R.Kelly’s Ex-Wife & Daughter Expose Him On Live TV

Published: Monday 21st Jan 2019 by David

If there is no rest for the wicked it’ll be a long time before the alleged pedophile R. Kelly gets any sleep.

No longer able to bury his abuse of young girls and women, the performer (who is said to be carrying more STIs than a portable Planned Parenthood) now finds himself snowed under an avalanche of allegations…all of them verified by members of his own entourage and relatives.

Leading the charge? His ex-wife Andrea Kelly and their daughter.

Watch their tell-all conversation on ‘Good Morning Britain’ below…


Kelly was recently booted out of the Sony Music family, and can expect to be rocked by financial despair now that a number of concert promoters have opted not to book him following ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’

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  1. DanYiel Iman January 21, 2019

    I’m not mad TAKE HIM DOWN!! Sadly being #BLACK & young they were used and abused.??‍♂️

    • Jasmine January 21, 2019

      SHe is lying for MONEY. She don’t do any interviews free and she only had an issue with R. Kelly all of a sudden last year when he stopped her child support check!

      • Tetris January 21, 2019

        Just yell Yasbitch p*** defender. Ahahahaha
        I’m not mad as well he made his bed now he has to lie there.
        Just laughing at all these pedolovers pointing fingers at every accuser and yelling “LIAR”, “Goldigger”, “FAME W****”… poor pedokelly everyone is out to get him!
        WHITCH HUNT ???

      • Muterkelly January 21, 2019

        This girl is back defending a p******** again. Regardless of what you say he is still nasty. Yes she might be in it for money yes sparkle might be in it for money. IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THE FACT THE FACT O SAY IT AGAIN THE F*ING A FACT THAT WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG! He is going down and I will be here every step of the way to remind you!

      • Jasmine January 21, 2019

        @Muterkelly Go FETCH me an underrage girl accuser. It is very telling that prosecutors have been unable to locate one in 20 years. That is why he has NO criminal allegations or charges! I’ll wait. You have NO FACTS just unjustified HATE for a man that has done NOTHING to you personally! Get your life!

      • Jasmine January 22, 2019

        2013 DREA video is PROOF SHE IS A FRAUD:

        @2:07 to the end – Look at her eyes light up when talking about R. Kelly. She goes on and on with PRAISES for R. Kelly. She was all smiles when she was getting those child support checks! Kelly stopped paying child support last year and ever since this old ho gonna cry some fake tears and lies when she say he abused her.


    • Jasmine January 22, 2019

      Why cant she verify any of the girls stories? She was married for god sakes with 3 kids. Why didn’t she get any diseases? 17 is IL consent age and 16 is GA so he didn’t do anything illegal except for video aquiited of. Leave this guy alone dang you not the police. Ever seen a fast girl. I have and yes at 13-14. Aaliyah was FAST and show was that other girl in that tape twirking and getting peeed on. They knew what they was doing. But again, that was 20 years AGO. You can’t hold that old sh|t over a n!gga’s head when he aint been doing that dumb sh|t in 20 years.

      • ERIC January 22, 2019

        You will NOT compare Aaliyah to anyone twerking or being urinated on. That is a baseless claim and completely uncalled for.

  2. Jasmine Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine January 21, 2019

    Yaaaaaaasssssssssss #MuteRKelly #JailHouseBottomInTheMaking

  3. whiteNigga101 January 21, 2019

    This is so pathetic… This Andrea Kelly lady is malicious as hell. She’s still capitalising on her ex husband. smh.

    • King of Kingz January 21, 2019

      ?BIG FACTZ‼️‼️

  4. Jasmine January 21, 2019

    when asked if Andrea believes the other eomen she said ‘All I know is my story”. She is full of sh.it. She is lying and thirsty for fame and money with her ugly ass daughter. What is she promoting? Why is she doing a press tour? MONEY and FAME. She is still milking the legendary R. Kelly name for all its worth.

    Besides Aaliyah, all of R. Kelly’s exes look like Shanaynays and Shaniquas. These are desperate women nobody else wants who willingly chased after a known p*** and now they wanna cry wolf with claims they were mistreated. No, you were treated the way you should have been treated. You GOT what you SOUGHT when you chased after a man like Kelly.

    • Caleb January 21, 2019

      He had s** with a 14 year old on tape. End of story.

      • Jasmine January 21, 2019

        caleb that was 20 years ago! He faced charges for it and the jury found him NOT GUILTY of all 14 charges. He learned his lesson and he and his team check IDs fo age ever since. I refuse to hold someone’s past mistakes over their head when they have changed their ways. No criminal accusations or charges = NOT GUILTY

      • Caleb January 22, 2019

        He knew the girl was 14. She wasn’t just some random. She was in a music group.

      • Jasmine January 22, 2019

        Don’t matter. That was 20 years ago. You can’t hold that over his head forever. He went to court for it and the jury said he was not guilty.

    • ERIC January 22, 2019

      Not guilty because of a technicality and the girl and her parents lying. That’s not true innocence. You will have to come to terms with this soon enough. If you watched Dateline last Friday, evidence has and is still being collected in support of recent claims. Deal with it.

      • Jasmine January 23, 2019

        I DO NOT ‘have to come to terms’ with imaginary evidence. When there is REAL evidence that gets Kelly arrested or at least criminal charges then I’ll acknowledge. Until then, I DO NOT CONDONE witch hunts and I DO NOT CARE about meaningless “evidence” (in quotes). FURTHERMORE, it is highly DISRESPECTFUL, UNINTELLIGIBLE, AND SURLY to tell a possible victim she is ‘lying’. If the girl and her parents say it is NOT her then it is NOT her. Who are you to tell her who she is? I have to believe her word over yours! AGAIN, this is 20 years ago. What EXACTLY has Kelly done illegally LATELY? IN THE PAST 20 YEARS? NOTHING!

    • Muterkelly January 21, 2019

      Awwww booohoooo your favourite legendary p***’s life is crumbling what you gona do now cry ? you should offer your daughter or younger sister to him I’m sure it would make him feel better ?

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine January 21, 2019

        Yeah TROLLmine. #MuteRKelly #JailHouseBottomInTheMaking No peeee for you Shaniqua.

      • Jasmine January 21, 2019

        I said what I said and there is nothing you can do about it. I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. Why are you BOTHERED by my little opinion?????????????

    • Muterkelly January 21, 2019

      Sis it doesn’t change any of the fact that Rkelly is p*** so keep trying we ain’t blind do you think we are trump supporters the f**k

      • Jasmine January 21, 2019

        That is just an opinion. FACTS have to be proven. I NEVER said he was or was not a p***. I saw a little of the 1999 tape. CLEARLY, that is an underrage girl in the video. The FACT are:

        1. No criminal allegations in 20 years for underrage girls.

        2. These are all adult women in the past 20 years that has accused him of stuff.

        3. Prosecutors still have NO case against him without an underrage girl.

  5. Danyboo January 21, 2019

    I’m so ready for this conversation to switch into getting him and every other black man in America with mental issues help.. I don’t understand why she taking her issues on tour. This conversation is way bigger than her and r kelly. His name and his influence on pop culture around the world is keeping her story relavent. Go talk to a therapist. Clearly you going thru a family cycle.

  6. Bravo!!! January 21, 2019

    She so weak to me. You couldn’t walk away. You didn’t know the signs before marry him and having his kids. I’m not saying ok to touch or brain wash minors, but you was a grown woman who can make decisions.

    • Bravo!!! January 21, 2019


  7. Bravo!!! January 21, 2019

    This h** probably was having threesomes with the girls R.Kelly was brainwashing because she knows to much.

  8. Xoxo January 21, 2019

    I’m so over this woman

  9. Hits studio January 22, 2019

    Really why do we keep tearing down our black celebrities with black women who are no longer collecting pay checks from the celeb boos!!!

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