Chris Brown Inks Major Record Deal / Becomes One Of The Youngest Artists To Own Masters

Published: Friday 4th Jan 2019 by Sam

Chris Brown‘s newest single may be christened ‘Undecided,’ but his longtime record label are more than sure of the potency of their partnership with the star.

For, they’ve re-upped with the singer in a major way.

Details below…

In a statement trumpeting the release of his latest track, it was revealed that Brown has re-signed with RCA Records.

Billed as a new “license agreement,” the fresh deal sees the 29-year-old singer become one of the youngest recording artists to ever own any of his master recordings.

Seemingly all-encompassing, the agreement will see Brown and RCA team up on music, content and much more.

Additional details weren’t made immediately available, but it has been confirmed that ‘Indigo’ – Brown’s 9th studio album – will be the first fruit of the deal.


Say what folk will about Chris, but there’s no denying his power and potential as an artist and performer.

He’s had the success many dream of, but we’ve long been of the stance that he’s only scratched the surface of what he’s truly capable of.

As such, we’re excited about what the RCA re-up will mean for the next chapter of his unique career.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tyana Jones January 4, 2019

    be careful breezy we lover young legend!!!!!!

  2. Yahoi January 4, 2019

    He isn’t selling much this days and is under the radar.
    I think if he was still hot he’d never get a agreement like this.
    Is a pity but to me since 2012 with Fortune his music hasn’t clicked with my personal taste, after that on my opinion his quality decreased.

    • Mark111 January 4, 2019

      He’ll make bank from streaming from all the different services. Each service will have to pay for the rights to stream his music and the boy have a lot of music. Also, artist gain their masters once they complete their record contract.

    • Carlitos January 4, 2019

      I agree on how the quality of his music has declined. But with streaming, Chris does very well with it. Just on Spotify alone, he averages over 20 million listeners. That’s huge.

      • Carlitos January 4, 2019

        Almost 21 million MONTHLY listeners*

  3. Jonny5 January 4, 2019

    This is false. There are dozens of much younger Indie artists on the charts right now who own their masters because they are unsigned or have their own label with distribution deals on majors. Correct your reporting or cite your sources for such claims.

    • Mark111 January 4, 2019

      True, but to own the master of a catalog like Chris and Rihanna have, it’s a major move.

    • Tyana Jones March 1, 2019

      It’s real

  4. Mark111 January 4, 2019

    Rihanna owned hers at age 27 in 2015, making her the youngest. Good for Chris tho, most artist are owning their music masters now and that’s great. But he own them as soon as he was done with the first contract, it’s part of the business.

  5. thanosoftitans January 4, 2019

    Good for Chris. I’m always excited for new music from Chris, but lately I’ve been disappointed. Hopefully, his next body of work makes things right!

  6. Keith January 4, 2019

    Ugh…but Serayah is cute doing her best Tinashe in the Undecided video

  7. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2019

    I always thought he always owned his masters..??‍♂️ Learn something new everyday.??

    • I said it January 4, 2019

      Why would you think that dummy?

  8. The Empress January 4, 2019

    He gets to owns his masters because his music is trash and nobody is really interested in CB musically except ghetto Black females.

  9. ERIC January 4, 2019

    It’s easy to gain ownership of junk music. No one but Chris is bidding for it.

  10. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 5, 2019

    What this means is his management brokered this deal for him so that he could own his masters and they can profit off him even more. Also means if he goes to jail he can continue to make bank and earn even more capital gained from streaming when he gets out.

  11. Tyana Jones June 2, 2019

    protect Chris Brown all costs

  12. Tyana jones January 24, 2020

    We love breezy

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