Lady Gaga Honored By Jennifer Lopez At ELLE Women In Hollywood Gala

Published: Tuesday 16th Oct 2018 by Sam

Lady Gaga‘s star is burning brighter than ever of late, so it was only fitting that last night she lit up ELLE‘s Women In Hollywood gala.

Mother Monster, who is riding high on the success of ‘A Star Is Born’ with Bradley Cooper, was one of a number of notable names honored at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Introduced by Jennifer Lopez, the 32-year-old was hailed for being a trail-blazer before hitting the stage and tearfully praising J.Lo for being an inspiration too.

Watching on were fellow honorees Angela Bassett, Mia Farrow, and Keira Knightly, as well as music industry legend Quincy Jones and Gaga’s agent fiancé Christian Carino.

Pics and clips after the jump…

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  1. Ughhh October 16, 2018

    Kim Kardashian, is that you?

    • Gaga Exposed October 16, 2018

      Illuminati satan worshipper. She is being promoted to another level.

      • Natashia October 16, 2018

        Gaga perfume I remember ..A black perfume that simulates black goo and makes you smell like a $lut. Nice role model for our kids or should I say, according to her description,
        ” little monsters”. It’s easy to recognise the ones who have been taken. Or in other words, sold their soul. It’s hideous dark deceptive and just plain evil. No wonder she’s depressed and suffers from anxiety. She looks miserable like Britnet and Kanye before that breakdown. Time will tell… ??‍♀️

      • Mother of 3 October 16, 2018

        She knows she’s being controlled and used. I just wish she could get out of it. Her eyes… soulless and empty. Lady puppet Gaga trying to maintain her self by being the devils sock puppet and letting demons possess and control her everything she does. The One True Holy God Opposes your Blaspheny Gaga! Even the demon in you knows HIM. Where are those values you are talking about using Gaga? I dont see any of them in your work. What you do to the arts is VILE! You talk about maintaining cultures, what a laugh, because you stand by liberal massive integration of immigration which is destroying all Europes culture and will do the same here. Will pray for you and those witchcrafts Beyonce!!!

    • Truth October 16, 2018

      Lucifer worshipper moves to another rank. People are so stupid to think this is just another achievement. Nothing is free in the US music industry. You have to work for The Beast. They are all part of the ring called The New World Order. Google it because they are all puppets!

      • Bro Saddiq October 16, 2018

        YOU EXPLOIT-Desperate Souls God-given talents for your own personal gain in order to use Fame to manipulate the ignorant from Jesus name! Your Wicked Games are not unscene by THE MOST HIGH ? messing with the most powerful ? being! Thinking you’re all slick with your spiritual poisonous lyrics Truth is the wicked walk a slippery slope.The Lord shall have the last word. Those of you who believe in God don’t sell out to spiritually corrupt slobs being used by the Beast. It’s not entertainment. It’s ENTER stain meant. Meant to enter and harm other’s. spiritually! To Abduct corrupt tand enslave them /into their evil mayham. Wake up rise up. Repent and cry out and worship ?? Jesus to clean you up. it’s better to be rejected by unholywood then to hear the Lord say depart from me I never knew you you workers of iniquity! #TeamJesus

    • Nina Monet October 16, 2018

      People and parents should know this the music and entertainment industries are cults…they lay the foundation for culture..what is a cult or an occult.. don’t be fooled into thinking we shape culture no they give us the bounds for such. They fooled us by changing the Hewbrew lunar dates unto their sun God Apollo worship as seen in Rev 9:11 get it when it’s an emergency u literally call Satan before god….note only n Babylon is the number 911
      ..Satan has been imparted with more knowledge than Jesus as he was the Christ like figure of the heavenly bodies when he and his angels fell that knowledge imparted with them. Now these days for Satans end have drawn nigh n these people know it. Gain the world for the price of ya soul not a MF metaphor. I feel bad bc people sell their souls (witchcrafts) that they maybe viewed among people as icons…they want Grammy awards… academy awards icons statues graven images carved of wood or gold…. We see them and they r our God’s false God’s those statues nor these iconic people can save ya soul…s/o to her for confessing with her tongue first step but woe to her for misleading millions using music, symbols,,enchantments and spell casting, participating in satanic rituals pushing their agenda to deceive for pay. They polluted the airwaves and their music and songs are so demonic and so dark. Wonder why they love Halloween much? It is a ritual. Open your eyes! ?

    • Welcome To America of Fame & Lies October 16, 2018

      All who sell their soul for fame are weak people. I really dont feel bad or proud for these celebs. They are talented but they are being used. They know what they were getting themselves into. Michael, Aretha, Prince and Whitney enough example. Rich on earth but broke in hell where all physical values are of no value in the spiritual world of the dead, being tormented in eternities flames, once well known on earth but only being known in the lake of fire for screaming in agony. We live in mediums of reality and also spiritually.
      Good luck to all those who sold their soul to Lucifer, because when the Messiah comes he will judge the wicked. It is all stated in the Bible or Quran. Fame, money, that’s all temporary. We all die….that is the fact.

      “Our Father,
      Who art in Heaven,
      Hallowed be thy name,
      Thy kingdom come,
      Thy will be done,
      On Earth as it is in Heaven,
      Give us this day
      Our daily bread
      And forgive us our trespasses
      As we forgive those who trespass against us
      And lead us not into temptation
      But deliver us from evil. Amen

  2. Cash October 16, 2018

    I like gaga but i still think something is wrong with her.

    • Hazel October 16, 2018

      All that cums from sucking the Devil’s d*** not a hard earned victory. She looks hermaphrodite like. That’s what happens walikng in quick win but yet still dark alley.

      • Just Watch October 16, 2018

        Sell her soul to the devil and she looks depressed. All the fame in the world but she is going to end up like the rest of Hollywood and she knows it.

    • Isaiah October 16, 2018

      Singers, actors, presenters, politicians, sportmen and sportwomen and etc, are just puppets of shadow government behind real government!
      She has no chance to redeem herself now, once you sell your soul your forever lost to the dark side with no return

    • Olyn October 16, 2018

      Notice how the biggest hollywood celebrites are ill and have issues from childhood… most of their parents are in covens or in the Illuminati and they get pimped into the system. Satan, demon, bad energy or skelton in the closet whatever you want to call it attacks the most talented from young because they have no spiritual backups! Industry like movie or music molds them from childhood so it can split their souls. Many abused people have fragmented souls. That is why they are confused with sexuality and other things in their life. Michael Jackson was a good example. He was very talented and molded from childhood. Music industry don’t have time to waste on people who won’t make a difference in the world but those that will. Thats why some left after 1-2 albums.

    • Mother of 3 October 16, 2018

      Mentally Ill and wants company! Misery loves company SO PARENTS, believers, think twice before You buy ANYTHING in relation to this Luciferian worshipper!

  3. China October 16, 2018

    Jennifer Lopez is a Trail-blazer and inspiration to latina’s everywhere — All you have to do is HAVE ZERO talent but be attractive and sleep with her man (black, married men, italians) in hollywood to get ahead. JENNIFER LOPEZ IS THE KARDASHIAN OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS. NO TALENT, JUST PRETTY.

    • Hazel October 16, 2018

      Have y’all seen videos of Kanye West in Uganda. Hahaha. When did he become a UN ambassador. SMH.

      • Dont Be Naive October 16, 2018

        They are all together. No talent is ok as long as you are willing to promote the agenda. Lady Gaga is revealing exactly how Lucifer (just another name for Satan) operates; divide and conquer. It’s the same strategy he used against Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. This is one of the main reasons Christianity is so divided. Of course, Gaga’s solution for defeating “evil” (by a false unity) is just another deception coming from this same source. The only solution is to turn to Jesus Christ while there is still time. Gaga long ago sold her soul for fame and fortune and will spend eternity in the Lake of fire unless she truly repents and turns to Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

    • PrincessTia October 16, 2018

      OMG people you are puppets if you don’t start questioning things . ! Start thinking and reflecting and questioning ! She is an artist and there have been different phases on her development. She has been exposed to the power structures and has for sure made reflections. Its a very very old saying .she is talking about: divide and you shall conquer ! She is talking here inteligent people that reflect on the happenings of the world . Not believers on something be its religious or not . Guys wake up ! And of course there is an elite claiming the power of the dark forces that help create politics that create hate between people and mostly in the name of those who preached love like Jesus . Jesus focused on love not on judging and taliking about satan, as many christians do . Where there is christians mostly the name of satan is involved or mentioned . Why is that ? Jesus only talked about love from what I know ! That why he was killed by the jewish who derived their knowledge from a punishing GOD ! People educate yourself . Use your discrimanation to surf the vast net

  4. Repent Now October 16, 2018

    Lord if she has a chance to turn to you please let her see it and use her more than satan has used her in Jesus name amen

  5. Whateverrrr October 16, 2018

    You sell your soul for fame and fortune you will end up paying the fidler. She’s made her bed let her lay on it.

  6. Yucygaga October 16, 2018

    she is the embodiment of true evil, and the dumbed down masses love her, they will all get to suffer the tribulation together unless they repent, all these celebrities sell their souls for fame. why do you think that there is so much wickedness that goes on in Hollywood. ???

  7. Welcome To America of Fame & Lies October 16, 2018

    A joke… another Illuminati puppet in Hollywood!
    I guess selling one´s soul to Satan means fame but unhappy or die tragically with no will ..burning in Hell forever without god, spiritual, Jesus or even Allah for sure she can have it. ???

  8. Aunt Fey E October 16, 2018

    Anyone who sells there soul for stardom pays the price after they no longer needed in the industry. The illuminati control the music industry most of these are goat face Lucifer followers sell their soul for fame and money and are proud of it, they need to seek repentance, but from what I read when they sell their soul their no way out. No wonder they cant retire and continue making money for the corporations. Now they are all selling perfumes because their secrets are out and music these days sucks. Such a sad situation…

  9. Miss Little C*nt October 16, 2018

    no we shouldnt be paranoid the bible predicted these things many years ago they have sold their soul to the devil, i mean the famous people are the one who should be paranoid cus thats what the illuminati wants they want the famous to join them so they can spread the message to the world, micheal jackson was in the illuminati but when he exposed them they killed him. good luck to gaga cos i know how the story is going to end!!!

  10. Erica October 16, 2018

    This the look xtina been rocking this era I see lady Gaga got inspired

    • PinotNoir October 17, 2018


  11. Jess October 18, 2018


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