Azealia Banks To Earn $38,000 A Night With New Tour

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 by David

Almost ten years after she burst onto the global scene with the smash hit ‘212’, Azealia Banks has stepped in 2019 with good news in hand.

Positive news below….

The performer recently announced plans to tour the United Kingdom and announced a series of dates she hoped would sell-out before she touched down in the market to deliver them.

Her wish is close to coming true. For, after thousands of fans swarmed Ticket Master to gain access to the shows, the company was forced to give them a “Hot” label to warn the general public that tickets were selling much faster than they had expected them to.

When the venues’ capacities are multiplied by the average price of her tickets Banks is expected to take home £29,610 ($38,000) a night.


This figure does not include the money she will earn when said venues will pay out for playing her music via live performance royalties.

Watch the informative video below to learn more.

Purchase tickets here.

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  1. CHINA January 2, 2019

    Would NOT pay to see this trainwreck. Not even if her tickets were $3.00. A black woman who could have been a huge talent but her emotional and colorism issues have destroy her along with bad PR.

  2. DanYiel Iman January 2, 2019

    She’s a great talent!!

    • whut January 2, 2019


    • All the drags standing in the line for the bathroom! January 2, 2019

      Danyiel Mcfraud always hyping flops and hating on talent you’re so biased baby

  3. SMH January 2, 2019

    And I still have no clue who this girl is.

    • Bey Bey Sting January 2, 2019

      You’re clearly in the minority if she’s selling out shows overseas.

  4. Nicky January 2, 2019

    Take home? I hope you do know venue rentals are at least $10,000 , as well as other expenses there are to put on a show

    • Sweet January 2, 2019

      Fact remains that that’s how much she’s making a night. I don’t hear people talking about how much it costs to rent a stadium when talking about Beyoncé’s tour numbers.

  5. SNF January 2, 2019

    Get out sis pockets… ?

  6. Queen Missy ?? January 2, 2019

    No thanks, we’re good luv.

    She’s gonna f*** it up in 3…2….

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