Argument That Anyone Should Be Allowed To Use The N-Word

Published: Wednesday 17th Oct 2018 by David

Critics of the rapper Remy Ma have questioned how magic she thinks her melanin really is after she stunned them by revealing that she believes people of all races should feel happy and free to use the N-word.

Those who had hoped she would take the word’s dark history into consideration in the hours after her remark’s surfacing were left even more disappointed when she used her Instagram account to defend her statement.

Read below….

Why many feel Ms. Ma is completley wrong?


Do you agree with Remy?

If so, why? And…is the N-word the only offensive word you think can and should be used by everyone.

We value your thoughts.

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  1. DanYiel Iman October 17, 2018

    I mean I don’t use it but I do t knock others who do but don’t speak to me using the word!!🤦🏽‍♂️

    • October 17, 2018

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  2. blaah October 17, 2018

    Still trying to tear Another black woman down yet fueling the Nicki hate train at the same time. Your fave rebranded “King Kong” based on barbz dropping 🦍 emojis on Remy social media. 🤣🤣🤣Go figure!

  3. Loveislife28727 October 17, 2018

    That’s so trueeee! Wow. Why does Nicki think racism is acceptable from barbz enough to brand herself King Kong? Any woke person would denounce racism but obviously Nicki uses the racism Remy got to her advantage. It’s sickening.

  4. Achooo! October 17, 2018

    Some blacks just don’t get it. You can not get offended by a derogatory word if you constantly calling each other the derogatory word. Blacks popularized the word through rap, everyday conversations and salutations which in return allow others to use the word freely. You don’t see any other races or group doing the same to each other in an example You don’t hear Asians say “Hey (C)(H)(I)(N)(K)”, Mexicans say “Hey (W)(E)(T) Back)”, Jews say “Hey (K)(I)(K)(E), Italians say “Hey (D)(E)(G)(O), Whites say “Hey (C)(R)(A)(C)(K)(E)(R), Gays say “Hey (F)(A)(G)”. Why can’t Blacks understand that concept. It’s no longer derogatory because of YOU!

    • Bam October 17, 2018

      Well Mexicans and Gays do use those words so maybe leave them out.

    • Buzz Off October 17, 2018

      How can you expect someone to take you seriously when your Attitude is the Contrary to the Subject of the Matter🤷🏽‍♂️..

      I’m black and I really Understand what Remy is sayin.. If we want to Respect we need to give it.. whether your black or white – It makes us look like hypocrites ..

      • Anon October 18, 2018

        How can a black person not be offended if people of other races refer to them using a word that was historically used to disrespect them, when racism and discrimination still exists currently? If all black people decided to no longer use that word, do you really think every single person from another race would respect black people? Do you really think every non-black person would use that word in a non-disrespectful way? Especially considering people of non-black races still use that word intentionally to cause offence (particularly in areas where black people are a minority) and the fact that Black Lives Matter is still not being reflected in statistics

      • Anon October 18, 2018

        There’s black people who do not use that word to refer to other black people, there’s also people of other races who (there’s nothing stopping them) would never say that word or actually get upset about the word because of the history behind it, Remy Ma is not a spokesperson for all black people

  5. blaah October 17, 2018

    First y’all laugh at the fact Melanin Magic missed Billboard even though it’s one of the few songs that celebrate blackness. Now y’all misconstruing Remy words to destroy the whole meaning of the song and her #BlackLove narrative… Y’all go to war for that fake ass b!txh just because of a diss track. Your fave don’t even celebrate blackness on wax but rather put out messages like “these nappy headed b!tches need a perminator.” Stop throwing the most flawed b**** in female rap down our throats. Nicki Garbaj will never elevate the culture because she’s a selfish, depraved individual.

  6. Yolanda October 17, 2018

    I love Remy Ma. The word should be banned from EVERYONE to use in public. PeriodT. As far as the Latino people like Fat Joe and Cardi, I never heard them use the word Spic, which is a negative word. But, Latino artists don’t use the word Spic in their records for the public to hear either. Black people caused this problem. How is it that black people are going to tell non-blacks not to use the word when they have spread the word like a virus?

  7. RemyMafia October 17, 2018

    It’s weird cuz the objective of these past posts is to chastise Remy for her stance when all she’s doing is opening up room for dialogue on the topic. Biased journalism at its finest. Y’all still shETHERED, huh?! 😜

  8. Friend of a Friend October 17, 2018

    If anyone can say what they want are we good to call trans women who are actually men what they are actually are, men. I mean, since we’re now free to use language in any way we like.

  9. Queen Missy 👸🏾 October 17, 2018

    Anyone has the right to use any word they choose… the consequences on using said word is a different story. Call me that to my face and catch these 🐾

  10. Kosher October 17, 2018

    I dont know why Nicki is mentioned in some of these responses when the article isn’t even about her…

    Personally, it is the connotation behind the use that determines the offensiveness. If it’s being said with malice then thats different than a cordial greeting. As many of these responses have mentioned — the black community uses it like it’s just another word a part of their everyday vocabulary, and if people are listening to it being used in such a colloquial way, and their favorite rappers are saying it in their most popular songs…then of course it will naturally spread.

    The use of the word in the black community and hip hop is too entrenched for everyone else to cease and walk it back now. I don’t think Remy was encouraging the use, but saying well I use it…you use it.. so can we ban them from using it? was the feeling I got from her opinion.

  11. pat October 17, 2018

    thankfully her opinion is irrelevant

  12. Casual October 17, 2018

    The word was meant to be offensive, but someone using it isn’t going to trigger me or alter my world in any way. I’ve actually had it used on me . . . at work . . . by an old white man who was humiliated to have to discuss a really embarrassing entry on his criminal history with a black man. He thought he was going to turn the situation into a sh*tshow with me flying off the handle. I let it pass and continued my explanation of the problems posed by his record to the issue we were discussing. When he came back with the issue corrected, he was nothing but respectful.

    And let’s keep it real. Many of those posting here have had equally offensive words (to the n-word) thrown at you by members of your own families. In a sense, Remy is right that there are bigger issues requiring out attention.

  13. SMH October 17, 2018

    This current generation of black people are doomed. Thank God I don’t have any children, I would never want a child of color growing up around these punk ass, ignorant no backbone & no common sense having house negroes that are being given platforms to spread their c00ning & stupidity like this irrelevant dumbass. Our ancestor died in vain.

    • SMH October 17, 2018


    • Yolanda October 17, 2018


  14. Yolanda October 17, 2018

    Cardi B has artists publicly claiming that they love her and her music. None of them dismissed her because she says nikka: Denzel, Beyonce, Whoopie, Remy, Her InLaws, and practically all of the black community. Black people put this poison in the streets through music. Now, we’re stuck with the consequences. We should have kept the word amongst ourselves, like all other cultures use their slang.

    • Anon October 18, 2018

      Why would they dismiss Cardi B when she’s black herself

  15. SillyHoe October 17, 2018

    So we should be able to say B****, S*** and many others ofended words?

    • blue October 17, 2018

      lol. can you make sense?
      she’s not saying that the word is ok to use. she’s saying it shouldn’t be something black people claim.

      those words you listed are derogatory no matter who uses them. not one group owns the right to it. usually context is taken into account on the reaction to them.

      she’s saying that the N-word (stupid thing to say) is just a word, that should be derogatory in it’s use not it’s user.

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