Lana Del Rey Sends Open Letter To Kanye West

Published: Monday 1st Oct 2018 by David

Lana Del Rey is tired of Kanye West‘s antics and wants him to get his act together.

Rey remains stunned by West’s endorsement of Donald Trump and undying efforts to dominate headlines by making controversial remarks about anti-black racism.

What she had to say about the damfool games he is playing?

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Trump called for the deaths of five African-American teens who were falsely accused of raping a woman in New York’s Central Park and faced the heavy hand of the law when it emerged that his company refused to rent homes to African-Americans.

Watch below…

Why do you think Kanye admires him?


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  1. China October 1, 2018

    Kanye is full of “s_hit”. He is obessed with the SPOTLIGHT. He and his wife are a perfect Match. FULL of AIR and self-absorbed. They are 36-41years old and there time is basically up. The Jenner girls have taken her place and Kendrick has taken Kaynes spot. FYI Lana Del Rey – your the most depressed female in music history….STFU. You have no voice, No stage presence — you depressed music appeals to a certain demographic…that’s it. STFU

    • King MBlockU October 1, 2018

      How dare you come for Lana when High by the Beach exists. Stand down you swine.

      • China October 1, 2018

        Listen your product of TWO trailer park parents who probably were addicted to Xanax when you were born – STFU – she is a DRUGGED out non-talented piece of white trash that was PUT on because she photographs lovely. STFU and stop D_ick Riding this White B_itch. F YOU and Her and Mrs. Kanye Needy A** West

    • Irving Zarate October 1, 2018

      U lil b1tch, f#ck you. Lana Del Rey is a sweet cinnamon bun, and you’re just a pressed c#nt.

  2. F*** October 1, 2018

    Isn’t that another girl friend of Satan. Y’all blind or what?

  3. Whoops ???‍♀️?? October 1, 2018

    Drag him Queen. Dumb people who don’t know they’re dumb are the worst of their kind. Koonye is beyond saving. This moron refuses to stop impersonating a genius. What’s funny is that he hears these things, “the 13th amendment should be amended”, “Don’t continue to be mentally enslaved”, “reclaim your African identity by dropping the slave name”, from TRUE black activists and scholars, (these are legitimate points), but he’s such an idiot that when he tries to regurgitate them, pretending to be a genius, it comes out as, “ let’s abolish the amendment that abolished slavery”, “slavery was a choice”, “I want to drop my already Nigerian first name to be Ye”. He is confident, stupid man. Just like his president.

    • Caleb October 1, 2018


    • Ghuyrsd October 1, 2018

      You are a moron, he was referring to unfair pay practices for prisoners, not the entirety of the 13th ammendment. You people are complete idiots lol

  4. Xoxo October 1, 2018

    The ONLY way to teach this d***** – coonye a lesson is to stop supporting him. PERIOD.
    With all the s*** he has said I can’t believe black media outlets still support him. When are y’all going to understand this? Take away the spotlight and he’ll not know what to do. F*** Kanye

    • SMH October 1, 2018


  5. IG @mixedboy October 1, 2018

    Yes Lana. Drag his white ass! He is a disgrace! Kanye is f***** canceled!

  6. DanYiel Iman October 1, 2018

    Sadly this is what America made!! 2 self absorbed seniors whose lives are built by America’s thrive of botox injected & liposuction liberties!!??‍♂️

  7. audreyherbsburn October 1, 2018

    Lana just told you. Kanye is a narcissist. Kanye is infatuated with donald trump. they are both geminis, and are both constantly being scrutinized for their views and behaviors, deservingly so. So to see a fellow gemini narcissist, with power, who does and says wtf he wants with few repercussions, Kanye idolizes that because he wants that power. He’s trying to normalize trump so he can normalize his own behavior.

  8. SMH October 1, 2018

    Black radio & media are continuing to support this clown & enable his delusions of being a “genius”. THAT’S the problem. If black media pulls their support, that will shut this clown up for good.

  9. Lana Del Fan October 1, 2018

    Yassssssss Queen Lana

  10. Ghuyrsd October 1, 2018

    Yawn…. smh at an entitled white liberal woman speaking for black people… Trump isn’t racist, this is the dumbest #FakeNews narrative out there. None of his policies negatively target black people. In fact he signed prison reform which helps black prisoners, black unemployment is the lowest in history, black small businesses received tax cuts which will allow them to grow their businesses. If Trump was racist, he wouldn’t constantly tout these accomplishments, maybe you idiots just don’t understand what racism is. Trump was never accused of being a racist until he ran for president, and the only morons who believe it are the same idiots who think all Republicans are racist.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 3, 2018

      @Ghuy…. – I agree.

  11. Lupita October 2, 2018

    KANYE and his big fat a** wife are just like TRUMP. Pieces of sh*t.

    LANA IS QUEEN. SHE IS BRAVE! SHE IS FIERCE! Finally a woman in the music industry who stands up against these idiots!

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