Keri Hilson Pens Open Letter Explaining Comeback Delay

Published: Monday 25th Feb 2019 by Sam

It’s been 8 years since Keri Hilson released new music.

And while there have been morsels of fresh material teased, updates have been mute.

That changed today, though, when the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ singer took to social media to share an open letter about the hold-up.

Her words await after the jump…

Prefacing by saying that she’d likely delete the post, Hilson published the following:

We appreciate how much courage it’s taking to be open about her situation, but we’d be lying if we said we totally understand what’s being relayed.

She’s been fairly consistent about the time she needed away from the spotlight and some of her personal challenges during. However, it seems she’s alluding to professional dramas. Perhaps, of the contractual variety? Like, what’s actually happening?

In any case, we wish her the best and hope the issues – whatever they are – find a resolve sooner rather than later. So as to get back to bops like this…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman February 25, 2019

    Her sounds are missed, the industry is so fickle and doesn’t know where the great sounds are LOST!!

  2. pon_De February 25, 2019

    wish her the best but honestly too much time has passed. I couldn’t remember one song of her until the videos posted at the end reminded me

  3. #TheTruth February 25, 2019

    Not trying to sound rude, I wish her the best… but I don’t think many people are looking forward to her new music nor anticipating her comeback…

  4. Bam February 25, 2019

    She’s saying a lot of people she built her sound with (like Timbaland, Polo da don, Kanye) are no longer in her corner. The industry itself has changed so much since 2010. The label prolly is like “girl bye” and many who are still around from ten yrs ago are being greedy.

    This is what any artist risks by taking true time off. The industry would rather run you into the ground while you’re hot then let you take a break.

  5. Karter February 25, 2019

    Honestly, it’s been too much time and I doubt people are really anticipating a comeback album from her. If we’re being real, she brought this upon herself. ??‍♂️ Decent performer, good singer, excellent songwriter, bad choices… wish her the best tho.

  6. Yan February 25, 2019

    She was under a contract with Polow and Timbaland (Zone 4 + Mosley Music Group) with distribution by Interscope. I know she’s still tight with Polow (just look at social media) but it’s been a long time since I saw her with Timbo. Makes you wonder..

    • Yan February 25, 2019

      Actually, did some research, and found out she left Timbaland’s label and unfollowed him. Probably most of what she recorded whas while under his contract, which might give her legal issues to release it.

      • Interac February 25, 2019

        Where did you find out that she left Tim’s label?

  7. Are you Kidding Me? February 25, 2019

    She’s also been acting. Check out Love by the Tenth Date with her, Kelly Rowland and Megan Good. She had a relationship with producers that produced AMAZING songs. She could make anything sound good. Her ear for production is unmatched. So is her songwriting ability. I just hope her voice has gotten stronger.

  8. Jackx February 25, 2019

    She should put out an EP or mixtape first to gain some shine again. People have forgotten all about her. Since her days and some many new artists have risen since she’s been gone. Her, Ashanti and Ciara need to fire there mangers and get it together!!!

  9. Honeybooboo February 25, 2019

    Poor gurl. Beyoncé destroyer her career…. Keri has potential to be bigger.

    • Quentin Parker February 25, 2019

      I hate when people say Beyonce destroyed her one can destroye their own career more than the artists……and big facts…..keri tried to diss Beyonce in a song…..then later down the line wanna say how shes a fan…..most women don’t succeed because they envy another woman success……

      • Bam February 25, 2019

        Never recalled her saying she’s a fan of Beyoncé. Matter of fact that whole “diss” happened with the turn me off remix. She then put out another hit single after that with “knock you down” and then “Pretty girl Rock”. Beyoncé destroyed nothing nor did her hive.

    • ??? February 25, 2019

      lmaooo girl bye, roach didnt destroy anything, she doesnt have power like that, if she did she wouldnt still be a slave to the camel lmfaoooooo

  10. citygirl February 25, 2019


  11. HOWYOULIKEIT February 25, 2019

    she shouldn’t have dissed Beyonce first.

  12. Alex February 25, 2019

    She will be recurved no matter what. She’s is a writer and a producer of some of the biggest hits. She is the artist that can drop an album 10 years later and get huge buzz because she is that talented.

  13. MissGuided February 25, 2019

    Sounds like she’s been blacklisted….

  14. ERIC February 25, 2019

    She can easily come back on the scene. No one needed to know who Keri Hilson was for “Pretty Girl Rock” to take off the way it did, and that will still be true for any forthcoming song from Keri as long as it’s catchy. Her old work still sounds fresh and she has a unique style, so the only thing she needs now is a producer to help her catch people’s attention with a dynamic new song and then she can go back and capitalize on her earlier work. I miss the pop/r&b/hip-hop fusion from Keri and I’m sure many other people do whether they know it or not.

  15. Ropeburn February 25, 2019

    Girl, just say you havin’ issues with the record label or your management! You ain’t got to spill all the tea and burn bridges like Azealia Banks but don’t dance around the subject either!

  16. YoEBTraps February 26, 2019

    She is done as a face of talent/artist. She may be able to write for others again but she didn’t have a long enough stretch (2 albums, only one memorable hit that still gets played, and it has two higher profile featured artists, likely why). This is a nonstarter.

  17. J February 26, 2019

    The fact of the matter is she survived the sophomore slump. I really didn’t think she would but then “pretty girl rock” became such a massive hit. I think if anybody can make a rare comeback it would be her. But she has to be extremely strategic, open and honest and the music and rollout have to be on point. She has the talent! Good luck Keri we miss you

  18. Chris February 26, 2019

    no one cares about keri wack son… she is not missed and a come back only exists when folks give a f*** that you’re gone… #sorrynotsorry

  19. Lake Erie February 26, 2019

    Well I was getting ready to say something else but after reading comments on her replying back to many on her IG. Apparently she’s going through a JoJo situation?!…. So I’m assuming that’s why she hasn’t produced music all these years. Plus she said it in so many words in her comment section on IG.

  20. AnonymousTruth February 26, 2019

    Welp…. That was a whole load of nothing ..

  21. King B February 26, 2019

    No one is checking for her. Although, I loved her first album. But it’s time to let it go, just focus on being a songwriter/producer to other artists.

  22. King March 2, 2019

    ironically mad ppl IN THESEEEEEE COMMENTS, saying “no one is checking for keri..”?????? y’all must didn’t realize that opening this story is “checking” for her….. y’all real silly. Silly is used for lack of a meaner term.

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