Snoop Dogg To Kevin Hart After LGBT Controversy: ‘F*ck the Academy & the Grammys Too’

Published: Friday 7th Dec 2018 by Rashad

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As embattled comedian Kevin Hart continues to bear the brunt of backlash after his old anti-LGBT tweets resurfaced (as we reported here), the ‘Night School’ star is learning he still has a wealth of supporters.

One big named defender Hart has in his corner is none other than the “Doggfather” Snoop Dogg.  In an expletive-laden message to the funnyman, Dogg lent some advice on how to deal with detractors and the film Academy.

If that wasn’t enough, he also threw in a dig at the Recording Academy for earning 17 nominations in his storied rap career (yet no wins).  Hear Snoop sound off inside:

After Hart took to Twitter to announce he was abdicating his role as host of the 2019 Academy Awards, he also stated:



Hear Snoop’s reaction below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine December 7, 2018

    I don’t like men with long fingernails. That looks feminine to me. Snoop should cut his fingernails and go see a dentist ASAP because his teeth look like they are rotting.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 8, 2018

      Well u don’t like long nails and snoops not into harmaphridites. Y’all are even

      • Jasmine December 8, 2018

        DUDE leave me out of your hermaphrodite fantasies. All woman here. Why does my little comment on Snoop have you so pressed?

    • Bettie Clayton ugly twins December 8, 2018

      Stfu ho. You wish you could get some of our belived snoop. Beckyyyyy.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 8, 2018

        @BettyClayton, that’s no Becky. That’s TROLLmine and unfortunately it’s black… BLACK AS FÜCK. Anyway don’t mind it, it’s a lonely hermaphrodite spreading it’s negativity (and legs), everywhere!

      • Jasmine December 8, 2018

        I am a MARRIED woman Betty. Clearly I am not interested in Snoop on a romantic level. I am a Snoop fan but not a stan, meaning I freely express my opinions on him (good or bad) without a need to kiss his ass. Furthermore, I am a woman of color. I am part African, Middle Eastern, Cuban, and West Indian so no I am not a “Becky”.

  2. DanYiel December 7, 2018

    I’m glad that being Homosexual & Lesbians don’t affect these folks wallets, they forget that Homosexuals & Lesbians are buyers of most of the BS they’re SELLING!!?

  3. thanosoftitans December 7, 2018

    Look Snoop…I love you, but you need to stay out of this! You’ve been warned.

  4. Quantisky December 7, 2018

    We don’t feel sorry for you kevin.

  5. Bianca December 7, 2018

    i don’t think he should apologize, he didn’t say anything wrong. the lgbt community need to give the same respect to other’s choices and lives that they expect everyone else. the average heterosexual male wants a mini version of them. its kinda hard to relate to ur son when his thoughts feelings and experiences are different making bonding something to figure out and at least he’s honest about it. its a fear he may have because he may not know how to address it. sometimes the lgbt need to understand some things are just a thing of the heterosexual.

    • Quantisky December 8, 2018

      So with that logic how does a father bond with their daughter?

      • Lmao_Hoe December 8, 2018

        Different sexes stay on topic

      • Quantisky December 8, 2018

        Lmao_Hoe… Same topic. Stay relevant with your comments. So a Father can’t bond with their son because he’s attracted to men but he can with his daughter even though she’s attracted to men…a parent can bond with thier child regardless of their sexuality. Mother’s can’t bond with their lesbian daughters?

  6. SMH December 7, 2018

    Listen. I love Snoop. But he needs to keep his mouth shut. If Kevin had never posted those tweets he never would have been asked to apologize and he would have hosted the show. Snoop wants to make this a black and white thing when its not. Black folks (and I am one myself) have a history with homophobia and pretty much encourage it to this day. Do I think Kevin hates gays? No..But you have to realize that you cant just say whatever and assume people wont over analyze it later. Snoop needs to just stay in his lane.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 8, 2018

      I´m glad you say that. It´s something Jasmine the troll of this site cannot understand in her absurdity of black vs white.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 8, 2018

        Ur a white European trolling an urban, black r&b blog, stanning for Celine Dion. The irony.

      • Jasmine December 8, 2018

        John Vidal and SMH STOP being small-minded. Lots of races have homophobia. I cannot think if one race that does not have homophobia so to think homophobia is exclusive or only an issue with blacks is pure ignorance.

  7. Justme December 7, 2018

    This is just perpetuating the stereotype that black men ain’t with the gay s*** as they say.. instead of staying in your lane and minding your business. People stop buying snoop music a long time ago. He has nothing to lose and no Grammys to get

  8. Marie Toles December 7, 2018

    Continue to stand your ground. I feel we being forced to change our beliefs and ways when we don’t agree with what everyone thinks they are entitled to. If someone is gay that’s fine with me, I’m so very happy for you really. You fought for what you believed in and won. But don’t you think for one minute that I am going to change what I believe by you trying to cramp your beliefs down my throat. I do not have a problem with the way ppl want to live their lives but respect my decision to live my life by my beliefs then we’ll all be the better for it. Lighten up ppl, stop being so sensitive to every little word that comes out of ppl’s mouths. We have a right to free speech so lighten up. Be kind to one another.

    • MX December 10, 2018

      I feel the same way about black people. we have the right to free speech so lighten up!

  9. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) December 8, 2018

    I stand with Kevin!!

  10. Fancy BISH December 8, 2018

    The fact Snoop hasn’t won a Grammy, but Post Malone is nominated for Album Of The Year? Oh yeah, something is very WRONG lol ? Doggystyle wasn’t nominated for Album Of The Year after selling over 800,000 copies in its first week, was an instant classic, sold 11 million copies and has endured all these years…Snoop was rapping and sing songing with his flow WAY before Malone…marinate on THAT…just imagine if Snoop was a new artist in 2018…he would STAND OUT just like he did in 1993 when he competed with the juggernauts ?? What’s so new about Post Malone’s “style”? I’ll wait ? Shout out to Nas, Pac, Biggie and Snoop…all legendary artists with zero Grammys smh

  11. i hate whyyte and black bitchezz both not sht December 8, 2018

    f*** them snoop..

    and I will not be watching anymore if the grammys is fake brrrrrrr

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