New Song: Monica – ‘Be Human’

Published: Thursday 6th Dec 2018 by Rashad

Primarily known for the stamps she’s made in music, movies, and television (courtesy of the hit VH1 series ‘T.I. & Tiny:  Friends and Family Hustle’), Grammy-winning songstress Monica shows her strides in philanthropy are just as noteworthy.

Her crowning achievement in the arena may just be her recently launched ‘Be Human Foundation’ – an effort designed to support breast cancer awareness and research.

In addition to highlighting its inspiration and subsequent launch, Mo’s now released a single to draw more attention to the foundation’s campaigns.  Look inside for the emotional, piano-driven cut aptly titled ‘Be Human’:


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  1. DanYiel December 6, 2018

    She’s a total vocalist!!?❤️?

    • Vaughn December 6, 2018

      If this is a song for a cause then its adequate but this song is WEAK and mediocre at best. Ill tell the truth, this is not pleasing to my ears.. Her voice isnt as strong as usual, sounds like something a high school choir would sing. Sorry Mo but naw!

      • Mo Stan December 6, 2018

        I’m gon have to agree , and I usually like her materials but this wasn’t it. This sum you keep in your vault of songs.

  2. Ashley Scott December 6, 2018

    Wow this song is amazing and I’m so glad to hear it from Monica because it takes a lot of courage to raise awareness about breast cancer.

    • shay December 6, 2018

      All the celebs have done fund raisers for Breast cancer etc, Ive done a campaign for it at the hospital i work for and im not a celeb! Go out Rep whatever cause you care about! You can do it too!

  3. Isaac December 6, 2018


  4. Mr RCW December 6, 2018

    The vocals on this song are amazing! Monica better sang! I really like Be Human ??

  5. Drayko December 6, 2018

    Nice song for her cause! I cannot wait for both Monica and Brandy’s independent releases 2019!

  6. Kim.Kesha& Pam December 6, 2018

    People really sleep on Monica! She doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being an R&B staple!

    • Martaevia La’wayne December 6, 2018

      I strongly agree!!! It’s sad.

    • Jasmine December 6, 2018

      Monica is at fault too. She is too old and seasoned to have NEVER headlined her own tour. Her concert performances are lackluster. She puts on a good show for an opener but she has too many hits to be on stage singing with a dj and no dancers or fancy setlist.

  7. Ron Beasley December 6, 2018

    Monica’s. sound is AMAZING.. Beautiful Song

  8. Robin Whitehead December 10, 2018

    The lyrics are inspirational and heart felt. They speak directly to one’s purpose. I like the song and recognize it to be appropriate to many causes, efforts and support for our community. I wish more artist would get behind “a” cause and speak their truth from the platform they are afforded. Great job.

  9. Valleria Johnson December 10, 2018

    Hi Monica and friends. Recently I heard your song, BE HUMAN, lovely lovely song. Im really asking for a favor. I’m really having a ruff time right now. I’m disabled with kids who don’t deserve to wake up to nothing Christmas morning. I have 3 in school, 1 grown, and 2 very handsome grandboys. I need help. Even if its just a nudge in the right direction. Thanks in advance. I believe you’ll pray for me if nothing else. Love you girl.

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