That Grape Juice: End of Year Awards 2018 – Vote!

Published: Tuesday 25th Dec 2018 by Sam

It’s that time again! Welcome to the 11th annual That Grape Juice: End of Year Awards!

With 2018 rapidly drawing to a close, That Grape Juice will be acknowledging the releases, events and moments which have made the last 12 months so memorable.

Polls are open RIGHT NOW, hence it’s time for YOU – the That Grape Juice faithful – to cast YOUR votes (as many times as you like) on the best and worst 2018 had on offer.

Category finalists were established using metrics of commercial success, critical acclaim, and online buzz.

Voting Closes On December 30th 2018 at 11.59 PM (PT)

Winners will be announced on New Years Eve – December 31st 2018!

What are you waiting for? Cast your votes after the jump!

Music Categories


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General Categories


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Be sure to let us know what you think of this year’s nominees, as well as who you predict will win. The commenter(s) with the most correct picks will win a festive gift courtesy of That Grape Juice!**

Your thoughts?

** Top three commenters with most correct answers, who commented earliest.

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  1. Abel December 25, 2018

    What the hell with these Reality tV Shows? No nomination for RuPaul?

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 27, 2018

      Don’t nobody care about that conehead dry queen.

      Album Of The Year ~ Rasputia Lattimore – The Empress EP
      Single Of The Year ~ Don’t Cha By Rasputa Lattimore
      The Michael Jackson Music Video Of The Year Award ~ Don’t Cha By Rasputa Lattimore
      Best Collaboration ~ Rasputia Lattimore & Rasutia Lattimore – Rasputia

      Best Female ~ Rasputia Lattimore, The Royal Highness

      Best Male ~ R. Kelly, The Royal King

      Best New Act / Next To Blow ~ Rasputia Lattimore, The Royal Highness
      The Kelly Rowland Underrated Artist Of The Year Award ~ Rasputia Lattimore
      Underrated Album Of The Year ~ Rasputia Lattimore – The Empress EP
      Should Have Been A Hit Award ~ Rasputia Lattimore – All I See is Rasputia
      Best Live Performance (Televised) ~ Rasputia Dances to Janet

      Return To Sender Award ~ Justina F.aggotlake – QUEEN of the Woods

      Best International Act ~ Rasputia Lattimore
      Most Active Fanbase ~ The BeyHive Crazies
      Most Anticipated Comeback Of 2019 ~ Rasputia Lattimore (Although IT IS NOT REALLY A COMBECACK WHEN U ALREADY HERE)


      • Fancy BISH December 28, 2018

        Lmao ?

  2. kigian December 25, 2018

    Alert : Miss the TV performances of Janet:BBMA medley and Made For Now live on the tonight show

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 28, 2018

      Offset used to be a BACKGROUND DANCER for Whitney Houston and TLC. I wonder if he is GAY. U KNOW HE FROM ATL YALL SO HE PROBABLY GAY. THANK GOD I ain’t let him eat my box.

      YALL know he was BEGGING to eat it but something always made me say “HELL NO N|GGA how much money u got.” He always said he ain’t got no money so I said HELL NO to him eating my box. He was ALSO ALWAYS begging to eat by booty hole which I thought was STRANGE since I NEVER let a man stick me in the 2nd hole but now it make sense why he was BEGGING. I HOPE CARDI get the A|Ds test:

  3. ERIC December 25, 2018

    Ne-Yo absolutely has the most underrated album of the year. People said, “Why don’t you go back to your sound?” “Why so much EDM?” I was one of those people, and then I went out and bought Good Man the day of release because I heard a return to “In My Own Words” and “Year of the Gentleman”. It’s a real shame that people didn’t buy the new music even after Ne-Yo gave everything we asked for. There isn’t a song on the album I don’t like.

    • YEAH I SAID IT December 25, 2018

      I AGREE WITH YOU!!! Even the few songs i don’t care for are likeable. Very good album.

  4. Jasmine December 25, 2018

    This is STUPID.

    1. Why are there no nominations for Jasmine being the MOST POPULAR TGJ member?

    2. Where are the nominations for Jasmine?

    3. Where are the nominations for my girl Rasputia Lattimore as the most popuar TGJ member?

    4. Why do users have the ability to vote for more than 1 checkbox under the given categories?

    5. Where is the Jasmine MVP award?

    6. Where is the Jasmine recognition?

    7. Why are the awards about music artists and NOTHING to do with TGJ itself?

    8. This is a GOSSIP site. Why are yall pretending like yall give a sh|t about music anymore?

    • Kevin King December 26, 2018

      I agree babe. You deserve ALL the awards. You are the ESSENCE that keeps this site afloat. Without you, there would be no TGJ. I only come on here once in a while just to see your comments.

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 27, 2018

      Girl u know I deserve all the awards and NOT you. I am the Royal Highness so that is how things go. LOL

  5. Arthus Nico December 25, 2018

    Why is there no mention of K-pop ? BTS is huge !
    Should add instagramers and youtubers categories for next year

    • The Culture Vulture December 26, 2018

      K-poop is corny as hell and must stay In Asia

  6. Raymond Luke December 26, 2018

    I definitely voted for Cardi B This Was Her Year & Next Year She Will continue to shine Yessir #Bardigangganggang???????❤️???

  7. Justme December 26, 2018

    Thank you for including Mya TKO. That was the best R&B album of the year. Idc what anyone says. The fellas are arguing over King of R&B and none of them have produced an album as good as Mya TKO in the past years.

    • Lady T December 26, 2018

      That is so true. T.K.O definitely was a well produced R&B album and one that I play consistently. Definitely is an underrated album, She did the damn thing!!!

  8. Tim December 26, 2018

    I voted for Normani She’s so amazing and talented , next year will be her year because her amazing first album will be released , she deserves everything ? she will get all the awards ?

  9. Yassine December 26, 2018

    Lauren jauregui expectations

  10. MyFacts101 December 26, 2018

    First and foremost “Love Lies” is much more of Khalid’s song than Normani, but OK. In the nominations it is clear as day that Normani is the next TGJ Kelly Rowland, ha ha. I guess good for her, it certainly helped out Kelly Rowland a lot.

    Why wasn’t Nicki’s whole album in return to sender? How on earth is Nicki included as best female with the lack of success she had this year. Flop album, canceled tour.

    • Mary December 27, 2018

      Can you stop being toxic?
      Nicki minaj album was literally the best album of the year and also the no 2 album on billboard hot 200.
      So please save your thoughts to yourself

  11. The truth December 26, 2018

    How surprising you slipped In flopyonce in almost every category. Yawn, how boring and predictable. She has 0 success on a album year for her. You guys are such frauds.

  12. Ohhey December 26, 2018

    All them bum n I g g e r s. Where’s my white peeps?

  13. Toni December 26, 2018

    Vote Normani!!

  14. StarXavi December 27, 2018

    How is Ariana not up for Best Female?

  15. Olusheyi December 27, 2018

    It was a crazy year

  16. Nofsgiven December 28, 2018

    First off, “memoirs” is spelled wrong. Please hire an editor.

    Second, it’s absurd that you don’t have Mariah in “Best Female” category and laughable that you don’t have the lambs in the fanbase category. Hello, they got a 16-year-old album to #1 on iTunes.

  17. Sleigh ? December 28, 2018

    One Mariah category ? Really? And a million for beyonce , but Mariah was way more seen this year, broke records this year, her fan base not nominated for almost active fan base yet Glitter went to #1 in multiple countries. Y’all stay riding beyonce when she flopped with j this year but ok ?

  18. Marcelle 97 December 30, 2018

    Álbum Of The Year –
    Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy

    Single Of The Year –
    Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande

    The Michael Jackson Music Video Of The Year Award – Janet Jackson – Made For Now (ft. Daddy Yankee)

    Best Collaboration –
    Normani & Khalid – Love Lies

    Best Female – Beyoncé

    Best Male – Khalid

    Best New Act / Next To Blow – Normani

    The Kelly Rowland Underrated Artist Of The Year Award – Tinashe

    Underrated Album Of The Year – Chloe x Halle – The Kids Are Alright

    Should Have Been A Hit Award – Nicki Minaj – Good Form

    Best Live Performance (Televised) – Normani – Love Lies (Billboard Music Awards 2018)

    Return To Sender Award – Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man Of The Woods’ Era

    Best Internacional Act – Little Mix

    Most Active Fanbase – The BeyHive (Beyonce)

    Most Anticipated Comeback Of 2019 – Rihanna

    Best TV Show (Scripted) – How To Get Away With Murder

    Best Reality TV Show – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

    Best Movie – Black Panther

    The “You Tried It / What Were You Thinking” Award – Kanye West’s Entire Year

    Winning At Life Award – Normani (Solo Buzz)

    Most Shocking Moment Of 2018 –
    Cardi B & Nicki Minaj “Fight” At Harper’s Bazaar

  19. December 31, 2018


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