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Published: Monday 24th Dec 2018 by Sam

Check out June’s Diary!

The ladies dazzle a-front of the latest issue of Kontrol magazine!

Lensed by Tony Tyus, the spread sees the quintet sparkle as a collective and solo too.

It comes as the group gear up to crank things all the way up in 2019.

Word is that new material is nigh, namely the ensemble’s long-awaited album debut.

In the time since being formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson on BET’s Chasing Destiny, JD have been honing their craft on the live circuit and introducing the masses to their sound via EP ‘All Of Us’ – the latter of which reached a notable milestone recently.

Peep Kristal, Shyann, Ashly, Brienna, and Gabby werk it after the jump…

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  1. Angelkeys December 24, 2018

    Not saying this to be rude but they are not s very good looking girl group. I am sure they are nice girls but they are all ugly

    • TheReal December 24, 2018

      Dumb b****, can we see your face since you’re so beautiful behind your screen

  2. DanYiel Iman December 24, 2018

    Such a great vocal group!!?

  3. Nicky December 24, 2018

    This group is missing the IT factor. Sure they can sing well but that’s not enough. Tons of promo and tours but the public isn’t biting which means their team needs to reassess

  4. Liam December 24, 2018

    This group should just be the 3 youngins Shyann, Brie and Gabby tbh the other 2 can prob do their own thing solo

  5. Angela Wesley December 24, 2018

    I hate when people try to say negative things about June’s Diary. I just hope that
    their next album is amazing to shut up these naysayers.

  6. Robert December 25, 2018

    talented group but they lack that sophication and flair only En Vogue can do…

  7. The truth December 25, 2018

    They all look like solo artists taking a group picture… they all look stunning tho! However, they just do not look cohesive as a group… U can have all the talent in the world but if they are not marketed properly no one will care… u got the 3 youngest members looking older than the 2 oldest! They gotta bring a youthful appeal to their look… if not they will struggle with building an audience!

  8. Pat December 26, 2018

    Kelly Rowland so wrong…

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