Celine Dion Removes R. Kelly Music From Streaming Platforms

Published: Monday 14th Jan 2019 by David

Celine Dion is disgusted by R. Kelly, and wants to hit him where she knows it will hurt…his pockets.

Find out how below…


The pair collaborated on the song ‘I’m Your Angel’ in 1998 and have watched it sell over 5 million units worldwide.

Today, Celine has launched the process to have it pulled it from streaming platforms to prevent Kelly from generating income from it on said platforms as a way to show support for the girls and women he has molested.

Her powerful moves comes after Lady Gaga received praise (and criticism) from the general public for pulling her Kelly-backed ‘Do What U Want‘ from shelves six years after its release in response to the horrors uncovered in Lifetime‘s ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’

Robert is yet to respond to this fresh wave of bad news, as he is said to be suffering from sleepless nights and panic attacks.


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  1. King of Kingz January 14, 2019

    🥴the mf irony & hypocrisy when she fell in love with her husband when he was 38 & she was 12 😂I hope they drag tf outta her ass on Twitter for this. Smh this fake ass bandwagon outrage is ridiculous, only doing this cuz she’s being pressured to do so.

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 14, 2019

      Omg Thank you I literally said to someone earlier that Celine is a PRIME EXAMPLE of not only being mentored by but eventually growing a bit older into a relationship with her husband that jumpstarted her career and that song belongs to Kelly and still available for purchase I believe off his R album

      • SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! RPedo still Free January 14, 2019

        Thank god she’s not worried about twitter if you see Celine herself barely goes there her acc is managed by her team.
        And she is at this moment with a residency filled nobody was asking for this and she doesn’t need any publicity now. She did this only cause she felt it and it’s her own right, if the pedo gang out here want to attack her feel free.

        Pedo Lovers

  2. Jasmine January 14, 2019

    Her husband was an old man who started piping her at 12. She has a lot of nerve.

    • Caleb January 14, 2019


  3. SMH January 14, 2019

    I love Celine, but this is a clear case of ironic hypocrisy. Not just her, but the whole industry. They ALL knew who & what R. Kelly is for the last two decades but still chose to work with him, now everyone is all of a sudden ‘disgusted’ by stuff they already knew about 20 years ago.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon 🔥) January 14, 2019

    OMG my fave, Ms Celine, just opened up a new case for her husband and hers relationship to be documented.

  5. Mhhmm January 14, 2019

    When the ice queens start coming for you, it’s over

  6. Sleigh 🛷 January 14, 2019

    She literally just released a child pedo/satanic clothing line lmao 😂 hypocrisy at its finest

  7. JOHNVIDAL January 14, 2019

    Celine is one of the nicest people mainstream industry has ever witnessed. Will always love her. Legendary voice.

  8. JOHNVIDAL January 14, 2019

    Celine and her husband was nothing but true love. She has talked about it millions of times and how she talked to her mother about it back in the day and everything. Celine has never been shy about explaining. It has nothing to do with thsi CERTIFIED serial abuser. End of story. And you guys trying to defend him WHO KNOWS WHY are absolutely ridiculous and thankfully belong top a minority in our society. Bye.

    • Sleigh 🛷 January 14, 2019

      You support child harm & pedophilia.
      You’re trash

    • Jasmine January 14, 2019

      You are trash JohnVidal for making excuses for pedo Rene just because he is white. You are an Uncle Tom Jigaboo. R. Kelly & Aaliyah vs. Rene & Celine ~ same situation so don’t act like Kelly is wrong and Rene is right. They BOTH are wrong!

      • Caleb January 14, 2019

        Jasmine is right about this.

  9. DanYiel Iman January 14, 2019

    I stopped supporting R.Pedophilia at this song, it’s actually a favorite of mines. Celine Dion voice is superb IMO.#MeToo✊🏽

  10. WHERE IS MARIAH NOW? January 14, 2019

    When will MARIAH remove the Betcha Gon’ Know remix with this rapist predator? Why is she staying silent on this huge issue? She builded her career on how abusive Tommy Mottola was. Compared to R Kelly, Mottola was Walt Disney.

  11. ERIC January 14, 2019

    Rene didn’t make a habit of luring girls away from their families for group s– and po– tapes.

    • Jasmine January 14, 2019

      That is reguluar hollywood lifestyle though. Look at Ed Burke. Look at all the hos at the Playboy Mansion where the cover charge is free for ladies, 1500 for men, and 3200 for whatever goes?

  12. Caleb January 14, 2019

    Didn’t her husband groom her from the age of 13 to be his wife? That’s disgusting

    • Sleigh 🛷 January 15, 2019

      The elites are groomed you’re correct. Celine just released a pedo satanic clothing line herself. One shirt literally just says “Ho!” On a very young girl.

  13. Gurlbye January 15, 2019

    Chile please, we all know her story. Plus she been knew about this scandal in the 90s.

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