Report: Cardi B To Drop NEW Bruno Mars Collabo THIS MONTH

Published: Saturday 5th Jan 2019 by Rashad

After finessing their way to a top 5 hit courtesy of the 90’s-inspired ‘Finesse,’ Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars and chart-topping rapstress Cardi B are set for a redo if new reports are to be believed.

Details inside:



As we reported here, Cardi B confirmed her new album – the follow-up to her 2018 chart-topping debut, ‘Invasion of Privacy’ – is due this year.  With news surfacing about producers and fellow artists contributing to the yet-titled LP, sources have verified her ‘Finesse’ co-star, Bruno Mars, is among the expected.


Cardi B, will drop another song with Bruno Mars…

…the track — which we learned will feature another big artist as well — is slated to drop Jan. 25, but could be pushed back due to Cardi’s busy schedule.

As of time reported it has not been confirmed if the tune – due by the month’s end – will make the tracklist for Cardi’s new album.

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  1. Meme January 5, 2019

    And does anyone care for this news. All I can say is that I hope her album rollout isnt as sloppy as her debut. She only survived because her hype was huge that the messiness was overlooked. But we are going to need release dates, clear singles with timely videos. And as we can see with money, I’m already confused. The video came hella late and I don’t know what project this song is tied to and weather it’s a single or not.

    • DanYiel Iman January 5, 2019

      Isn’t it funny that’s coming from a Ri-Whine-A fan!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

      • Jason January 5, 2019

        Rihanna put out like 7 albums back to back with eras and looks for them all.. She’s also on level that your fave isn’t familiar with. Where people understand the importance of being refined, but know how to pull out the edge. Where everything doesn’t require a clapback that needs subtitles. Where she could go for lessons!! I want the label to let her control her career, but they know she’ll sabotage their creation!

      • Meme January 5, 2019

        Are we seriously comparing a global superstar with 7 platinum albums and 1000000 #1 single to someone who came out yesterday? Rihanna can have messed up album roll outs all she wants now. She has paid her dues and has nothing left to prove because she’s done it all. Cardi on the other hand needs to survive pass album #2

    • AdeleFan January 5, 2019

      The debut roll out was messy bcus bodak blew up. No one saw that coming n she didn’t start an album. Albums can take months to years to finish

  2. Moti25 January 5, 2019

    Noooo! Let money peak first!!! But gear up the next single Mayb mid feb.

    • King of Kingz January 5, 2019

      😴money has def peaked already if that video couldn’t get it up higher then 🤷🏽‍♂️unless they decide to discount to 69 cents like they did all her other singles 🥴

  3. Beam Me Up Scotty January 5, 2019

    Ok I guess…if Nicki is over and Cardi B is the new queen, I’m going to need more.

    • King of Kingz January 5, 2019

      Why can’t they just co exist ? There’s more then 15 male rappers so why can’t their be several female rappers? Smh

      • Blaaah January 5, 2019

        NIcki don’t get to exist with no competition then coexist after 7 years on top. That’s pig sh!t. 🐷 How bout you learn to support other female rappers and let ole girl take a break to fill that void of a personal life? Guess Nicki music must not be timeless, That’s why y’all stay demanding new music from her. 🤣

  4. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 5, 2019

    Ugh Atlantic are really pushing for Cardi.

    • AdeleFan January 5, 2019

      That’s why they signed her to make 💰dummy

  5. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 5, 2019

    She is the one who lacks the ‘Finesse‘ to be a true refined star. Standards have fallen so low…. Let her release 99 singles so we can get to the end of this 5 mins of fame quickly we all know she will self destruct 😴

    • Blaaah January 5, 2019

      If standards have fallen low, that’s your fault. For 7 years we had no unity or great presence of femcees running the rap game. That’s what y’all get for supporting Nicki monopoly and allowing pop, white middle America to decide what makes or breaks hip hop standards for women. So much talent going unnoticed because your fixated on all the wrong things.

    • AdeleFan January 5, 2019

      Drake released 99 per year yet he’s getting bigger u better be careful wat u wish for

    • biancacook January 5, 2019

      and nicki released how many in not just a year but few months. dont be a hypocrite.

  6. Pat January 5, 2019

    Keep your foot on their necks cardi

  7. Kara January 5, 2019

    Smh y’all acting like she had such a huge part in ‘Finess’. She just did the intro. Yes she had a hot album thanks mostly to streaming but don’t go acting like she so great rapper. Without streaming I highly doubt she would be so sucessful

    • AdeleFan January 5, 2019

      She’s the reason why finessed was top 5 .. The original didn’t went anywhere

    • biancacook January 5, 2019

      ppl keep talking about streaming like its a cheat sheet when all it does is show who is being listened to. if it was so simple the artist that sold millions prior to streaming should be doing the same numbers and more but they aren’t. because they have been selling off of their name and not the music. thats exactly why i like streaming. 1 millon ppl can buy your album but listen once and never listen to it again *justin timberlake* but 10000 ppl can hear ur album and keep it on repeat.

  8. AdeleFan January 5, 2019

    For all the DL Cardi fans money is a single off the deluxe version of Invasion of privacy .the reason why they’re doin a deluxe version because they want her to physically released the album. As of now the album is only available online. So they want her fans to get the cd

    • biancacook January 5, 2019

      thats a fact, say it louder for the barbs in the back.

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