Ciara Blazes Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest [Performance]

Published: Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 by Sam

Ciara made her presence felt at the inaugural Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest.

As reported, Super Ci was tapped to co-headlined night one of the Atlanta extravaganza alongside frequent collaborator Ludacris.

For her set, the stage blazer rocked the State Farm Arena with classics such as ‘Goodies,’ ‘Ride’ and ‘Oh,’ while being sure to scorch with newer numbers a la ‘Level Up.’ The latter of which saw her joined by the Atlanta Hawks Dancers for an all-out spectacle.

Watch her action-packed set after the jump…

Solid showings across the board.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Laqeesha90s February 2, 2019

    They’re puppets…. newly Illuminati recruited members.

    • I left the bar early February 2, 2019

      She cant sing.. maybe she is good at s*cking!

  2. Remey February 2, 2019

    Say what you will, but CiCi has a great catalogue. I adore her energy and ability to dance with that much momentum for a 12 minute set.

    I wish her team would pull it together. I was so excited after Level Up. It had me geeked up for what I thought would be a smooth era, but lo and behold 6 months later…no album. Nothing. Sigh

    • Wendy February 2, 2019

      No demand for her tickets or CD. She is the never been in music industry like Kelly Rowland.

  3. Gee February 2, 2019

    For years now I been trying to figure out how is it that Ciara is not with the upper echelon of pop girls and I have to say her first management team was her best since then everything has been slow. Things start to come together and then things go ten steps back. Hopefully she and her team can pull it together for this next era.

    • CHINA February 2, 2019

      She’s attractive, s*** and can DANCE — the missing link……… She can’t sing. She’s the black Britney Spears without THE HUGE HITS. SORRY BUT NOT SORRY

      • Pat February 2, 2019

        Vocal moment… in 2019? Lmao. Janet’s music was largely personal and introspective which is why she has die hard fans for life.

    • Meme February 2, 2019

      She can’t sing. There’s only so much being attractive and dancing can make up for. Notice all her songs have the same formula. I think after awhile ppl loose interested.

      • CHINA February 2, 2019

        The Janet Routine is Cool for a while but then in 2019 – you need a Vocal Moment. people need that Vocal, that one that takes her to the next level – she has and adequate voice for “this” type of music but now it’s all about the Image – The Style and the Vocals.

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate February 2, 2019

    She’s really worked on her breath control. Well done Ci ????? She was singing live until Level Up, then the sound engineer f***cked up the pre recorded vocal which is why her vocal dropped out ??‍♂️ Real showmanship and she worked the stage. So many of these girl children on the charts could never.

  5. Jeans February 2, 2019

    Sorry that was boring AF! and why would she wear black in all that black of a stage and setup? Smh. That gives u an idea of what her. SB performance would have been like, YAWN!

    • ~The Arcade~ February 2, 2019

      I agree, that wearing black wasn’t the best decision… Needed more stage lights to really see her.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. February 2, 2019

      @Jeans – I agree. The show was BORING and she didn’t even dance OR sing on the song.

  6. BYawnce February 2, 2019

    Cancel them.. wasting time. ?

  7. Mhhmm February 2, 2019

    But Ciara got paid tho

  8. Jujumanji February 2, 2019

    That was cute and a good stylist. Ciara got some bops. She had energy and she had a good show. Good for her-get your check Cici.

  9. ~The Arcade~ February 2, 2019

    Dead AF crowd – Must be a gentrified Atlanta, cos… Miss the crunked out crowd, era, music etc.

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