Omarion & B2K Condemn R. Kelly

Published: Monday 7th Jan 2019 by David

The brilliant performer Omarion is taking a stand against the disease infested dog R. Kelly and wants sexual predators to know that it’s a matter of time before their evil deeds are brought to light.

Full story below….



O recently reunited with B2K to relaunch the band with a soon-to-be sold-out world tour and stands in solidarity with member Raz B who revealed that the band had been subjected to abuse by their former manager Chris Stokes and Marques Houston.

Abuse, said to be why Nickelodeon rejected efforts to reboot the show ‘Sister Sister‘.

We were ready to say, ‘Let’s do this.” The actors, the writers, the producers — all of us. But then there were some sort of legal hiccups that put a halt to it.

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  1. Dastarkidd January 7, 2019

    But you didn’t voice your opinion about Chris Stokes! Have several seats!!!

    • SMH January 7, 2019

      Thats what I said. He says he didn’t see the special but has so many opinions about it, and yet not one word about Chris Stokes.

    • Jasmine January 7, 2019

      I think he should be more worried about low ticket sales cause so far the tour is not doing well saleswise. They have already had to lower the ticket prices. His fan base is all grown up. I did not know Kelly wrote them songs but the songs have nothing to do with supporting or not supporting Kelly. Songs have everything to do with the fans so perform all your singles and please the B2K fans. The TRUTH of the matter is that none of the B2K members follow each other on insta. This tour is just a money grab and I’m sure the other members don’t want Omarion speaking for the whole group. They just want to get paid from the tour and keep it moving.

      • Samantha Mumba January 7, 2019

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      • FAX January 9, 2019

        Oh are you promoting the concert? You have inside information on the sales?? make sure you cite your sources , otherwise you’ll like the other coons. #besafe

  2. AJ January 7, 2019

    Well r kelly wrote most of their hits so they have no choice but to perform them or there is no show. What was the point of announcing that you’re gonna retire the songs AFTER the tour. He coulda kept that clout chasing statement

  3. Meme January 7, 2019

    Can we also get you view in your brother and Chris Stokes while we are at it? Whew Chile, the nerve.

  4. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht January 7, 2019

    Omarian is a liar and hater….he wish he could reach the success KELLY has…when you’re on top people will lie and hate…..

    they said diddy shot and killed people in a club again

    .again King of RnB NOT GUILTY

    • FAX January 9, 2019

      Success don’t mean nothing if you’re accused of and ARE pegging little boys and girls. so you and Mr. Kelly can take several seats on a spiked D I C K. #sadhoesthesedays

      • FAX January 9, 2019

        Stop guarding your pervy lord and get that man some help. Only in the black community do yall try and protect pedos and m********. Makes me wonder what’s going on with yall families behind doors smh. #sadhoesthesedays #Kellycooning

  5. Sean January 7, 2019

    I love Omarion, but i can not believe he opened his mouth to say anything after him and the other band members called Raz B everything but a child of God for coming forward about MH and Chris Stokes. Smh

    • DanYiel Iman January 7, 2019

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!???

    • Are you Kidding Me? January 7, 2019

      Omarion was embarrassed by the abuse from Marques Houston and Chris Stokes. Hence him and the others trying to silence Razz B. They didn’t want to talk about it or it would make it real. Him coming out and saying this, is huge. Hopefully he and the others can collectively come forward to expose those who harmed them.

      And let’s be honest: The Black community doesn’t take kindly to male victims of abuse. They’re called “gay” or “liked it” and seen as less of men. So why would they be open about it?

  6. Kara January 7, 2019

    Onarion you should be the last to talk. Why dont you take a page of out of the book of other artist who worked with R. Kelly and say nothing.

  7. S.U.PE.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 7, 2019

    This b@stard has some nerve!

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