Exclusive: ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Hospitalized After Homophobic Hate Attack

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2019 by Sam

In a developing story, That Grape Juice has learned that ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett has been hospitalized in Chicago following a homophobic and racially charged attack.

Full story below…

Details are incoming, however it appears the horrendous incident was premeditated.

For, sources say Smollett first received this chilling threat through the post.

Sources add that the 35-year-old, who resides in Chicago while filming the hit FOX series, was later attacked around 2am this morning by two men in ski-masks. Both of whom placed a noose around his neck.

He has since been taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment.

The Chicago Police Department are investigating.

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  1. ayyye January 29, 2019

    OMG. how horrible and hateful.. prayers up for him.

    • CHINA January 29, 2019

      Publicity Stunt. Dont believe the Hype.

      • Wowee January 29, 2019

        Ur an idiot

      • Ken January 29, 2019


      • MX January 29, 2019

        stupid c***

      • welp February 23, 2019

        Soooo…MX, Ken and Wowee owe you an apology.

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      yeah I heard they smirked at him too

  2. Mhhmm January 29, 2019

    I guess him being openly gay makes them have to come to terms with their own down low behavior.

    • Kurz January 29, 2019

      100% tell it!

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      yeah all straights re secretly gay thats what you fhaghs all tell your selveshuh?

      there’s a much simpler explanation, normal people nature has designed us with a disgust reflex towards this behavior and common sense tells us its a threat to civilization at many levels so we abhor those who rather than quietly suffer the genetic yoke nature has saddled them with choose to use it to try and destabilize our culture with their degeneracy

      • Bish January 29, 2019

        By beating them like the sexist animals that you are? Talk about a degenerate comment.

      • j January 30, 2019

        We all know you want a d*** in your mouth bro it’s okay it’s legal now! You don’t have to hide anymore!

      • No Keywords January 30, 2019

        so I guess when a girl goes down on a guy or vice versa that somehow doesn’t go against the natural design of things hmmm and as far as gay people being a threat to civilization – please elaborate because we could all use a good laugh right about now We’re waiting…

  3. Jasmine January 29, 2019

    This is sad very sad if this is true. I hope this is not true.

    • Courtney Rae January 30, 2019

      It’s not true

  4. dfdfdfd January 29, 2019

    people are so evil and cant even see there own hate on others

  5. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 29, 2019

    This is horrible. I hope he’s okay.

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      another micro aggression by smoking white 14 year olds someone should call Ocasiao

  6. Cynthia Jones January 29, 2019

    Praying that my favorite actor from Empire is going to be ok. This is horrible. Wake up people. Hate gets you no where

  7. JLo GIRL STOP January 29, 2019

    seems staged to get ratings for Empire. I pray that it’s not a hoax. Just very fishy.

    If this is true i’m very sorry and wish him the best

    • Lol January 29, 2019

      If you actually are that dumb enough to think he’d risk his own well being for tv ratings that shows your intelligence or lack thereof. You’re disgusting.

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        wanna bet this is a hate hoax

    • MX January 29, 2019

      f*** off you stupid c***

    • Courtney Rae January 30, 2019

      Its staged because Smolett is so full of hate toward Trump, Christians, and conservatives

  8. oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 29, 2019

    Yo, if this is not real news and is a fake story- this will be the very last time i come to this sh+ blog #deadass

    • MX January 29, 2019

      hang yourself

  9. B. Smith January 29, 2019

    Saw him and June’s Diary in Philly and loved the show! Prayers going up for him and his family!

    • شیائومی June 27, 2020

      Saw him and June’s Diary in Philly and loved the show! Prayers going up for him and his family!

  10. Vincent January 29, 2019

    My prayers goes out to my favorite friend

  11. Lindyell January 29, 2019

    I really hope and pray that this young man is okay. This is horrible, just horrible. The thoughts and prayers of me and my family are with him and his.

  12. Dena Bertola January 29, 2019

    Horrible!! He is a beautiful talented man! I’m so sorry that something like this happened to you. I cant even imagine what you went through, let alone what was going through your mind! I hope they find these animals! Hoping for a full recovery for your body and mind. God bless you.

  13. Denise January 29, 2019

    Unbelievable hope he is ok. Sending prays?

  14. J Lavel Ward January 29, 2019

    First off I’m praying for his recovery, and then I’d have to question why all of this hate is heightened? I’m at a loss for words and this hits home! Not because he is an actor or even that he’s gay. I fear for our future and our lack thereof a president is a major cause of this “hate” we have today. I’m extremely sad to know that 2019 is becoming the 1950’s again. Prayers to him and any victimized people of any race, sexuality, or gender choice.

    God Help Us All!!!

    • Done with False Narratives January 30, 2019

      Yes, promoted by President Obama, for sure.

  15. Faith malvoe January 29, 2019

    So sorry my love Prays to you

  16. Mia January 29, 2019

    It’s so sad that people can’t live, and let live. Prayers for Jussie Smollett.?

  17. Bill January 29, 2019

    The heterosexual lifestyle is soooooooo immoral.

    And violent, I might add.

  18. Scanty Lox January 29, 2019

    How many times do we have to be fooled by a hoax before people start questioning more before they start a “revenge posse”? The countdown timer has already started before people start attacking straight, white Trump supporters in a deranged attempt to even the score. This is not real, folks. Stop being social media sheep.

    • Bill January 29, 2019

      I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone blamed this on Trump. Moronic.

      • chris caruthers January 29, 2019

        Idiot they screamed this is MAGA country…and sent letters via the U.S. Mail to Fox Studios. I hope they know when they are caught and they will…it will be prosecuted under Illinois Hate Crime Law or as a Federal Terrorist Threat…which mean 20 years to life in prison.

      • oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 29, 2019

        f_ck your President Tr_mp and all of you braindead f_cks that voted for him. And then a special f_ck you goes out to the ret@rded sh!ts in the US that chose not to vote and/or voted Independent. You diuretic a**holes threw the election to this demon president that incites racism and homophobia.

      • oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 29, 2019

        hey Bill, your pres is as intelligent and capable as a pile of steaming $hit with corn mixed into it… you’re the corn

      • Emme January 29, 2019

        It’s INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so shut your lying, faux victim mentality mouth and go play in traffic with that RACIST white trash orange-colored tard you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. You are the perpetrators and originators in EVERY racist incident in this country as well as general systemic racism. It’s YOUR FAULT. And you will PAY CONSEQUENCES for your evil acts sooner or later.

      • Sam January 31, 2019

        They can find NO video surveillance at all. Chicago P.D. also came out and said when he filed the report that he couldn’t tell them what race the attackers were because they had face mask,coat and gloves on….and they also said he never told them anything about the ”suspects” yelling anything about MAGA country or any reference to OUR PRESIDENT…and yet TMZ and other shitball media outlets said White Trump Supporters beat gay actor while yelling this is MAGA country…this Jussie is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that Chicago is definitely not MAGA country…Nope, no holes in his story at all.

    • MX January 29, 2019

      straight white trump supporters need to be hung and shot. you are the toxicity that is ruining the country. f****** drink bleach you stupid c***

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        Bring it we live for the day the left has the balls to try us

      • Emme January 29, 2019

        Vlad the Imbecilic Tard: You think it’s just “the left” in the U.S. that wants you white trash Trumptards dead? Keep dreaming. You WILL pay for your crimes against humanity.

      • Done with False Narratives January 30, 2019

        MX is proving that Libtards are the real haters and violent offenders. You will reap what you’ve sown.
        FYI, Chicago is NOT MAGA Country. And the only people in Chicago that use the N-Word are black gansta thugs.
        And that Letter is FAKE. Looks like it was written by a fourth grader by GrapeVine staff. If it were real, it would have been handed over to the Police.
        Buy the Hype, “Useful Idiots”

      • Gerhard January 30, 2019

        There are virtually NO Trump supporters in Chicago… plenty of racist idiots supported Obama there, though. Black racists. Many non black racists too. Just like many non racist whites support Trump. Trump sucks, yes. But this isn’t his fault. The yelling MAGA part sounds fake to me. They always do this, like that knife attack in the U.K. where the attacker supposedly yelled pro Brexit slogans. No witnesses heard that. Put whatever political movement you want to demonize in the mouth of someone committing an unrelated crime… sounds like media hype to me. Hopefully this guy is ok and they catch those responsible.

    • Emme January 29, 2019

      EVERYONE on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL knows what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so shut your lying, faux victim mentality mouth and go play in traffic with that RACIST white trash orange-colored tard you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. You are the perpetrators and originators in EVERY racist incident in this country as well as general systemic racism. It’s YOUR FAULT. And you will PAY CONSEQUENCES for your evil acts sooner or later.

      • Done with False Narratives January 30, 2019

        Says the violent black Racist.

      • oh please January 30, 2019

        Your ignorance is breathtaking

      • Courtney Rae January 30, 2019

        Racist? Name ONE racist action of Trump! Systemic racism against non whites? Where? The only systemic racism I see is against WHITES! College admissions, classes on white privilege, etc. you are the racist hater- who is falling for an obvious hoax

      • white crash June 28, 2022

        You sound like a nibber. This story aged like milk.

  19. Brenda Robinson January 29, 2019

    I just want to extend my deepest and sincerest PRAYERS to you Jussie, I am so sicken and saddened by this horrific hate crime against you. I LOVE YOU DEARLY, you are truly an Compassionate, Loving, Kind man whom I believe would always treat people with Love, Kindness, Warmth, and you did not deserve and do not deserve to be treated like you were.( tears flowing). No person on this earth I don’t care what their sexual preference is should be treated like this. I am an straight female however, in today’s society you have monsters who hate on anything or anyone. You are an amazing human bein, actor, I do also believe son, sibling. Jussis, you are in my PRAYERS sincerely sweetheart. And I do hope in your case and all cases such as this that JUSTICE PREVAILS and the MONSTERS that did this get CAUGHT and PUNSHISED….!!!!!!! LOVE YOU JUSSIE, keep your FAITH IN GOD and your head to the SKY…….PEACE and GOD’S BLESSINGS always be with you…..

  20. Shamarie Lowe January 29, 2019

    I’m praying for him and hoping that he recovers from this because this is sad for real for real. Jussie didn’t do nothing to these guys.

  21. Gurlbye January 29, 2019

    This is awful. This is why everyone who passes the homophobic jokes that the likes of Kevin Hart and numerous men in barbershops and homes all over America, is never “just jokes” because that mess results in this. Men and women, boys and girls are losing their lives just because of their sexuality.

  22. Jj January 29, 2019

    Clout this is on tmz and they credited thAt grape juice as the exclusive on this wow

  23. Lydia S January 29, 2019

    It was so reckless of you to be out there at 2am! It is an unfriendly world. Please take good care of yourself.

  24. The Empress January 29, 2019

    TGJ first reported that the criminals wore MAGA hats and then erased that part out. I smell q**** black twitter social media stunt for the white democrat daddies and mammies or a payola by Lee Daniels.

    • The Empress January 29, 2019

      and I took screenshots in case this turns out to be a stunt

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        good there’s a hate hoax website somewhere keeping track of these psyops

  25. Chi-town January 29, 2019

    This story is totally made.

  26. donna grimaldi January 29, 2019

    this country is making me sick. Trump has brought out the
    hidden sickness in the low life people he called his base. I hope they rot in hell, because one day everyone has to meet their maker, Karma’s a b****.

    • chris caruthers January 29, 2019

      In the meantime, less find these MAGA losers and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        good luck with that cuck they dont exist just another fake hate crime spread by jew media

    • hiking January 29, 2019

      NPCs are being reprogrammed with orangemanbad.exe How can any person with a functioning brain fall for such a stupid story. The pieces don’t add up.

      • Emme January 29, 2019

        Shut up and go die in a fire with that white trash orange-colored r***** you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. EVERYONE on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL knows what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so stfu.

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      youre pretty gullible why dont you look up all the other hate hoaxes you know the UVA frat r*** the tawana brawley fake cop r*** and torture the duke lacrosse team interracial gang r*** fake that got the DA put in prison, the gay that was supposedly dragged to death behind a pickup truck burt was really a meth dealer killed by his own gay gang, i could go on every hate crime ever was a fake except of course the ones that blacks daly commit against non blacks they see as easy prey and are envious of

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        Oh and the smirking 14 year olds

  27. Skeptical January 29, 2019

    Fishy. First of all Chicago is definitely not MAGA country. It’s blue AF. Second, racists mail a death threat and then were just walking around a random Subway at 2am with rope and bleach hoping to run into him? Uh…. security cameras please.

    I’m super anti MAGA but if this turns out to be fake it will set us back.

  28. Nunya January 29, 2019

    File this under s*** that didn’t happen…

  29. Johnboy January 29, 2019

    Something fishy about this story…..something is not quite right… Can’t put my finger on what,,,,,

  30. Tina January 29, 2019

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. Sending prayers to you and your family. Get better soon

  31. hiking January 29, 2019

    Sounds completely fake! Two guys hanging around a subway restaurant with ski masks at 2 am carrying bleach? Shouting anti-homosexual comments and bringing up MAGA? Sounds more like an FBI false flag attack than anything that could really happen.

    There is also a poorly scribbled note?? Come on. If this was a real crime the police should be looking for 2 mentally disabled men who didn’t like how the show he was in. This sounds so completely stupid.

  32. stylin19 January 29, 2019

    TMZ is telling the story that he went out to a subway @ 2:00 .m.

    there are no subway shops in chicago that are open @ 2:00 am on a tuesday.

    A couple of shops close @ 2:00 a.m. on a Friday and Saturday.
    I checked the hours of every Subway shop listed in chicago from thsi site:


    I call B.S. on the TMZ story.

    • John Doe January 29, 2019

      They also forgot to mention the record cold temperatures that prevent all sane people from walking on the street during that time. Sub-zero temps that will cause frostbite in less than 30 secs.

    • joseph jenkins January 29, 2019

      you don’t know what you are talking about. subway IS open til 4am on 3021 n clark street
      and also in evanston at 724 clark street til 3am on tuesday.
      check again, my dude.
      prayers up for jussie.

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      Yeah didn’t even need to know that to know its BS, no rope recovered no one saw it hes gay a black and actor three classes of drama queen attention whores
      and of course whites have never acted like this unprovoked and not at all in 75 years

      on the other hand its almost an exact copy of a couple dozen hate hoaxes perpetrated over the last few years, funny how when they are exposed we never hear about that , if you want to know the follow up to this expect to have to dig for it in a couple years

    • Emme January 29, 2019

      Shut up and go die in a fire with that white trash orange-colored tard you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. EVERYONE on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL knows what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so stfu.

      • vlad January 29, 2019

        LOL nice trol

      • oh please January 30, 2019

        And after that rant you are going to accuse others of “hate”, right?

        A white person in America is twelve times more likely to be assaulted by a black person than a black person is of being assaulted by a white person. Multi decade federal crime statistics.

        Bet that after that rant you are going to accuse others of “racism” too…

    • Emme January 29, 2019

      Go die in a fire with that white trash orange-colored tard you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. EVERYONE on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL knows what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so stfu.

  33. Tim January 29, 2019

    So the guys just happened to be walking around with bleach and a rope? Sounds fishy.

  34. Tim January 29, 2019

    Never heard of this guy. I don’t believe a word of this crap.

    • No Keywords January 30, 2019

      That’s hilarious!!!!! I’ve never heard of this person so this story must not be true!!!!! lol What? really?

  35. John Doe January 29, 2019

    Just “walking down the street” at 2AM in Chicago when there are record-breaking SUB-FREEZING temperatures well below zero, and this is supposedly the time when two random strangers (who apparently dont care about frostbite either) decide its the ideal time to target someone they apparently know is gay through ESP, then conveniently bring a noose to place around his neck before removing it and running off for no reason.


    • CIP January 29, 2019

      Last night wasn’t as cold as it’s today and thousands of us used public transportation (and walked to/from the train stations) to come to work.

    • Emme January 29, 2019

      Go play in traffic with that white trash orange-colored tard you call a President. Low class racist piece of white trash. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be the victims. EVERYONE on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL knows what aggressive, violent, racist, homophobic degenerates you white American dummies are, so stfu.

    • swifts January 29, 2019

      plus they brought bleach!!!!! not saying that it couldnt happen but who would see him, purchase all that stuff, and then go out in an almost polar vortex to injure him. or they was following him.. again its too cold for that. i am cold in my house right now i couldnt imagine starting trouble outside.

    • No Keywords January 30, 2019

      no, people leave bars, or parties, or friends house or whatever they were doing and walk to their car, the subway, to get a cab or an uber, to get away from idiots… PEOPLE GO OUT in major cities. Look it up, it does happen and just so you know people of color do not have curfews if that is what you are getting at.

  36. jack January 29, 2019

    this was staged

    • No Keywords January 30, 2019

      staged? right because a popular actor would risk his career to create another incident that seems to be occurring daily in America. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that and he certainly does not need to, it’s happening everywhere.

  37. VoiceOfReason January 29, 2019

    False flag by Antifa or a total hoax.

  38. EJ January 29, 2019

    OMG…….prayers going up

  39. Jenny January 29, 2019

    Folks, here in the midwest, a lot of people are still thinking it’s 1950. Backward thinking elected our present chief resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Stay safe wherever you travel. Plan better.

  40. vlad January 29, 2019

    I smell a hate hoax

    • Lewis January 29, 2019

      My thoughts exactly. Sit back and wait.

  41. Moti25 January 29, 2019

    He f***** the wrong DL dude ???‍♂️

  42. Emme January 29, 2019

    It was a RACIST attack. Not a “racially charged” attack, you equivocating, deceitful arsholes.

    • vlad January 29, 2019

      nah it was a crazy fahgs hate hoax/ publicity campaign

  43. al January 29, 2019

    How can you report that this “letter” is connected to the awful incident? You need to either do investigative reporting or state the facts that you know for a fact this envelope and the attackers are one in the same. YOU CANNOT report based on your own narrative. This is why journalism is dying and the TRUE journalist are being thrown in with the corruption like this site. TMZ run with your story here without evidence. REPORT FACTS WHEN KNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. vlad January 29, 2019

    Did they smirk while white too

  45. Norma Santiago January 29, 2019

    God Will Not Forsake You!!!?????

  46. chris January 29, 2019

    warms my cold chicago heart…best story of year….hope f*** and lgbt get beat more routinly….get these and minority scum out of the city…..or simply flee as it gets ruined by minorities…..rahm doesn’t even want teh job anymore…why not…cause of no good minority free loaders….and special needs…interests…..protected classes….hope you all get whats coming for you

    • Teebone January 29, 2019

      F*** off

  47. Teebone January 29, 2019

    What stupid ass people in this world!!! Praying for you and I pray you are recovering. As for the 2 azzholes that did this, put a nurse around their necks and drag them to the hospital. I’m so sorry this happened to you ❤️

  48. swifts January 29, 2019

    i think him or production wrote the note. not saying it couldnt happen but its too cold for the beat up to happen.

  49. lewis January 29, 2019

    I get the racist part, but how did they know he is gay?

  50. Anthony January 29, 2019

    Is this the current state of affairs, in the United States of America?

  51. Mike Lawson January 29, 2019

    I find it amazing people are walking around with bleach to attack someone out of the blue.

  52. Claude remains January 29, 2019

    Latest Update – Chicago police have confirmed that the attackers said ” This is MAGA country”. Police spokesperson to release statement shortly.

  53. Nik January 29, 2019

    In social primates, members of a community who can’t produce offspring (old people and the gays, mostly) still contribute to the group and can even help raise children while simultaneously decreasing the number of children that have to be fed and protected. This demonstrably increases the survival rates of young.

    Being gay does not affect your ability to be productive in a society. With regards to people contributing to the welfare of a community, whatever the size, there is no inherent difference between being gay and being unlikely to reproduce for other reasons like age or disease.

    Common sense is cultural. Many cultures are fine with gay people and some even see them filling the same family role as grandparents vis a vis child rearing. Clearly then, being openly gay is not inherently some family- or society-destroying force. The problem is that hate without justification has become normal in our society.

    Good luck getting rid of us, btw, because sexuality exists on a spectrum and bisexuals like yours truly will always be reproducing as will people with gay relatives.

  54. Kim January 29, 2019

    Jessie hold your head up, & keep pushing your day to day knowledge, &your awesome talent. Keep singing. Your an awesome guy. The World Love you

  55. Arthur January 29, 2019

    We love you Jussie please be careful are prayer and support are with you

  56. Old Poor Richard January 29, 2019

    For his sake, the police better not investigate too deeply, or he’s going to be headed to jail for filing a false report. Hopefully he will get the mental health aid he needs.

    News articles scream that he was “brutally beaten” but by the end are saying “he’s physically OK but emotionally shaken?” How can a person be “physically OK” after being brutally beaten and been attacked with dangerous chemicals? That would be: when the attack is staged, or didn’t even happen at all.

  57. Marial January 29, 2019

    Where did their MAGA references in the story go? Seems like they were quietly deleted. Hmmmmm, are the story’s “facts” starting to fall apart?? One has to seriously reconsider the claims of racism being made here. Who is the true racist?

  58. Done with False Narratives January 30, 2019

    LOL! As if white men watch “Empire”!

  59. Isabel diaz January 30, 2019

    My prayers go to you so that you can get better. People are so full of hate I don’t understand why people can just let you be! Stay strong love ?

  60. Cindy January 30, 2019

    Publicity stunt, stu, stunt, stunt, stunt.

    Something with this story is all types of suspect. I hope a building or the street had cameras. Who puts a noose around your neck and flees the scene without killing your black ass?

    • Cindy January 30, 2019

      In killer Chicago at that?

  61. DJnetta Williams January 30, 2019

    This world needs Jesus. I pray that justice is served and that they find those individuals.

  62. Darlene Benjamin January 30, 2019

    I’m so sad to hear about this! Smh. We are N 2019 N all this hate! When do this end? I feel a person should be & do what the hell they want. As long as he or she is not hurting anyone else. I pray that they find the you know what. Blessing to you!

  63. Lakramer1211 January 30, 2019

    Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton in all of this? The evidence is pretty thin on this one.

  64. M A R January 30, 2019

    Attacked at 2AM, by two white guys wearing ski masks, who just happen to have a noose, bleach and on a public street in Chicago? Still no updates from the police or information on CCTV footage from the area? As for the threats, all celebrities and politicians routinely receive threats our country is filled with loons so, this is not news.. Looking forward to an update from authorities.

  65. Kingsman January 30, 2019

    Oh please, this has all the “buzz” words in it, this is complete BS

  66. Edith Williams January 30, 2019

    This truly saddens me to hear this happen to Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett. We need to learn how to LOVE one another, NO MATTER who they are, who they love, what their nationality is and/or the color of their skin. God LOVES EACH AND EVERYONE OF US, SO PLEASE tell me WHY can’t we do the same!!!!! This story truly touched my heart. I love Jussie Smollett for the person he is. We all know where ALL of this HATE and RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is coming from. When someone acts like this, it shows their TRUE CHARACTER and we should PRAY for them!!! God created each and everyone of us as an EQUAL!!! NO ONE is more superior than the other!!!! We ALL need to remember our children are watching EVERY move we make and hearing EVERYTHING we say!!!!! All I ask is to PLEASE LET PEOPLE LOVE WHO THEY WAN’T TO LOVE AS LONG AS THEY ARE HAPPY!!!! I AM A 56 YEAR OLD BLACK WOMEN WHO IS VERY PROUD TO SAY I AM BLACK and Edith Wiggins Williams LOVES EVERYONE DEARLY!!! God Bless You!!! BIG BIG HUGS from ME ALWAYS!!! ??❤️??❤️

  67. Kacey Hopson January 30, 2019

    This kind of cruel behavior has to stop, people need to wake up to the time we are living in! We are all human and not a single one of us is the same, we are all different! Everyone has that right to be different. To hate someone because they are different doesn’t make since. My heart breaks for such a beautiful artist who has done nothing but spread peace and love with his beautiful voice and kind words. I am sending you so much love and peace of mind at this time. Stay strong and use this in the battle that is to came in your life. This next chapter won’t be easy but, you will overcome this time period and be stronger in time. Much love

  68. Chris P. Bacon January 31, 2019

    Poor baby was beaten unmercifully. Did you see? He had a boo boo on his cheek and everything. Looked more like he got b**** slapped to me.

  69. c7kec January 31, 2019

    This story is FULL of holes. He waited around with the noose around his neck AFTERWARDS for 45 minutes?? No. Highly doubt it. There are cameras EVERYWHERE, and it will NOT be hard to track it, PLUS this guy never even called the police?

    HOAX. He just destroyed his career.

  70. espinaca j verde February 8, 2019

    I think his name should be changed to Juicy Fruit and he should appear on The Chew.

  71. Anissa Mason February 14, 2019

    I believe this was just awful. There should be no racists in the world by now. It’s ridiculous for ignorance to still be in our world today. Come on people. I would really like to know if they call themselves Christians? Because as a Christian I know God loves everyone. It’s not anyone’s place to judge anyone else. That job belongs to God and anyone who trys to do his job is a fool. I love this dude. He’s an awesome actor and an amazing singer. So I hope the idiots who did this get theirs

  72. Rocky Shumacher February 17, 2019

    This is a hate crime against President Trump and the 60 million people who voted for him. Hating people for who they are, and framing them by perpetrating a fraud is truly despicable.
    I don’t care how people lead their personal lives. There are plenty of Black and Gay people who support our president and I support all of them.
    This shows who *really* has hate in their heart.

  73. L smith February 17, 2019

    Seem to be missing the Viscous part. Would seem if so Viscous he would be in much worse shape. Come on lets use common sense. Oh wait the media markets to the stupid. Very odd they all knew each other. Toss that common sense part out the window.

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