Celebrities Continue Outpour of Support for Jussie Smollett After Singer’s Homophobic Attack

Published: Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 by Rashad

Janet Jackson, Shonda Rimes, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, and T.I. are just a few of many big names who have poured out support for actor/singer Jussie Smollett after That Grape Juice exclusively broke news he was physically attacked early Tuesday morning (January 29) by racist and homophobic assailants.

Taking to social media to not only lend their well-wishes but also raise awareness about hate crimes, Smollett’s fans, friends, and admirers made their stances known and voices heard as they respectively called for justice for Jussie.


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  1. DanYiel Iman January 30, 2019

    It’s strange they’re offering support but where was the support for the other Homosexuals who’ve been KILLED?!!🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Dabs January 30, 2019

      Stfu queen!!!

    • ??? January 30, 2019

      lmaooo i have a better questions, wheres the support from that flopped roach you stan? you ratchet queens worship the ground she crawls on while she pays yall dust when stuff like this happens lmfaooooooo

  2. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 30, 2019

    So beautiful they’ve all shown their support. Praying for Jussie 💛

  3. JLo GIRL STOP January 30, 2019

    Lee Daniels showed a facetime and Jessie looked just fine. Something about this isn’t adding up. Jessie didnt look like two men beat him up and tied a rope around his neck. was the story exaggerated ?? I think so

    • Jasmine January 30, 2019

      Based on new information I received today I retract my get well wishes for Jussie because he is LYING. I despise liars! The police took his statement and did not believe him. Too many holes in his story.

      1. He claims they poured bleach on him. Well who is walking around 2 am in the morning with bleach? Furthermore, bleach freezes below 24 degreez. It was 1 degree in Chicago.

      2. He omitted the fact he was at a gay club and had been seen snorting coke.

      3. The police reviewed surveillance cameras and no one was following him to Subway at 2 am.

      4. This just seems like karma. He did something bad or sneaky to someone and they retaliated. End of story…OR…this is just a PR stunt organized by Lee Daniels to bring viewers back to the show Empire which continues to fall in ratings.

      • WakeUpBlackFolk January 30, 2019

        Exactly, this was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and it is back firing on his ass…. His story has more holes than swiss cheese…

    • eric January 30, 2019

      You’re right. The reports say he was at home when police found him with the rope around his neck. That would have to mean he walked home from the attack with the noose still on, and then kept it on while waiting for the police, and then after that went to the hospital. The story is full of illogical happenings. No sight/ear witnesses and no video evidence to show anything other than one person walking alone and no rope around his neck. Whose phone was he using from his hospital bed? Why wasn’t it stolen from him during the attack?

  4. Brent Christopher January 30, 2019

    VERY PLEASED to see the black male celebs finally releasing statements. For hours upon hours yesterday, they were dead silent.

  5. Paulo January 30, 2019

    Glad for all the support but F.U.C.K. TI’s hypocrite ass

  6. January 30, 2019

    I wish him the best, that was messed up what they did to him.

  7. Generous queen January 30, 2019

    Praying this wasn’t a publicity stunt

  8. WakeUpBlackFolk January 30, 2019

    LOL… this is nothing more than a marketing strategy… anyone who has read the full report knows there are too many holes in his story…

  9. Truth Teller January 30, 2019

    So they unveiled photos of the people in question of the attack and guess what there’s no rope in their hands or bleach and there definitely weren’t any maga hats. This confirms Jussie smollets team made everything up! Yes he was followed and beaten up but not by maga supporters and he was never bleached or noosed. They made it up for publicity. So sad! Lost so much respect for this guy!

  10. Jasmine January 31, 2019

    This shouldn’t have happened at all. They are protecting their own. These racists have become more bold since this cheese puff has became president. I didn’t vote for his ass. Y’all remember in the news in some state/city on a balcony outside this coffee shop they had a black doll figurine hanging? Trump is President because of White Power and Privilege. Impeach Trump! Justice for Jussie!

  11. Cissy Nash February 1, 2019

    what’s everyone going to say if it is a made up story? all those cameras & nothing even with him walking? i don’t know i’m going to wait & see before i say anything ~ anyone remember tawana braley? if this is true? it’s beyond hatred!

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