Daniel Caesar Fans Snatch Back Support After Anti-Black Rant

Published: Wednesday 20th Mar 2019 by David

Daniel Caesar’s ascent to critically acclaimed stardom has been rocked by a rant he shared  generalising and condemning the Black mass for their attitude towards Caucasian people.

The performer, whose fan base is largely made up of African-Americans, now finds himself at the centre of a sales crisis as said fans took to Twitter to declare that they were pulling support for his music.

Details below…

The entertainer threw on his cape to defend his friend Julz, a young lady accused of abusing and exploiting Black art for social gain.

Fans couldn’t believe their ears:

Cancelled? Let us know…

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  1. Jj March 20, 2019

    With all due respect… he has Black Canadian fans too. He has Black brit fans too. He has Nigerian fans too! How do you think his song streamed over 100 million??? You all just use the keyword African American as a way to make more money. Will you all ever be original and not depend on one ethnic group? No wonder ADOS is being pushed. Thats not a good feeling to have outsiders leech so much off of one group of people who are facing so much. Its time you all share your culture and history.

    • Suga Plum March 20, 2019

      Are you crazy? He was criticising African Americans because they, and rightly so, have been the most critical of Julez the Mandingo Hunter. Also, the bulk of his fans are indeed black people living in America . That doesn’t take away from his black fans overseas . Just a fact.

    • Blaah March 20, 2019

      What’s ADOS?

    • Wordonthestreet March 20, 2019

      You all know he is SPECIAL! Look at his eyes and the shape of his head lol! This boy belongs on the short yellow bus and it shows with that vapid senseless rant! SMH at Daniel btw he is NOT THAT TALENTED! Go back to Canada where you belong Daniel.. We dont want or need you!

  2. Clarkson March 20, 2019

    No lie detected. Black people think they are in competition with white people but that’s not the case. The white man is light years ahead of the black man. Look at Africa and look at Europe.
    Black people in africa are going to desperate measures to migrate to the white man’s land, ask yourself why?

    • Mark111 March 20, 2019

      Because those European countries invaded and stripped Africa, most of Asia and the Americas of their resources for 100s of years. Now y’all have the nerve to ask why these other lands are poor and these White land are rich. But those days are coming to an end, that’s why the Yts are scared.

      • Queen Jones March 20, 2019

        That’s right
        Their race finally ending The pure white p*** loving baby raping spineless Lying pink pig skin fcks are all coming to an end
        Bye ??

      • Dear Black People March 20, 2019

        @HasBeenMark666 & @WannaBeQueenButTooBrokeJones you are both what is wrong with black people today I hope you find god, you sure do need it.

      • Casual March 20, 2019

        Mark111: Whites are ahead of us throughout the world but not for the reason you state. It is certainly true that European imperialism took resources from Africa and other parts of the world too, but Africa is far from spent even now. The problem is our politics — specifically socialism.

        In the United States, socialism has created one dysfunctional welfareville after another — Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, Philly, Cleveland, etc.

        But to make this point broader than race, note that socialism was/is a problem for Eastern Europe (during the Cold War) and now portions of South America.

      • Paulo March 20, 2019

        @Casual oh God ain’t you a liar. Apart from European colonialism USA’s meddling politics is what f***** up most of Africa and South America over the last 50 years. Socialism was used as an excuse to instate dictatorships sponsored by the USA in the past in many placss and right now most of the countries in trouble including the US are ran by right-wing capitalists.

    • SNF March 20, 2019

      There would be no white ppl if there were no black people. Please know your facts and understand the history. No shade but what ppl want what black people have and this is why they kill, steal, and destroy to get it. White history of full of ALL bad stuff. Please know white people would have been extinct from disease had it not been for black people. There is truly no competition. White people know this but will never admit it. Again, this is why they had to colonize, enslave, etc. globally to get what they have. White people are not self-made in any sense lol No competition; never has been or never will be…

    • StarXavi March 20, 2019

      Don’t all those European countries continue to take goods from Africa, which is so rich in diamonds, gold, and many other goods??

      • Casual March 20, 2019

        StarXavi: No, they don’t TAKE them anymore. Mercantilism isn’t really a factor in Africa anymore. Ishthole African dictators sell natural resources for nothing to line their pockets while the populations of those countries suffer.

        The problem is still socialism.

      • Paulo March 20, 2019

        If the countries sell natural resources and other commodities instead of developing their own industries then it’s the same take it all give back none politics that StarXavi mentioned. Don’t act like the “1st world” corporations are not lobbying for that with support from their local governments.

  3. Queen Jones March 20, 2019

    I said it before and I’ll say it again
    The is bout the dumbest era ever This retarded looking fck said black people made him NOT like whites Wow
    Where’s a racist trigger happy pale cop when you need one huh

  4. Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 20, 2019

    You can always count on two things. The white woman being the victim. And the black man coming to her defense. White people have mastered the art of exploiting and disrespecting blackness and then playing the victim when you call them out. Yeah, motion for cancellation accepted. He a c*** c***. “Why are we so mean to white people”. Tf.

    • Dear Black People March 20, 2019

      I can answer that last question for you because you are dumb & jealous of other races and blame not able to get or hold a job down on the color of your skin when really it’s because most of you are lazy and stupid.

      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 20, 2019

        Um… I wasn’t.. asking anyone a question? ??‍♀️ Lol, lord, Why would anyone give birth to this on purpose? You were an accident, weren’t you?

      • SMH March 20, 2019

        @Dear Black People Oh really? Black folks are lazy and stupid? Well then explain how the majority of government assistance recipients in the US are WHITE FOLKS, and how a truckload of rich white folks just got arrested for bribing elite colleges to admit their kids and doctor their entrance exam scores?

      • Dear Black People March 20, 2019

        Explain why you were slaves for 100’s of years.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 20, 2019

        @SMH first off Rudy Meredith is a black man at the top of that Millionaire school scandal. It was by no means solely whites. Get ur facts together girl. Secondly the USA has more white people than any other race so naturally there is more white folks on government assistance. But the percentage of white people on assistance out of their total population versus the percentage of black folks out of their total population is less. So there’s more white folks on assistance but a greater percentage of the black population is on assistance. You need to do better fact checking before you try and come in a real world battle that’s not about fat girl minaj

  5. The truth always March 20, 2019

    Yes Julz is a known racist! The fact that Daniel Caesar defends this broad is disgusting! She has used the black community specifically black womens bashing to elevate her career for years! She continuously makes racist statements then run & hide & run to black men to defend her bcuz she knows that they will defend her ignorance!

  6. Are you Kidding Me? March 20, 2019

    This is the Year of the C***.

    • Are you Kidding Me? March 20, 2019

      This is the Year of the racCOON.

  7. God March 20, 2019

    SO many black men practicing black art, but carry anti-black sentiments.

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