Revealed: Aaliyah Was Considered For ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Published: Tuesday 16th Oct 2018 by David

Jamie Foxx has revealed that the performer was considered for the lead role in a proposed ‘A Star is Born‘ remake.

His surprising story below…

Lady Gaga picked up the role of leading lady in the story’s latest retelling after Beyonce parted ways with the picture but now, according to Jamie, it was Aaliyah who was originally sought after.

Foxx revealed plans to reboot the project back in the year 2000 during an interview he gave to generate attention for his idea. Aaliyah was filming ‘Queen of the Damned’ at the time.

Beyonce was approached to star in the picture some time later with Clint Eastwood at the helm but decided not to go any further with it after years of delays. This, giving the multi-talented Gaga access to the part she is now receiving praise for.

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  1. Naïme October 16, 2018

    Aaliyah was too talented at her young age… oh my god this brought me to tears. She was the best and the real triple threat as well as a stunning and natural beauty.

    Congrats for Gaga. I think Beyoncé and Clint would have made an amazing movie also. Cooper asked her to be back on board but she wanted to tarnish her image instead (cussing, playing the gangsta wife and loosing all of her class by showing her ass and thinking she is goddess).

    Sad story to remind…

    • DanYiel Iman October 16, 2018

      Ma’am Beyoncé is a performer & Aaliyah doesn’t have the vocals at all! You think Aaliyah would still be performing with male clothing on as well?!!??‍♂️

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        Beyoncé is way more than a performer, she is amazing vocalist and a stunning beauty too. What bothers me the most (besides her not doing the movie), is that she tarnished her image, she was a really class act. Her talent remains intact but what she does with
        Aaliyah had time to improve vocally but she was a very good dancer and a very good actress.

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        Beyoncé is way more than a performer, she is amazing vocalist and a stunning beauty too. What bothers me the most (besides her not doing the movie), is that she tarnished her image, she was a really class act. Her talent remains intact but what she does nowadays is just beneath her. That all gangsta / s*** image is disgusting.

        Aaliyah had time to improve vocally but she was a very good dancer and a very good actress.

      • Baby Girls Baby DD October 16, 2018

        Study Aaliyah’s range before relying on such untruths dear.

      • BIGGESTAALIYAH October 16, 2018

        Agreed, study my girls range. This should be a debate about who has range who was a vocalist or a entertainer. Although I may prefer Aaliyah both ladies were/talented in their own right. Even at that time there was room for both and neither of them would bicker back and forth, but rather they would uplift and support each other. Y’all need to STOP!!

    • King of King’s October 16, 2018

      ?Beyoncé hasn’t tarnished s***, she’s an ICON & LEGEND who ENTERTAINS & PERFORMS. She has evolved, was she suppose to keep doing the same thing & not switch it up? Gaga cusses & shows her ass when she performs, does that make her less talented? F*** outta here. She got pregnant with Blu so they had to postpone with Clint then he dropped out & Bradley had a different vision then Clint’s & they didn’t give her a lot of lines then she dropped out. She is the Goddess of Muisc

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        She is the best, there is no denying about that. Did I say Gaga was better than her ? Not at all.

        F*** out of there, u looser. Her last 3 albums are so vocally poor, whether you want it or not. She used to be a lady, now I see her ass more than I get to hear her SANG like she used to.

        Now shut the f*** up.

      • King of King’s October 16, 2018

        ?you saying 4 lacked vocals ? Each album has been different then the last, she switches it up everytime, she’s mastered every single genre, for somebody who’s been giving us vocals for over 20 years if she wants to switch it up and try different types of music what is wrong with that , she’s grown & she can expresses herself in her art any way she wants. Hell when she was giving ya’ll vocals on 4 nobody wanted to support. She is always & will forever be a lady, her COSTUMES go along with the songs, she serves vocals every concert & album, if you don’t like her new s*** to play her old s*** & get off her d*** cuz she’ll have her 40’s & 50’s to give us vocals, let her have her fun.

  2. Bloop October 16, 2018

    That’s a man Maury

  3. China October 16, 2018

    Vocally, while I like Aaliyah we all know….she was not a Gaga. Whitney. Mariah. Aretha. Barbara. She is more of an “image” artist. She does not have the Vocals that are needed for this role. Neither does Beyonce. Sadly.

    • DanYiel Iman October 16, 2018

      Y’all will hate on anything Beyoncé does because she’s great at what she does!!??‍♂️

    • King of King’s October 16, 2018

      Ummm Beyoncé defiantly has the VOCALS TF u talking bout

    • Naïme October 16, 2018

      Beyoncé is way more talented than Gaga. Vocally and as an actress too. Watch Cadillac Records. Beyoncé slayed vocally and acted circles around Gaga.

      • SMH October 16, 2018


    • Baby Girls Baby DD October 16, 2018

      Only non-fans comment negatively on Aaliyah’s vocals wilst not knowing the truth of her range. Study her art boo, stop lyin to you yourself. Her range matches the greats too hun, don’t do this to yourself. study the facts yung one

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        Preach it!

    • China October 16, 2018

      Queens. I say NO to beyonce. and that is that. She has failed us. She is a demon. with basic vocals and very little range who Lip Sings to live sounding tracks. She has Failed us.

    • StarXavi October 16, 2018

      How would you know though? They would obviously write new material that fits the voice of what ever artist/actor would be in the role. Beyonce wouldn’t be singing the songs Gaga is currently singing and Aaliyah wouldn’t sing what Beyonce would have sung.

  4. NaÏme October 16, 2018

    King of King’s, how funny you bring numbers when it is clear you can’t really count. Her last 3 albums : ST, Lemonade and Everything Is love.

    4 slayed vocally and I supported that s***, hell I supported Beyoncé from the beginning back in 1998. Don’t be full of yourself trying to make me learn something.

    AND If I want to criticize her last materials I will F****** do it ? Ok?
    If she wants to have fun bragging about her wealth, making a spectacle out of her marriage when she used to be so private, being naked, vulgar and “singing” retarded lyrics then so be it. She clearly is trying to please the new generation which is full of stupid, uneducated, worshipping and lost people.

    My problem is, SHE NEVER NEEDED to reach that low as far as I am concerned.

    • Keith October 16, 2018

      Ooooooooh, FACTS chile….FACTS!!!!!

    • Keith October 16, 2018

      I detect NO LIES regarding Beyonce’s last 3 albums/musical eras…

    • iamdiego October 16, 2018

      I like u in a weird way. a lot of what you said was the truth.

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        Thank you honey.

    • King of King’s October 16, 2018

      BITCHH SHE AINt NEVER REACHED NO F***** LOW! Everything is Love was a joint album with her husband trying something different not one of her solo albums so clarify next time B****!! Clearly you’re OLD AF & ONLY like one type of music. As I said before when she dropped 4 the general public didn’t support 4. If she didn’t stay current, she would lent be on top still after 20 years & ya’ll drag her saying she was a flop. She didn’t make a spectacle of her marriage, a private fight was leaked for the world for which world to see so she chose to be vulnerable & put her hurt, pain & betrayl in her art as REAL artists do. If her lyrics are too VULGAR for you take yo square ass to the gospel section HOEE! She had plenty of songs oh her past previous albums with depth that weren’t bragging about her wealth or being “VULGaR” as you called it . Grow & evolve with an artist instead of expexting them to stay in a box & do the same s***

      • Naïme October 16, 2018

        How funny you calling me a h** when our fav is acting/performing like one lol.

        I am not old, I am 29, and I know where I stand and won’t eat everything Beyoncé served (unlike your delusional stinking ass). I still got my vision of things and like I said, if I want to be critical towards something a woman I always supported, i will be! And this is coming from a very good place. Okay you retarded dumbie?

        You talking about evolving and growing ? Since when going from offering pure quality songs like CIL, to release crap like Apeshit is evolving ?

        She didn’t make a spectacle out of her marriage ? LMAOOOOOO!!!! A simple statement would have been more than enough to adress the elevator situation.

        Keep denying that she reached a low by releasing some crap music for the past years.

  5. SMH October 16, 2018

    Everyone just thank the collective gods that its not beyonce lol.

  6. Baby Girls Baby DD October 16, 2018

    damn skippy…. cuz all your bish a$$ favs are still striving for the Highest Most Exalted 1

  7. Sweetnothings78 October 16, 2018

    I find it disrespectful when people speak ill of people that have passed away.

    Aaliyah was in her own lane. No comparison to Beyonce or Gaga.
    In answer to stupid people theory about her still wearing men’s clothes etc, NO she would of changed with the times as any talented performer would of done! Grow up you silly little keyboard warriors!

  8. eric October 17, 2018

    It’s not right to say Aaliyah didn’t have the vocals to play the part. Professionals know how to write music to fit a person’s voice and fulfill all purposes for a movie. It was Aaliyah’s voice and music that carried Romeo Must Die. This ‘Born’ remake just would’ve been in a different style, that’s all.

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