Rita Ora Performs ‘Let You Love Me’ On ‘Kimmel’ [Video]

Published: Thursday 6th Dec 2018 by Sam

With new album ‘Phoenix’ finally in stores, Rita Ora is strutting the globe in promotion of the long-awaited set.

The singer’s promo train pulled into the studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, where the 28-year-old and her band blazed the stage with a rendition of current single ‘Let You Love Me.’

A bonafide hit in Europe and Australia, the track is also showing promise on US radio and streaming formats.

Watch below as Ora gifts it another push…


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  1. 2BAD2BME December 6, 2018

    She is like a roach, just won’t go away

  2. DanYiel December 6, 2018

    She’s a great vocalist a lot better than Ri-Whine-A & a lot of these young artists with struggling tones for sure!!🎶

  3. Troshelle Adams. December 6, 2018

    This girl is coming. Her vocals were on point They better ready. Haters’ reign is about to come to an end

  4. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 6, 2018

    She sounded great to me! I really want the deluxe copy of her album but I REALLY don’t want to pay $14 for it. Hopefully it will be a little discounted online.

    • Anyway December 6, 2018

      Didn’t someone tell you you were broke AF last week for posting the exact same thing about her album??

    • Anyway December 6, 2018

      No girl, your shiiii t is wack! No one is getting into that h0£! The views alone speaks for itself! Bye 👋🏽

    • Jasmine (The Original Princess) December 6, 2018

      Dafuk is that s*** ☠️☠️☠️

  5. truthteller December 6, 2018

    She’s a flop. Her album couldn’t even go top 10 in the UK and is set to drop out of the top 30 in only its second week. Did it even chart in the USA?

  6. Wwwwwchild ldngurl December 6, 2018

    At this point u can tell theres an agenda to keep black female artists down
    Which in turn black managers agents or anyone supporting that type of music

    Her album flopped nobody is checking for her music outside streaming which is rigged anyway with spotify playists

    If they spent 20% of this money on a talented black female the profit would be back 2000% thesw peoople need to keep playing their politics with the careers of black female artists till their industry is over

    The industry was built off the blacks of talented blacks not whites im sorry rita is so rubbish she makes me angry

  7. xedos December 6, 2018

    How many years you’ve been trying to force the ho down out throat ? an you see its not working? She will not be a star

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