Report: Cardi B Set To Turn Herself Into Police Today Over Fight

Published: Monday 1st Oct 2018 by Sam

In a surprise development, it’s being reported that rapper Cardi B will be turning herself into authorities over a fight.

And word is that charges are likely.

Details below…

Not to be confused with the red shoe throwing incident with Nicki Minaj last month, this frolic relates to an incident in which Cardi herself didn’t actually throw any jabs.

TMZ reports:

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ, Cardi will be charged for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens NY. The 2 bartender sisters — Jade and Baddie Gi — say Cardi had a long-standing beef with Jade because Cardi believed she had slept with Offset.

Cardi — who was at the Strip Club because Migos was performing — came face-to-face with the 2 bartenders and allegedly told her posse to attack them with bottles, chairs and a hookah smoking device. The 2 women were both hurt, but refused medical attention.

We’re told Cardi will likely be charged with 2 misdemeanors — reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. She will not be arrested when she turns herself in … she will get a summons to appear in court on the charges.

A source close to Cardi tells TMZ the attack was “spontaneous” and was triggered after someone threw a drink. They say nothing was premeditated.

We love us some Bardi, but this is a mess.

She has too much going well for her to be wallowing in the mire over such nonsense.

Here’s hoping this move of owning her ish is the last of such drama.


Your thoughts?

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  1. RiRilamilia October 1, 2018

    Smh lock this dam animal up in the cage. She so lame for this. Nicki somewhere drinking tea shaking her head at this mess

  2. Love is Love October 1, 2018

    She needs some anger management classes and edicate training! This is a mess

    • Love is Love October 1, 2018


    • Nah October 1, 2018

      $Itches ai y got the COUTH!

  3. RichEuros October 1, 2018

    She too nervous! Relax sis!!! She is full of insecurities and that’s why she’s has to fight everybody around! SAd for you!

  4. FAF October 1, 2018

    She’s a liar bc she said it had nothing to do w offset but the girl who actually fought is star brims sister and she was on live saying it was over cardi

    Was it worth it , dummy?

  5. Kosher October 1, 2018

    She’ll be just fine — cases will most likely get dismissed, reduced, or settled out of court. She has lots of money to afford a good lawyer. I hope that she realizes the old ways of the street she could leave behind her now. Ordering an attack on anyone (if true) is just vile especially in her position. Whether she slept with your man or not..

    I thought this situation was going to just blow over, so i’m surprised to she has to turn herself in but if anything this will make the streets love her even more.

  6. Juicy j October 1, 2018

    Lock this coke monster up!.

  7. Dolly October 1, 2018

    You can take the crack head out of the strip club but you can’t take the strip club out of the crack head.

  8. Meme October 1, 2018

    This woman is trash. I can’t believe a woman would actually pay men to go and beat up another woman. I thought this story was fake because she’s can’t be that stupid. You mad a ho3$? You should be mad at you man…who out her slanging his meat around.

  9. DanYiel Iman October 1, 2018

    We knew any & everything she’s done will be brought up into her since she’s become Cardi B the award winning artist!!🤦🏽‍♂️ Nicki McFraud is somewhere doing what she’s always done talked s*** on a record and scarier in person!!🐝”Bzzz”🐝

    • Jayy October 1, 2018

      Word, it’s Nicki fault she hired some n***** to beat up on some chicks in the club lol

    • ??? October 1, 2018

      lmaoooo chile just shut up, you sound like a typical dumb roach with no brains.

  10. Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 1, 2018

    But how is Flopnika and Queef doing?

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