Tekashi 69 Taunts Cardi B By Taking Assault Victims Shopping

Published: Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 by David

As Cardi B preps her exciting new album for the millions who call themselves her fans, the proud mother finds herself forced to face a new nemesis.

Find out how Tekashi 69 is generating attention for a legal case Cardi had hoped would disappear below…

B is still in trouble with the law following her decision to ask a group of men assault two women she believed enjoyed carnal relations with her husband, Offset of Migos.

The ladies sustained a number of horrifying injuries as a result of the attack and have employed a team of astute lawyers to bring their party-starting love rival to justice.

Now, for reasons unbeknownst to her fans, Tekashi has set out to ensure the world doesn’t forget about Cardi’s ties to the assault by stepping out with the ladies in full view of the paparazzi.

Watch here 

His new friends are expected to appear in his brand new music video.

Why do you think he is doing this?

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  1. Chica November 13, 2018

    Why should she respond to a convicted p********.

    Funny how Nicki likes associating with child s** offenders. First her brother and now this degenerate.

    • King of King’s November 13, 2018

      What does Nicki have to do with ? You can’t blame her for her brothers actions & 69 isn’t a child s** offender, do ya research sis.

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) November 13, 2018

        Guess who supports a child molestor? NICKI MINAJ! Not just one p*** but TWO!

      • audreyherbsburn November 13, 2018

        he’s been caught up in two statutory r*** ciscumstances. that is not a coincidence. just because you haven’t seen him called “guilty” doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

  2. MsBrazil November 13, 2018

    I read ya first shii ain’t say nothing now this Why would you musty fcks think Cardi give a f*ck As long as her man don’t take them
    H*** out who cares … tuh

    • Mother November 13, 2018

      Her man been f****** those h*** though ?☕️

  3. Queen Missy ?? November 13, 2018

    This dude ain’t going to stop until somebody hurts him real bad.

  4. Liam November 13, 2018

    Great he’s gone from taunting male rappers to females now ? he’s so whack

  5. _KINGSEANCOURT_ November 13, 2018

    Why y’all keep posting about this being Cardi related? Stop trying to keep s*** going! Now if she goes left and somebody get hurt! Don’t say s***

    • Caleb November 14, 2018

      Well because no one would care about these two chicks if it weren’t for one of theming f****** Cardi’s husband.

    • Caleb November 14, 2018

      It’s similar to how Trump brought out Bill Clinton’s mistresses to get under Hillary Clinton’s skin. 69 is bringing out Offset’s mistresses to get under Cardi’s skin (likely because he is a Barb.)

  6. No name needed November 13, 2018

    Even if this is an attempt to shade Cardi, how can this be taken serious, when it’s literally, a walking contradiction.
    This is man is associated with gang related activities, and I’m 100 percent sure that’s not because he was standing on the bus stop sucking on a lollipop.
    So, what message are you really sending?

  7. DanYiel November 13, 2018

    I don’t take anything this fraud or those fools seriously!! Nicki McFraud or 68!!?”Bzzz”?

  8. Here kitty kitty ? November 13, 2018

    Somebody needs to give cardi a Dose of her herpees simplex meds and takashi might be just the person to do it

  9. Queen Missy ?? November 13, 2018

    He’s shaped like a lightly cooked samosa.

  10. pon_de November 13, 2018

    I just can’t take this moist skittle bodied boy seriously.

  11. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) November 13, 2018

    Didn’t he almost get shot?

  12. audreyherbsburn November 13, 2018

    you would think after being kidnapped and shot at, he would slow his idiocy down. if you’re gonna be a lapdog for a b****, at least be that for one who’s on the up and not one who’s on the way out.

  13. Caleb November 14, 2018

    Clearly he is a messy queen and the head Barbie which is why he’s doing this. It’s not a mystery.

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN da gay Asian’ Talking to Her and Being Obsessed With Her Every Damn Day November 14, 2018

      Just like you then.

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