Mariah Carey Wows GMA With Live Performance Of ‘With You’ [Video]

Published: Monday 19th Nov 2018 by Sam

Mariah Carey is working her new album ‘Caution’ the good ol’ fashioned way – she’s promoting.

Indeed, while some newer names continue to embrace the odd model of “no promo being the new promo,” the songbird is leaving no stone unturned in the push for her 15th studio effort.

As such, the diva’s press trail led her to the ‘Good Morning America’ this AM.

There, she performed single ‘With You’ and stayed for a chit-chat with host Michael Strahan. 

Watch Carey in action after the jump…

Granted we want her to fire from all cylinders in support of ‘The Distance,’ the song choice here was apt for the platform.

There’s bound to be debate about whether the mic was on or off, but we simply appreciate the effort made with the overall presentation.

We continue to say it, but Mimi really has turned an awesome corner with this campaign and we’re excited to see where she’ll build from here.

‘Caution’ as a body of work has ample potential (as an album seller) and is already doing great work repairing a lot of the wrongs from prior chapters.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Theman November 19, 2018

    This was mostly live. And she was awesome.

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN da gay Asian’ Talking to Her and Being Obsessed With Her Every Damn Day November 19, 2018

      It was lip synched, stiff, and pathetic for such a great vocal legend. No I’m not giving her a pass just because I’m a fan. She is lippen here. She messes up 1:08-1:15.

      • Shaquiiii November 20, 2018

        Was not lipped, get a clue.

      • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN Da Bi Asian’ Talking to her every day! November 20, 2018

        You get a clue and some glasses blind b|tch. I’m a Mariah fan. I know when she is lipping or not. She is lipping here to live vocals and so are her background singers.

    • . November 20, 2018


  2. Jason November 19, 2018

    I’m loving how Roc Nation is doing right by the legendary MC!! This era is going sooo well!! ????

    • ??? November 19, 2018

      lmfaooo 45k is going great now?? lmfaoooo

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN da gay Asian’ Talking to Her and Being Obsessed With Her Every Damn Day November 19, 2018

      Don’t be dumb. Rock N is about to Shakira her music career because they really want her to sign to their music label as an artist and do her publishing through them. Rihanna gets major push because they manage her on top of her publishing and being a signed artist to them.

  3. Keith November 19, 2018

    She looked great and it was cute to see her so engaging with Michael. I can also appreciate how excited her Lambs must be at traditional promo…

  4. aJ November 19, 2018

    I can’t hate. That was a good performance

  5. pat November 19, 2018

    cool to see her taking her craft more seriously again

  6. Bam November 19, 2018

    Finally! She understands now that you have background singers for a reason. She’s not 20 anymore so going effortlessly from a low note to a high one isn’t as easy especially at the end of a song. This is what a Mariah performance should be in 2018

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN da gay Asian’ Talking to Her and Being Obsessed With Her Every Damn Day November 19, 2018

      No it should be live. This is lipped.

      • Shaquiiii November 20, 2018

        It was live fool.

      • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN Da Bi Asian’ Talking to her every day! November 20, 2018

        Get some glasses dumb b|tch. I already provided receipts ~ 1″08-1:15 u can tel she is lipping cause she out of sync. Plus she lip synched at the AMA awards too. Stop being delusional. We are all MC fans on here so u ain’t special nor required to be stupid b|tch.

  7. The Truth November 19, 2018

    She looks and sounds 30 years old! HOW????

    • Fancy BISH November 19, 2018

      I’m telling you, Mariah Carey serves FACE like no other lol ?? She’s a true beauty!

      • ??? November 19, 2018


  8. eric November 19, 2018

    Ooohh, she looks like “Fantasy” Mariah!! Throw out all the stuffy dresses and heels. This look is SOOO much better for her!

  9. StarXavi November 19, 2018

    She looks gorgeous and so classy. She sounds amazing and yes most of this was live so KUDOS Mariah!

  10. Haterz Gon’ Hate November 19, 2018

    I LOVE Mariah – and I want her to win so badly – BUT SOMETHING IS OFF PEOPLE. I just can’t shake the feeling she’s lipping. The oldest trick in the book is to use a mic so big it covers the entire mouth – it just didn’t look or sound real – perhaps she prerecorded it before the show and lipped over it – but people – that is not live. All the physical cues like audible breaths and the way her body moved and her neck didn’t look like she was actually singing. Lipping is essential sometimes when you want to execute choreo or you‘re having a bad vocal day, but when you look back at Mariah earlier in her career she is not moving the same way – look for yourself – look at how she breathes and moves, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HER MIC ? ?

    • Theman November 19, 2018

      Nope, most of this was live. She used a smaller mic on Fallon. Y’all just over analyze everything. A lot of this was live. You could hear her regular voice many times. She was great & that’s that.

      • Haterz Gon’ Hate November 19, 2018

        You must be 13. Just because you hear an artists regular voice does not make it live. You can record the vocal that morning after 2 takes in rehearsal and keep the best one. Mariah is known for her backing track – where she sings over her voice – OR LIPS OVER HER OWN VOICE. It’s not over analytical – what is being presented does not seem real.

      • Adrey November 19, 2018

        Is the quality of the microphone that gives her such a great sound. It’s an old school Mic thats why it’s so big. She was definitely singing live. That’s how good she is. You can tell when the playback is playing in the chorus when singing “with you, with you, with you” is very loud. When you hear her sing you can hear how back and forth her head is from the mic.

      • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN da gay Asian’ Talking to Her and Being Obsessed With Her Every Damn Day November 19, 2018

        1″08-1:15 u can tel she is lopping cause she out of sync. These are prerecorded “live” vocals she is lipping to. I think if she can sing this way in a studio she should be singing this way live. Also notice that her background singers are lipping too. The girl on the right with short hair is very noticeable. She is lipping to even Mariah”s parts but no audio is coming out of her throat. This is a MIME show yall!

    • Navy Gravy November 20, 2018

      I am soooooo with you @Haterz. She fooled me the other day when she did ‘The Distance’ on Jimmy Kimmel. She sounded too good to be true even though these songs are soooo mediocre. I should’ve known she was pulling a ‘Mariah’ on us. ??

      Now, At this point she should just hang it up for a while. These albums are not of GOOD music. These songs are forgettable just like the last 3 or 4 albums. She’s a decent writer, she should be giving these half decent songs to some new artists and making some crazy coin on artists that are actually selling music because she’s destroying her legacy. I mean she’s tallying up her sheet with flop after flop. NOBODY CARES!!! I mean she could channel all this effort into some decent SINGLES here and there and give honest not lipped performances and hit one out of the park every other year or so but these albums are full of nothing anybody cares to hear more than once. When your 18-20 year old album is outselling your newest album, THERE IS A PROBLEM, (not a cause to celebrate.) I wish she would stop hurting her legacy.

  11. Selah November 19, 2018

    All I want for Christmas is for Mariah to give stage presence. Her vocals are trash too. She looks cute though.

  12. JOHNVIDAL November 19, 2018

    Phenomenal transitions. She could have provided these vocals for the AMAs too. Anyway I loved it.

  13. Ropeburn November 19, 2018

    Love the album and I appreciate that she finally stopped trying to sing 10 different parts to the song at the same time live on stage. A couple of minor criticisms though, could Mariah at least move around on stage a little? At least give us a little Whitney Houston 2-step. And her facial expressions look like she’s trying to pass a damn kidney stone.

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