Ebro Darden Praised For Quizzing Kodak Black On Sexual Assault Allegations

Published: Thursday 13th Dec 2018 by David

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden has woken up to praise and admiration this morning after he quizzed the rapper Kodak Black, who is accused of sexual assault, on the serious matter.

His questioning saw the entertainer end their filmed conversation abruptly and score praise from Hip-Hop fans who feel the genre and its culture shield sexual predators from the criticism some say Kodak is trying to run from.

Full story below…

The assault is alleged to have taken place in February 2016 at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Florence County, South Carolina following Octave’s show at the Treasure City nightclub. The victim, a teenage girl, is said to have initially reported the assault to her school nurse.




Twitter responded.


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  1. DanYiel Iman December 13, 2018

    Praised? For being an asshole? Kodak Black states he couldn’t talk about his case so he receives praises? America is quite f***** up!! Which brings us to why “Celebrity In Chief” is in the White House…??‍♂️

    • SMH December 13, 2018

      Um no slow kid, we live in a generation that doesn’t call out predators on their perverted & ILLEGAL behavior, much like you just did, thats why America is f*cked up & there’s a PREDATOR IN CHIEF in the WH.

  2. Jasmine December 13, 2018

    Is this a music blog or an AGENDA blog with the target of pinning sexual assault media convictions to exclusively to BLACK MEN ONLY?????????????

    Ebro and EVERYONE else in media knows you CANNOT ask questions pertaining to a legal case because the person is under legal advice to not say anything incriminating. Ebro’s question is the same as BULLYING someone who is already in a box. Without the artists Ebro has no show. Ebro makes only 145K a year. These artists make that kind of money in 1 day. The joke is on Ebro. He is old, bitter, jealous, and seething of these artists who use his radio show to gain popularity and bigger money bags while he is stuck in the same job getting low pay.

    • Paulo December 13, 2018

      I knew Jizzmine would be here defending a r*****. Sad.

      • Jasmine December 17, 2018

        Jizzmine? Nah t***** you wish you could be a Jizzmine you d|ck thirsty c** guzzling TRASH.

    • Jujumanji December 13, 2018

      Wow you’re way off base. Kodak could’ve said no comment and kept the interview going. Not throw a tantrum and storm out.

      • Jasmine December 13, 2018

        Did I lie? NO.

        Did I tell the truth? YES.

        Thus, MY COMMENT IS ON POINT. Ebro sitting there with hard n****** on his man boobs because he was turning himself on by bullying that kid. Kodak is young enough to be his son. Ebro out to be ASHAMED at himself for stooping so low.

        Jujumanji you are the one who is way off base. Kodak did NOT “throw a tantrum” nor did “he storm out”. You just want to paint a FALSE image that he is a violent black man throwing tantrums and storming out of interviews. Watch the video instead of being so prejudiced against black men.

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