Beyonce & Jay-Z Receive Vanguard Honor At GLAAD Awards / Shangela Slays With Tribute Performance

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2019 by Sam

Beyonce and Jay-Z are not short on awards, but tonight received one of their most socially resonant honors yet.

For, the power couple were presented with the Vanguard salute for their LGQTQ advocacy at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles.

Standing proud, the pair opened up about what the movement meant to them; with Jay drawing on his mom Gloria Carter’s recent coming out and Bey emotionally remembering her uncle Johnny.

Prior to hitting the stage, superstar drag talent Shangela took to the stage to perform a Beyonce Medley that the Queen herself visibly loved.

All the action after the jump…

The Carters Speech

Shangela’s Slay


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  1. Fancy BISH March 29, 2019

    That was a genuine acceptance speech! Love the Carters! ❤️ Haters in danger *Beyonce voice* 😂🤳🏽

  2. Clarkson March 29, 2019

    What has she done for gays apart from hiring a gay stylist? Nothing. I don’t understand why gays idolise her. Even Jay z, what has Jay zdone for gays? His mother is a lesbian and he accepted her, so?

    It’s like the NAACP awarding a white racist for accepting his daughter’s black husband.

    • SMH March 29, 2019

      Lmao you hit it right on the head.

    • Jasmine March 29, 2019

      People like you are so mean and unkind. You attack black people but would NEVER do that to a white person. What has Britney or Christina done for gays? They got the same award! What has Beyonce done for gays? Ever been to one of her concert. She HIRES gays to perform on the stage and behind the stage with her. She is considered a gay icon. She is a feminist and empowers women. Sit down little boy and learn something.

  3. Ratedxxx March 29, 2019

    Now she loves the gays..when in that mtv/vh1 interview she said she didnt believe in the gays that she’s a Christian woman..
    After that kiss between
    Madonna and britney
    These frauds

    • Karter March 29, 2019

      Girl stop lying, she never said that 😂😂. Also, NO ONE is still thinking about that sloppy *looked like it tasted like coke, bad decisions and regrets* kiss between Madonna and Britney except you, Madge and Christina Aguilera…

      • Ratedxxx March 29, 2019

        How about you look it up…you dumb a** stan…before you talk shits about real legends
        You stan for frauds

      • Karter March 29, 2019

        @RatedRetarded I did and nothing (except links of her support for LGBTQ) popped up, so stop lying. Also, the only legend you mentioned is Madonna. Britney=Icon, yes, but a legend is something she’ll never be. You really want to talk about frauds?? Child… your fav is a fraud everytime she steps on stage and PRETENDS that live vocals are coming thru her mic feed, PRETENDS that she WAS nothing more than a cheerleader that could hold a note (in the studio) and was MADE into a popstar… just stop. I actually like some of her popular songs tho 😊. Be great today!

      • Cleva March 29, 2019

        Ratedxxx is not making that up! I specifically recall that interview on MTV with Destinys Child. They even went to her home when she still lived with her parents. She definitely said that. She may have a change of heart now, who knows, but she definitely felt that way about the gays once upon a time. If she still feels that way, she just realizes the gays run the industry and she ain’t 💩 without them!

      • Karter March 29, 2019

        @Cleva 😂😂 you “specifically recall” that interview huh? An interview that -according to y’alls timeline- would’ve happened anywhere between 17-21 years ago (since she was still in DC and living with her parents, you know) and yet there’s no trace of it, ANYWHERE?? C’mon, if it was a MTV/VH1 interview, the vid would be on YouTube and everything just like all of her other interviews with MTV/VH1.😂😂 Y’all say anything on the internet! I guess you and @RR are the only two who watched the interview… you and @RatedRetarded need to put yourselves in the timeout corner. Lmao @ “specifically recall”, be better!

    • Jasmine March 29, 2019

      What year was that. Where are your receipts??????????????????????????????????????

      Even if she said that (which I HIGHLY DOUBT) women have the right to change their mind so what she said X decades ago really does not matter. It is the present that matters. Who does interviews for MTV / VH1? Sounds like you are digging up nonsense from well over 10 years ago.

  4. Jeans March 29, 2019

    Bey know she was reading from a telemprompter at first 😂😂😂

  5. Gee March 29, 2019

    Some may despite this honor but with power and influence anything is possible. The Carters may not be the greatest spokespeople for the LGBTQ community but they definitely have influence over them as they do most of the world. But nonetheless congratulations to them.

    • Clarkson March 29, 2019

      The carters don’t have any influence. Remember they supported Hillary Clinton and she still lost to trump.

      • Whoops 🤷🏽‍♀️🤭💅🏾 March 29, 2019

        That’s the measure of influence? Being able to turn the presidential election in the United States? Goodness. The amount of confidence some of y’all have to be as stupid as you are is almost impressive.

  6. Juanita Byrd March 29, 2019

    Beyonce, is too old to walknaroubd with her. saggy breast hang in out n a suit jacket on .A MOTHER. huh! n Jay Z looks like a Ape with dreads IJS😂😣

  7. MessyBoots March 29, 2019

    Bey haters desperately want her to be anti gay or provide receipts of her saying something on record that is anti gay over her 20 year career. So they make up lies instead. First of all, Beyonce speaks to her fans via her music, live performances, and IG pics. She no longer does press to avoid giving you seething haterz any soundbites that you will use out of context against her. The Beyhive has long understood her decision to step away from doing press and/or limit her lack of engagement with anyone. Furthermore, the fact she even showed up to this is RARE in itself, which indicates to me how important it was for her to accept this honor in person for her LGBT fans. She and Jay could have just phoned in a taped pre recording but she is obviously genuine in her acceptance speech saying how much she admired her gay uncle for standing in his truth while also battling H**. When she teared up I FELT THAT.

    Lastly, Bey has always been LGBT friendly in every way possible. SNAP FOR THE KIDS SNAP FOR THE KIDS, SHE SLAY SHE SLAY ALL DAY!

    Love you Bey.. Jay has come a long way as well and I enjoyed seeing them here.

    Sidenote: Bey and this dark hair and FULL body is giving me LIFEEEEEE and its everything! 👸🏾😍🙌

    • ChrisFresh March 29, 2019

      The uncle from destiny’s child days?

      • MessyBoots March 29, 2019

        No. She spoke of her mother’s gay brother who died of H I V/A I D s.. and watching him battle the disease was one of the most painful experiences in her life.

  8. ChrisFresh March 29, 2019

    They full of s*** lol.. its an honor just for them to show up and give this award show shine.. in their opinion

  9. Ty March 29, 2019

    Bet haters regurgitating the same old bs over and over and over like a broken record. At this point, it’s like white noise 🤣🤣. The guys obviously believe these two have done something otherwise they wouldn’t be receiving the award. I think will take the word of influential gays over some tired haters who’ve been on this site for years still foaming at the mouth about Beyonce. Side note* Jay looks good with his natural hair.

  10. Ty March 29, 2019

    Unlike your favs who believe in over-sharing bey has learned its better to control your narrative lest they end up doing you like they’ve done to so many other black legends past and present who gave the press, fans etc.. A little to much of themselves only for it to bite them in the ass. Points to Micheal Jackson and Martin Bashir anyone? Even Rihanna has stepped back massively and only ever pops up if she is promoting her makeup line or savage Fenty.

    • MessyBoots March 29, 2019


      Her detractors are mad she doesnt give them more ammo to hate on her, so they make up conspiracy theories instead.

  11. Pedonika March 29, 2019

    Wow theyre both ugly af

  12. SMH March 29, 2019

    This whole thing is laughable, just like these two phonies. Gay people need to grow backbones & raise their standards and stop being comfortable with just being mindless sheep that make excuses for these two con artists.

  13. ayyye March 29, 2019

    they look old

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED 🍰 March 29, 2019

    Im a homosexual and a fan of the couple but im not down with the LGBT SH#% at all. and dont remember asking B or J or ANY heterosexual for their approval. It actually disgust me that HETEROSEXUALS as a whole think homosexuals are at their MERCY. I can honestly say that my life is EXACTLY the same in the presense and absense of homophobia. I NEVER asked you for yur approval so dont give it to me, i dont want yur acceptance but I do want you to realize that yur oppions of us DONT matter and NEVER mattered, and that also goes to Bey and Jay. Homosexuality is not any where near as eventful as heterosexuals and some homosexuals make it out to be. its not an IDENTITY OR A LIFE STYLE. its just a SEXUAL OREINTATION and not all homosexuals are gay which is a SEXUAL Identity not a SEXUAL OREINTATION. F!ck LGBT and F%ck this ceremony and F%ck this award. It makes us look bad and so called gay pride does also.

    I’m a straight homosexual, and I’ll tell any heterosexual thi, f%ck your seal of approval, you never got mine

  15. BYISI March 29, 2019

    Let’s be real here, what have some of you hateful gays done for the community other than perpetuate stereotypes and spread diseases?
    If Beyoncé is not influential, than how come yall lonely selves continue to follow everything she does? Why are you forever in post about her? The lady had to watch one of the most important people to her battle H** and lose to it.During a time when our own government tried to sweep the epidemic under the rug. Meanwhile far too many of our community continues to practice unsafe s** and infect people on their way to early graves. Them accepting that award and choosing to attend helps spread the awareness. Beyoncé has indeed influenced, enriched and in some cases saved lives through her music. What is there to hate about? Some of y’all are just miserable. You’re not happy with yourselves, which is why you constantly have to bash people doing better than you. Seek therapy, a lot of you truly need it.

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