New Video: Lil Kim – ‘Go Awff’

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2019 by Sam

Lil Kim is strutting ahead full steam to the May 17th release of long-awaited album ‘9.’

Serving as Queen Bee’s first studio LP in fourteen years, the set is preceded by lead single ‘Go Awff’ – the video for which arrived moments ago.

Flanked by an army of fierce females, the Rap royal proves that two decades into her career her drip shows no signs of drying.

Check out the ‘Go Awff’ visual after the jump…

As a functional turn-up anthem, this works. And, for us, it’s definitely one of Kim’s more qualitative offerings of late. Here’s hoping ‘9’ – as a body of work – delivers.

The eOne set, which features the likes of Rick Ross, Remy Ma, and Fabolous, certainly has its work cut out for it, especially as the official follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Naked Truth.’

That said, we’re rooting for Kim. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. BBoy101 March 29, 2019

    LOVE! Wish she would’ve given us that red look but this is a great start for her comeback album and she’s doing really great generating press these days.

    • Jasmine March 29, 2019

      I’m sorry but if any doctor did that too my face he would not be living on this earth. The fillers and other botched work really did a number on Kim and I could not even watch this video. I feel sorry for her. Also, why does she keep forcefeeding autotunes on her fans? That is part of the reason her sound is not working these past years. Just rap Ma like you used to do. It really is just that simple.

      • NotSpecified March 30, 2019

        When it comes to this album, no playin around. Time 2 really “Go Awff” no pun intended & remind the people just why they call her the lieutenant. All 4 albums are solid. So If she knows what’s good for her she’ll keep that same energy on this 5th album. No modifications needed less is more ..

  2. K March 29, 2019

    I’m rooting for her!

  3. NotSpecified March 29, 2019

    The videos cinematography & aesthetics were great, however the song itself I’m not sold on but I’m sure the lieutenant got something for the ones who know what I’m talkin bout. I do feel like go awff is a cool buzz track & that’s it. It shouldn’t be included on the album tho, it sounds moreso for a mixtape than an album. The album should have all new, fresh & original material only. But we shall see ?✨ ..

  4. Gee March 29, 2019

    Respect to Lil Kim always for being fearless and being a strong representation of hip hop for women.

  5. ??? March 29, 2019

    lmfaoooooo hot mess. shes really aiming to embarrass her knifed up botched surgical hasbeen ass isnt she. and those dancers stole those outfits from Foxy Brown’s dancers in her ‘Hot Spot’ video. hang it up flatscreen lmfaooooooo

    • KenDoll March 29, 2019

      Nobody is taking notes from Bum B**** Brown my love. #LilKim9

  6. gina March 29, 2019

    sorry her rhymes haven’t been good since biggie died. winder who’s been writing for her since then because they need to be fired.

    • gina March 29, 2019


    • KenDoll March 29, 2019

      Y’all say the same s*** everytime she drops something. Get off her d*** #LilKim9

    • Jasmine March 29, 2019

      2005 her album was good! She should work with the same producers again.

    • Kurtz March 30, 2019

      When people say this it pisses me off. See 2005’s “The Naked Truth”
      2003’s “LaBella M.A.F.I.A.”
      Both her best work and after biggie died’n

      • NotSpecified March 30, 2019

        Today we’re dealing wiff facts, no Xerox ?? ..

  7. Jay March 29, 2019

    Lil’ Kim is back And better than before, HATERS thought it was impossible Kim the dopest female that you’ve heard thus far It don’t get no betta??❤️❤️??

  8. LUCKI March 29, 2019

    This is trash, just like the other tracks she’s released over the years. It’s embarrassing at this point. Stick to touring your old music Kim. You’re officially washed.

    • KenDoll March 29, 2019

      She’s here for her core fans, not the bums that hate her. Let her do her

      • Jasmine March 30, 2019

        If she cared about her fans she would stop force feeding autotunes. Her fans want to hear her rap

  9. Maxx March 29, 2019

    It’s a no dawg. Her look is AWWWF, this video is AWWF, her rap on this song is AWWF. Could have been great, but its just AWWWFUL.

    • KenDoll March 29, 2019


  10. Meme March 29, 2019

    Ok bish. I see you. I like everything about this!

  11. Beam Me Up Scotty March 29, 2019

    First of all, her botched face bothers me. When I can’t see her face clearly during the flashing scenes with the long straight hair, she looks decent. I like the beat of the song and chorus, but the rapping sucks and really starts to drag around 1/2 through the song because I can’t understand what she is saying. She needs to stop using auto-tune and rely on her natural voice.

    • KenDoll March 29, 2019

      Tired of these garbaj fans always running to Kim’s posts talking s***. Focus on your cement booty, wide hipped ant shaped fave. Leave Kim alone

  12. Keegan March 29, 2019

    Its good but that auto tune Damnnn

    • NotSpecified March 30, 2019

      Not sure what she gets out of this autotune but it’s getting carried away & becoming an obsession. Be YOURSELF QUEEN smh, this ain’t you or it ???‍♂??‍♂ ..

  13. KenDoll March 29, 2019

    Queen-Mother of Hip-Hop
    ALL these b****** are her sons PERIODT.
    #GoAwff #LilKim9

  14. Chillitsjustpizza March 29, 2019

    I love Kim but I hate this song. And video

  15. The reaper March 29, 2019

    A hot ass mess just like her botched body and face

  16. Kara March 29, 2019

    I really do love Kim but gosh she needs to stop trying to compete with these younger so called rappers. She is destroying her legecey. I really hope this is not the path her new album is riding on cause not even her fans who most are in their 30’s by now going to buy that crap.

    • NotSpecified March 30, 2019

      Let’s just hope King kimmy the lieutenant actually prevails with this date, alongside a solid album after 14 some odd years. Personally, I wouldn’t even be mad if go awff won’t be on the album, go awff isn’t album worthy enough, maybe for a mixtape. Here’s hoping the album will stick to the ribs like soul food. Instead of hotdogs, we need sumn SOLID ????✨ ..

  17. Keith March 29, 2019

    I want Kim to win and I like this visual, but the song sucks. I agree that she should stop using so much auto-tune and just RAP. Even if she needs to use ghost-writers, I just want some strong lyrics/flow. That (and fashion) is what we love her for anyway…

    • NotSpecified March 30, 2019

      Exactly, these yes fans expects everyone to love whatever Kim gives us & we’re not. It’s okay to disagree. Can’t expect everyone to like what you like & get mad about it. Not everyone likes hotdogs, some people prefer a hot meal & kimmy didn’t serve that. The video is a hot meal imo, but the song however ???‍♂ ..

  18. …iKeepIt100AsUsual March 30, 2019

    The song would be so much better if she gave us the raw, real true, Lil’ Kim deep voice and not the half song filled with autotune bullsh!t.

    Also too much flashing in the video. Trying to give us seizures so we don’t see her clearly.
    -That said, step in the right direction! Keep it up, and less vocal effects Kimberly Denise!

  19. MessyBoots March 30, 2019

    Thank u, next!
    *Alexa, play “Big Momma Thang”

  20. Millie April 5, 2019

    Her song is hot.. Y’all don’t know music.. What does her body got to do with her music.. Damm haters..

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