Toni Braxton Shares Fresh Thoughts On Iyanla Vanzant Intervention

Published: Wednesday 17th Oct 2018 by David

Toni Braxton has offered fresh thoughts in the weeks following her family’s ratings-rocking intervention with the revered life coach Iyanla Vanzant.

Split by business deals, unhealed wounds and unspoken trauma, the family called on Vanzant’s help and received just that…and then some.

Toni, whose willingness to grow through the process was praised by viewers, has now offered a fresh take on the matter.

Watch below…

Braxton revealed that she sometimes finds the need to share intimate details of her life with the general public taxing but admitted that she does so to keep her TV series, ‘Braxton Family Values‘, organic.

Did you watch the positive episode?

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  1. China October 17, 2018

    The music isn’t selling. Tamar had a moment with Stay and Fight. King. Broken Record. Simple Things BUT COULD NOT stay focused on making those incredible records hits. She wanted to perform some “pop n lock” songs no one has ever heard live and ruined her show and singles. How do you have Stay and Fight and Broken Record….and don’t release them???? STUPID. So the music ain’t selling, the image is corny and the public wants vocals from Toni and Tamar……didn’t get them. The other girls need checks….so milk this show…..which is …………..blah (FYI toni’s best friend the little gay shady gross looking boy has horrible acne….razor bumps….a good friend would refer him to a dermotogist). …. just saying……

    • King of King’s October 17, 2018

      Tamar got sick if you recall her second album and wasn’t able to properly promote it or even tour for that album not to mention her label & manager Vince dis very little to help her either. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to be an all around performer though. Toni just dropped an album giving vocals, if people would get out & support R&B music like they’re doing for rap it would sell just fine. So ofcourse they need multiple sources of income. People are still tuning in almost 10 years later so they’re doing something right. & all the other info was unnecessary about her assistant

  2. A&R October 17, 2018

    It’s called branding and marketing. They needed to pick a niche and work that before overwhelming the public with 50 things. Tamara being introduced to us through reality tv was good but she needed to pull a Cardi and drop it once we were paying attention to her as a singer/ entertainer. She had us locked in and we were ready for the newest stage killer/ singer. Yeah, she did like normal artisit do and had a few misses with videos and singles, but that comes with the territory. All she needed to do was stay the course, carve her lane, and keep her personal life in the background. The same for Toni… being reintroduced to the public through the show was cool but she should’ve dropped it after the first season. The other three sister could’ve kept that going, as they are aiming to be more of personalities over performers.

    Tamar and Toni are doing like they did in the past.. they’re letting their personal lives mess up their work lives. The difference this time around is.. youth isn’t on their side. Not much time to bounce back. Damn.. life can be really hard at times.

  3. The Legendary Mrs. Jasmine October 17, 2018

    Toni has always made bad financial decisions and that is why her career has stalled aND why she is not richer than she is. The following decisions were just dumb:
    1. Leaving Arista after they gave her a 25 million contract for ghetto Black ground Records.

    2. Marrying down. She marries Keri Lewis who had small net worth compared to Jason Kidd and a couple other NBA players who tried to wife her.

    3. Turning down acting roles during her prime. She was offered numerous acting roles in movies that she turned down. Now she only gets TV movies.

    4. Extending her Vegas show after a decent 1st year. She had a good run but there was no need for to extend. That extension combined with bad health caused her financial ruin.

    5. Not getting investors for her Vegas show.

    6. Not hiring better professional management all of her career.

    7. Not separating herself professionally from her sisters. She should have kept her relations with family personal and not intertwined with her career.

    8. She should have done what Usher did with her bad laface contract…renegotiate rather than filing bankruptcy. That bankruptcy took away 5 years of her prime when she could have soared.

    9. Bad real estate purchases (Atlanta and Vegas) where she paid more than the value of the house.

    10. Trying to be hip-hop when it does not work for her.

  4. Bam October 17, 2018

    I’d like to say Tracis new album is fire. I know everyone talks about Toni and Tamar but Traci did the damn thing.

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