Katy Perry Under Fire For “Shading” Britney Spears…Again!

Published: Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 by Rashad

Members of the #BritneyArmy who still haven’t forgiven Pop princess Katy Perry for shading Britney Spears during an interview by referencing that infamous 2007 breakdown will be none too pleased to learn oops…she’s done it again.

While the effort was much more subtle this time around, it still garnered no fewer side eyes from social media shade detectors.  The details inside:


After Perry took to Instagram to share this excerpt from a Music Connection interview with famed Canadian songwriter/producer Greg Wells.  Having worked with the Grammy-nominee on her ‘Witness’ album track, ‘By the Grace of God,’ the ‘Prism’ album track, ‘Choose Your Battles,’ and more over her storied career, Wells stated:

Britney fans immediately hopped to her defense.  Slamming Perry and Wells along the way, the backlash gained so much traction the songwriter took to his Instagram page to clarify the comment.


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Britney Spears is so good at what she does, and I never said anything meant to throw shade on Britney or her career. In my mind, Britney is a world class entertainer. Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston also didn’t write their own songs. Many iconic singers through the ages didn’t write their own material, from Frank Sinatra to Ariana Grande. I was simply pointing out the difference that Katy has always written her own songs and is her own creative director. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It means the approach is different. I stand by what I said in the Music Connection interview, which was that Britney doesn’t write her own songs and Katy Perry does….. am I wrong?

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  1. DanYiel Iman February 2, 2019

    People care about Britney Spears?!!??‍♂️

    • Kalorie February 2, 2019

      Right? haha The girl has so much still she uses a different voice for each album!

    • Cardigan Rullz February 3, 2019

      Yeah they care.
      Why wouldn’t they care? She had a almost soldout 6 years residency (91%) of the tickets were sold, and is a national treasure.
      Is cute how you’re always jumping on everybody for dishing this or that singer but than you do the same to one who simply hasn’t done something wrong.

  2. Erica February 2, 2019

    But she does right her music. I think that’s what’s upsetting to her fans, most of her videos are her idea she’s not just some puppet like the masses want to believe

  3. Joggers February 2, 2019

    Britney has written 70+ songs in her own discography, she has written for other artists, she was trained as a professional dancer and gymnast, can read and write sheet music and play the piano, has written many of her own hits and has written almost all of her own video treatments. Whatever you may think of her, you need to acknowledge facts and put some respect on her name. In his original comment he called her “the exact opposite” of Britney. He’s right: “Baby One More Time” alone has sold 32 million. All of Katy Perry’s albums combined have sold 16 million. They are the exact opposite. Thank you and goodnight.

    • Yup February 2, 2019

      I love you for this…

      She wouldn’t even be as big as if she didn’t input her BOMT thoughts and ideas. She’s a professional woman.

      • Joggers February 2, 2019

        Thank you. He’s acting like he’s comparing her to Barbra Streisand, like…girl… it’s Katy Perry. The fact that you’re in the music business and still need to be taught why Katy isn’t on the same level as Britney is laughable. He needs to go back to serving me frappuccinos. The lack of qualifications jumped out.

    • Joggers February 2, 2019

      Also, altogether Katy has 69 writing credits. Britney has 102. Like…I just…yeah. Let’s pray for him.

      • Cardigan Rullz February 3, 2019

        Amen Joggers Amen!
        He’s talking about a singer who influenced a whole generation.
        Even the king and queen of pop recognized her talent.
        Greg Wells should go wash his dishes instead of spreading hate.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. February 3, 2019

      @Joggers – Read these BEYOTCHES!
      #It’s Britney B****!

  4. Mark Jones February 2, 2019

    But Brittany spears play piano tho

  5. Karter February 2, 2019

    Well, technically it was Greg Wells who shaded Britney this time lol. I’m not the biggest BS fan, I do like her popular songs, but I’ll take Britney over Katy any day lol. Baby One More Time, Oops, Toxic and S4U alone are better than anything KP has released IMO.

  6. Fast_Persuader February 2, 2019

    No matter what we think of her, at least Britney Spears seems to know who she is as a woman, a businesswoman, an entertainer, is unproblematic and Stays. In. Her. Own. Damn. Lane.

  7. Muana Pachuau February 3, 2019

    Okay Katy Perry! again! she shaded Britney on her head shaving hiatus, and now this. Well Katy, You can kiss my southern lily white ass. Britney sold more single than your whole album sales… Know your place. You are just a commoner. B****.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine February 3, 2019

      At least Katy sings live… sometimes

      • Witness February 4, 2019

        Hahahahahahahahahaha she sings as live as Britney sugar.

  8. Casual February 3, 2019

    Was that fool really ignorant enough to pull Aretha Franklin into this? She wrote several of her iconic hits, and of course, she was legendary for her forward-thinking arrangments of songs by other artists.

  9. RCW February 3, 2019

    Who gives a f*** about Brittany…how dare he mention Aretha, Whitney or Celine in the same sentence…Aretha has pinned/written several of her own hits.

    • My neck My back February 4, 2019

      Bark for me BI T CH!
      I’ll pee on you like you’re a hydrant.
      Stop spreading hate between singers. Every one of them is valid and he doesn’t have to mention one to uplift the other ego.

  10. Monica’s Dove February 3, 2019

    He told no lies.

    • Carlitos February 3, 2019

      Right!!!!! Lmao!!!!!

      • My neck My back February 4, 2019

        Yes he did. She wrote 107 songs til now (for her and for other singers).
        You have to be haters to deny this, facts can’t be denied.

  11. Carlitos February 3, 2019

    Katy’s been around since 2008, compared to Britney who has been around since 1998. Look at what more Katy has accomplished in just 10 years compared to Britney’s 20. I love them both, but Katy is the bigger deal here. Stop being lying, delusional girls here and really give credit where it’s due. Thank you. ??

    • Erica February 3, 2019

      Are you serious? Britney accomplish way more than Katy In only 5 from 99-04 she had sold over 50mil+ worth of albums Katy to this day hasn’t came close

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. February 3, 2019

      @Carlitos – YOU are the only delusional person on this post dear. We’ll see Katy in 20 and she STILL WON’T have the reputation or career success that Britney has at 20.
      #You’re A Sad Little Man

    • Britney February 4, 2019

      Are you delusional or just stupid? Katy has accomplished more? Ha. Britney won star search at 10, was on a Disney at 12, signed at 15, had a #1 single and album at 17 and sold 70 million albums before she turned 20. She remains the best selling teenage artist of all time and is the best selling female artist of the 2000’s. She also has 5 lifetime achievement awards, a vanguard award and a Grammy. Where’s Katy’s Grammy? Katy Perry is legit the definition of a basic b****. Her voice is lackluster and dull and she can’t dance, she basically runs around the stage for 2 hours in dumbass costumes.

  12. Caleb February 3, 2019

    I mean he isn’t wrong.

    • Britney February 4, 2019

      I mean he is.

  13. Jujumanji February 3, 2019

    Just last year The National Music Publishers Association awarded Britney with an award for her contributions to songwriting so I’m not understanding the idea she never writes her own stuff. People have such short memories.

  14. Chris February 3, 2019

    Britney’s has written her own songs every time and others the f*** she plays piano and is an artist

  15. Moti February 3, 2019

    Smh that’s a misconception!! Britney does write her own songs! Wth?

  16. You February 4, 2019


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