‘Woman Like Me’: Little Mix & Nicki Minaj Hit Streamed 36 Million Times On Spotify

Published: Friday 2nd Nov 2018 by David

Little Mix, in many ways, is an anomaly.

For, in a world in which the world’s biggest acts find themselves reliant on streaming services to impact the charts, the stage-blazing supergroup sees the lion’s share of its gains rise from pure sales.

Now, as they gear up to drop their latest album ‘LM5‘, they have learned that their latest single ‘Woman Like Me’ is crushing the competition just hard as on Spotify as it is on iTunes.

Positive news for the Brit-Pop superstars below…

The Nicki Minaj-backed cut has been streamed 36 million times ($144,000) to date on Spotify alone and, with help from iTunes purchases, rose six places on the Official Charts to claim a new peak position of #2!

Not bad for a “local” girl group, eh?

With this, Minaj extends her lead as the highest-selling/charting female rapper in global chart history and pushes her even closer to becoming the first and only rappers (male or female) to spend 300 weeks in the Top 40.

Each and everyone of the group’s singles can boast of earning Gold and Platinum certifications. It now seems ‘Woman’ is on its way to doing the same.


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  1. The Empress November 2, 2018

    The 500 Barbz fans Nicki has are thirsty AF for Nicki to finally not take an L. Of course, they have the song playing all day on their mama’s computers and at the public libraries…lol

    • Brent Christopher November 2, 2018

      even IF it rises to the number one spot, Nicki still cannot state claim to ever securing a number one single based on her own success or merit. she’s always paired with another act to secure big chart or industry wins. and why has the arrogant c*nt stopped releasing the subpar singles from her less than impressive album??

      • SkyRocket November 2, 2018

        Why is it that the haters are always the FIRST to comment. It’s honestly so sad that you want someone who does not affect you life in anyway to fail so badly. Nicki Minaj is a globally demanded Artist. Get over it.

      • Brent Christopher November 2, 2018

        Can we as grown people refrain from using such pedestrian terms as “haters”? PLEASE expand your linguistic reach. Nicki Minaj has created a platform and atmosphere around herself that breeds disdain & dislike. People with common sense and any real strain of humanity are turned off by her foul mouth and antics. It’s tough to cheer for a woman who is unable to cheer on anyone that remotely challenges her SELF PROCLAIMED “Queen” title.

    • Fancy BISH November 2, 2018

      Not the public libraries lmao 🤣

  2. 2BAD2BME November 2, 2018

    Mediocrity at it’s best. You can find a song like this on any pop female’s album between the times of 2005-2018. BYE!

  3. SkyRocket November 2, 2018

    As long as their performance on Sunday SLAPS, this song will definitely be number one. Im so proud of Little Mix and the Queen. Keep Winning!

    • DanYiel Iman November 2, 2018

      The Queen is a fraud so keep it up!!✌🏽😂

      • Brent Christopher November 2, 2018

        you got that right!

        Nicki is a stain on the upper echelon of female rapstresses & true hip hop icons.

        Nothing about Onika is authentic, admirable or virtuous.

  4. truthteller November 2, 2018

    “Not bad for a “local” girl group, eh”. David, I’m not sure what point you were trying to make here but you failed. Peak positions for Woman Like Me outside the UK: Germany #53, France – has not charted, Italy #79, Japan – has not charted and USA #104.

  5. Devin November 2, 2018

  6. juni November 2, 2018

    who cares!

    like really who cares about these stats

    some people are so thrust for validation! ugh

  7. Bloop November 2, 2018

    Who cares? Just report when it reached top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and that would be newsworthy.

    • Harmony November 2, 2018

      Not everyone is as local as you.

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