Madonna Claps-Back After Butt Implant Accusations

Published: Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 by Sam

It may be the beginning of the year, but Madonna has already been making headlines.

For, the Pop queen’s appearance at the Stonewall Inn made jaws drop and debate ensue – and all the discourse centered on her “fuller” derrière. With many suggesting that she’d had butt implants.

Never one to shy away from the drama, Madge has spoken up and out in trademark fashion.

Her words below…

Via Madonna’s IG:

Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval………………?. And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019 ???! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!! ???! #2019 #freedom #respect#nofear #nodiscrimination

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Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval………………😂. And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019 🎉🎉🎉! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!! 🔥🔥🔥! #2019 #freedom #respect #nofear #nodiscrimination

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  1. Brent Christopher January 3, 2019


    • Jeans January 3, 2019

      ?????@ she looks a fool

    • SMH January 4, 2019

      A knifed up fool lmao!

  2. Sleigh ? January 3, 2019

    I’m glad Mariah Carey is still beautiful

  3. Jasmine January 3, 2019


      • LMDRO January 3, 2019

        And so what? Is this your body? Do you buy Madonna’s music for the music or for her ass? MOVE ON cause nobody cares about your opinion.

      • Jasmine January 3, 2019

        I said what I said and ain’t sh|t you can do about it! My body is real. I do squats and workout. No surgeon is knifing me.

      • Latinissima January 4, 2019

        You’re a joke. Defending the stupidity of Tiffany Hadish and body shaming Madonna. Gurl plz, lock yourself and think about talent and respect a little bit so you can grow. You sound like a 15 years old child.

      • SMH January 4, 2019

        Um, madonna shamed herself with that disgusting b*** job.

      • Jasmine January 4, 2019

        Latinissma NEVER LIE on me. Here is what I said about Tiffany:

        I NEVER body shamed Madonna. I shamed the bad doctor that botched her bum. I NEVER defended Tiffany. I stated my opinion on her. You are the joke always misunderstanding things and twisting peoples words in your head to mean something totally different. If you don’t like my comments don’t read them.

  4. SNF January 3, 2019


  5. Bravo!!! January 3, 2019

    Madonna, you are a millionaire you could have got a nice round Presentable ass. You do look a fool, and your right it’s your body, but you could have got an ass to fit the back of your Dustbuster booty!

    • LMDRO January 3, 2019

      As she said, she doesn’t care about your opinions + she’s not able to read it here so… why don’t you go and tell her in front of her face instead of talking s*** in her back when you know very well that she can’t see? Coward and s*** talker, like all the others.

      • Jasmine January 3, 2019

        Shut up QUEEN! People gonna have their opinions about anything they want and ain’t sh|t u can do about it. You FAIL at trying to police people’s opinions so sashay away troll. Nobody cares about u barking and trolling at their comments. Shame on her doctor who botched her bum.

  6. LMDRO January 3, 2019

    She actually never confirmed it was true… I’m pretty sure this ass is fake but just because of this nasty comments she will answer by “Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval” of course ! The only ones who say this ass is real is the fans, stop talking s*** and focus on your miserable life. I know some girls who like to have fake implants for their boobs when they pretend to make a show and so what? #BUYOURLSEFALIFE

    • SMH January 4, 2019

      Wow, you really are dumb. Her post is clearly an admission of a botched surgery. Guess its easier for madonna fans to keep their blindfolds on lol.

  7. XYZ January 4, 2019

    Girl, it‘s your body. But you look like a fool and are making a joke of yourself and your legacy. Like, truly, I used to be a fan, but nowadays I‘m really embarrassed by her behavior. I know she couldn’t care less, but nonetheless, girl, you lost a fan

    • FAF January 4, 2019

      She was canceled when she said n****

  8. SMH January 4, 2019

    Lol the sad thing is that she seems satisfied with the results lmfao. Mainly because she knows her brain dead fans will defend whatever she does. And she’s only fooling them; that ‘desperately seeking nobody’s attention’ line clearly means that she IS seeking desperate attention, as she has done her entire career.

  9. Jesse M February 6, 2019

    No Madonna you are NOT entitled to lie to the public about your booty. That’s the price of fame sweetheart. You don’t get to march in parades and tell all the women about #metoo and how women should respect themselves then go out and have some doctor put fake implants in your body expecting young girls to respect themselves. Holy moly you are one BIG HIPOCRITE!!! You want to tell men to respect women but you have done NOTHING BUT OBJECTIFY WOMEN for years and made money off it you total loser phony.

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