Oh No! Jacquees Offends Keith Sweat By Suggesting He Is The R&B King…Of Yesteryear

Jacquees‘ efforts to convince the world that he is the current king of R&B have rubbed Keith Sweat the wrong way!

You see, shortly after the performer made headlines with his “ambitious” statement, he bumped into Keith backstage at the V-103 Winterfest concert in Atlanta.

There, TMZ’s cameras caught Sweat making his way into his dressing room and quizzed him on his J’s remarks.

Close by? J himself.

What happened next?

Watch below…


Jacquees has enjoyed a sizeable streaming boost since his assertion and is said to have received praise from his boss Birdman for doing so.

TMZ reports…

The music mogul is firmly backing Jacquees’ claim to the throne, and anyone disputing that notion needs to stop hating and bow down.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine December 17, 2018

    I know Keith Sweat personally and he is a solid 5’10. That Jacquees only comes up to his soldiers so he must be 5’6. Why is that troll coming after the legends? Real men that are secure in their manhood and career don’t do that. Keith got hits for days. Who is that Lil Wayne look-a-like again? Nobody.

  2. ??? December 17, 2018


  3. SMH December 17, 2018

    Lol both Birdman and his Weezy look alike need to stop the nonsense until he can sell UNITS like the real Weezy.

  4. DanYiel Iman December 17, 2018

    Jacques said within his “flat tones” he’s the king of R&B…??‍♂️

  5. ~The Arcade~ December 17, 2018

    Jackie I was rooting for you until I saw this embarrassing and honestly disrespectful video. You could tell that Keith Sweat wasn’t feeling that at all.

  6. whut December 17, 2018

    Its obvious that Birdman is pulling from kanye’s play book & trying to create buzz for this boy by causing controversy, and everybody is falling for it. We all know this kid isn’t the King of anything, so why people are falling for this mess doesn’t make sense.

  7. XYZ December 17, 2018

    Stop making stupid people famous

  8. Maya Bell December 17, 2018

    when your %’% and need to feel tall!

    This short guy sounds soo dumb!

    what song does he sing? like who are you looking like a ugly mouse out here, we really dont know you!

  9. kenny December 17, 2018

    This short guy is a looser for sure, and now one will remember him!

    i mean i still don’t know who he is or what song he sings! hahaha

    bye short rat looking guy!

  10. Lol December 17, 2018

    Born down to who??

  11. Kara December 17, 2018

    Who knows this guy?? Oh right ?Nobody?

  12. #TheCarter5 December 17, 2018

    Jacquees is disrespectful and annoying af. He needs to be humble and work on owning is craft. He’s has not e

    • #TheCarter5 December 17, 2018

      He has not even achieved 10% of the commercial success that R.Kelly, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown, Usher, Chris Brown or Trey Songz have attained in their respective times. These artists are all R&B legends who have made a huge impact and contribution to R&B on a much bigger and global scale. He shouldn’t even consider himself the King Of R&B for this generation from age “16- 25” when Chris Brown is still around, dominating the genre and the majority of his fanbase is in that age group (Chris isn’t even 30 yet, so I’m not understanding Jacquees stance on the generational gap). Not only that but just this year Jacquees was one of the opening act on Chris Brown’s headlining tour which he only had a 10-minute set. Jacques isn’t even on a Tory Lanez or Bryson Tiller level. He needs to humble himself or else he’ll end up like Sisqo, J.Holiday, Bobby Valentino or the other R&B failures. To be R&B king you need to have hits, sell-out arenas and dominate on a consistent basis. Jacques doesn’t even have hits let alone a hit at all, while CB had a top 10 hit this year with no album out. Jacquees needs to chill tf out and humble himself.

      • Caleb December 17, 2018

        Points were made ?

  13. Caleb December 17, 2018

    Keith Sweat looking like “I don’t have time for this childish ish.”

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