Hot 100: Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Cracks Top 5 For First Time Ever

Published: Tuesday 1st Jan 2019 by Rashad

24 years after making its Hot 100 debut, Mariah Carey‘s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ has not only proven itself to be an enduring yuletide classic but has actually increased its popularity over the years.

As we reported here, the tune rose to #6 (its Hot 100 peak at the time) in mid-December thanks to Spotify-shattering streams and digital downloads.  Now, just two weeks later, reports have surfaced Carey’s 2018 Christmas gift – though a week late – has come in the form of news the tune has cracked the top 5 for the first time ever!

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Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which two weeks earlier became the highest-charting holiday season-themed hit on the Hot 100 in almost 60 years, now becomes the first such song to reach the top five in that span, jingling 7-3, passing its prior No. 6 peak. 

“Christmas”…becomes the first holiday hit ever to reach No. 1 on Streaming Songs (which began in January 2013). Winning the Hot 100’s top Streaming Gainer award, it pushes 3-1 on Streaming Songs, up 49 percent to 51.9 million U.S. streams in the week ending Dec. 27, a new record weekly total for a seasonal song.

“Christmas” also gains on Digital Song Sales (16,000, up 13 percent, although it falls 11-17), while plunging 18-43 on Radio Songs (24.2 million, down 41 percent)…

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  1. Stephy January 1, 2019

    The parent album peaked top 10 as well. Good for Mama Carey.

  2. BOOMKACK123 January 1, 2019


  3. DanYiel Iman January 1, 2019

    An album that will keep selling even after she dies!!

    • Meme January 2, 2019

      But where’s caution?

      • Fancy BISH January 2, 2019

        Where’s Artificial Sweetener? lol ?? Happy New Year boo ??

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2019

        Where is Rihanna once her career stops??? Clearly nowhere to be found. People won´t miss her and won´t cherish her “talent”.

  4. Sleigh ? January 2, 2019

    She really did well on the charts this season, however I feel like her voice isn’t getting the praise it deserves, she completely slayed vocally too. Just when you count her out she comes back slaying vocally and chart wise


    • Jasmine January 2, 2019

      Praise? People are still trying to figure out if she is singing live or lip synching like usual! I became a Mariah fan the past year so my perception of her is less clouded than her older lambs. She has a great talent that is not always reliable live. That is why she lip synchs and that is why even in her prime her live shows were kept at minimum (until last year). MTV Mariah never really got the praise she deserves by critics, the Grammies, and casual consumers like me. That is because a certain FIRE is missing. The exciting vocals from EOM are missing. Now she just needs time and to keep on touring to build her voice back up (hopefully) because me and her fans really want another EOM era not this Caution era where only the old lambs (who are biased) are loving on her lack of vocal slayage.

      • Sleigh ? January 2, 2019

        You can clearly tell she’s not lip syncing on the amazing belts from her Christmas concerts

      • Theman January 2, 2019

        This album is very different from EOM. So she didn’t need to sing the new songs that way. She sung her new songs on her new album very good. She doesn’t have to always use a certain kinda singing structure. There are many many great love performances where she isn’t outstanding. Her voice has been great recently too. Bias ness has nothing to do with it. MC is a perfectionist so she’ll do everything that she could to put the best on the scene. You make no sense. In terms of this album if radio plays the songs then the album will do greater. The music is there.

      • CHINA January 2, 2019

        I actually think this Album is more Radio friendly. If you want vocals – Portrait gives old school sad mariah. Mariah needs re-release with I don’t/Runway 2 new songs and remix of A No No and Hit them streets to promote. A NO NO is a hit. 8th GRADE IS THE BEST SONG SHE HAS DONE SINCE FADED.

      • LUCKI January 2, 2019

        Mariah’s 90s vocals are gone FOREVER. They aren’t coming back. The sooner people accept that, the better. The vocals on Caution are her new vocals. Deep and sultry. I don’t understand why she doesn’t rework her classic hits around her new voice.

      • Theman January 2, 2019

        No they’re not when she is still doing a lot of those same things. It’s justvabout consistency & staying solid with performances. Correction*. Many of her undubbed live performances are amazing.

  5. i hate b&w bitchezz both not sht January 2, 2019

    whitney houston just singing the national anthem turned into a music video… mutha fucka should have preserved her life and legacy…fuc mariah carey

    love whitney

  6. JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2019

    This song MUST become an oficial Billboard hpt 100 #1. It would be justice. The slayage in total for so many years in unparelled. And we just want the REAL legendary talents to prevail for eternity. That´s all we want. Not all that crap that will be forgotten in a few years.

  7. Monica’s Dove January 2, 2019

    The only time of the year that she’s relevant lol

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