‘The Story of Beauty’: Destiny’s Child Track Makes Streaming Gains Following #MeToo

Published: Saturday 17th Nov 2018 by David

For many, the rise of the #MeToo movement and its powerfully beautiful impact on the lives of sexual abuse survivors has lifted the veil on an issue some had believed would forever remain in the shadows.

Powered by Tarana Burke, the movement inspired millions around the globe to step into the light with their stories and name and shame their cowardly attackers with the full support of a now enlightened society.

As a result? A surge in interest for songs which deal with the topic thematically.

Full story below…

Destiny’s ChildThe Story of Beauty’ appears on the group’s third studio album ‘Survivor’ and tells the tale of a young girl who is molested by her step-father…an audacious creative move for the group.

Since then, the lesser-known track has powered sales of ‘Survivor’ by way of the critical acclaim it has received and made startling gains since the rise of #MeToo.

As of this week, the song has been streamed over 5 million times across all streaming platforms (1 million generated by unofficial user-generated videos placed on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo like the one below)- bolstered by music lovers who have turned to its lyrics in the wake of the movement.

879,786 of these streams were accrued on Spotify where the group has 9.4 million listeners per month while the rest of its gains spring from spins it earned on TIDAL, Deezer, Google Play, Pandora, LAST FM and XBox Music.

Don’t hold your head down low
You’ve got so much, so much
So much, so much, so much to be proud of
You can still live your life
I promise you you’ll survive
Girl I love you
You’re beautiful.


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  1. I did it November 17, 2018

    Why is this a story? Talk about a slow news day….smh

    • Black Lurve November 17, 2018

      You were the first to comment.

      • I did it November 17, 2018

        Stfu h0£! Like I said, why is this news bih!!!????

  2. DanYiel November 17, 2018

    This is my album well what album from Destiny’s Child don’t I like!! I’m an all around fan of the group *Solange included* ❤️?❤️?❤️??

  3. Facts November 17, 2018

    Isn’t Nasty Girl, the s*** shaming anthem, on the same album though?

    • Bey Sting November 17, 2018

      So you think it’s acceptable to spread your legs like Wendy does gossip? Please, you bare minimum h*** are always mad that people with higher standards see you for being the insecure man hungry miscreants that you are!

      • Rella November 17, 2018

        Gworl she probably stans the kardashians

  4. Davis November 17, 2018

    suprer me tooo movement !!!

  5. BIGGESTAALIYAH November 17, 2018

    What most don’t know is that song is supposedly about LaTavia (original member) who experienced this.

    • Mhhhmm November 17, 2018

      Yeah, I thought it was about Kelly.

    • Lewey November 17, 2018

      its actually from a Fan letter sent to Destinys Child. They have spoken about it on multiple occasions during the survivor press tour.

      • iamdiego November 19, 2018

        Bey did say a fan letter in an interview back in the day. But, I did hear that she wrote it about Latavia who used to be her best friend. They were in and out of court so of course she wouldn’t even bring up her name. To me the fan letter sounds like media trained Beyonce lol. Now that we are seeing them all show love for one another publicly, it makes your realize that nobody in that group wanted them to go. (except management aka Mathew). They always have shown love.

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