R. Kelly Makes Surprising Legal Move In Chlamydia Case

Published: Monday 17th Dec 2018 by David

R. Kelly has amped up efforts to fight the man who says the performer ruined his marriage by infecting his wife with a grotty disease.

Find out how below…

A man named Kenny Bryant is suing Kelly for ruining his marriage (legal in the state of Mississippi) and causing him immeasurable danger by exposing his wife to chlamydia.

Kelly claims he did not have an affair with Bryant’s wife but, as the legal pressure he is facing descends up on him,  has stepped towards a lawyer he hopes will help win the case and bury the embarrassing story.

The only trouble? Said lawyer represented Bryant’s ex-wife, Asia Bryant-Childress, during their divorce proceedings.


Bryant said this in the legal documents he filed to have Felecia Perkins removed from the case:

In the course of her representation of Ms. Childress, Ms. Perkins would have participated in conversations with her client and others about the circumstances leading up to and resulting in her desire to end her marriage to Mr. Bryant.

On information and belief, these conversations included conversations about Ms. Childress’s sexual relationship with R. Kelly, and further included numerous conversations with R. Kelly and/or his representatives, as well as other witnesses.

Put simply, he sees that there is a conflict of interest and believes Kelly should use another lawyer to represent him as he seeks damages for his loss of a “spouse, love, support and conjugal affection.”

A judge is yet to rule.

What would you do if you were in Mr. Bryant’s shoes?


Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman December 17, 2018

    He’s doing all this & sadly his series has been excepted and I’ll be watching for sure!!??‍♂️

  2. joel December 17, 2018

    Whoever wrote this lost me with the first three paragraphs. I wanted.to read.the story but the writer’s attempt to be.funny stop me from reading the article.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

    Moderator: Thank you for sharing. Noted.

  3. C.T December 17, 2018

    This is all an attempt to to extort money…..nothing more…..something was amiss within his marriage before R-kelly showed up trust me……her ass just needed a reason and she used Rob Kelly to do it…..she’s been checked out mentally….accept this and moved on…..its not like she’s coming back….her ass wanted be free and now she’s been freed….been down that road……cut your losses and recup… move on my brother…this horse is dead stop beating it….CT

    • Jasmine December 17, 2018

      I agree. None of these accusers want justice. If they did they would file criminal charges. No one has filed criminal charges against Kelly because they are all after money and if they can’t get it from Kelly they get it from the news media who is always happy and eager to crucify a celebrity black man.

      I’m sure this ex-husband / loser will be collecting checks by doing interviews very soon just like Joselyn”s parents did even though they are the ones who took their 21 year old daughter to live with Kelly. I wonder if this man took his ex wife to be with Kelly too?

  4. James cooper December 17, 2018

    R kelly ass is STILL in deep s***.he f*** up in the wrong state . He need some time so he can flee the country.won’t work.

  5. Japhta December 17, 2018

    I would just move on. (I mean if is true that they had f*cked each other) is bad to look your wife in the eyes and pretend to be happy while you know that she has broken the trust and share your pride with another man.

  6. Irene December 17, 2018

    I love R Kelly n I’m sick of you silly women even his wife cause if he is doing all this. He is holding no guns and making you mutts do anything you be in it for the money pleasure n fun then when out with the old in with the new for Kelly u mad and start s*** f*** em all R Kelly I love ya ya music ya face ya body ya world do ya thang and keep ya head up and keep the music going one love

  7. SherryL December 18, 2018

    That crazy why didn’t he sue His wife she was the one squeaking out at all time of night that law is crazy if it had of been a poor man I bet they woukdnt sued why don’t peopl Blame their spouse or the other person they knew better to I hope they throw this case out its unfair rich people!

  8. CASPER FERNANDEZ August 25, 2019

    What would I do leave that living cheating money hungry gold digging b**** where she stands.

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