TV Ratings: Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ Underperforms / Beaten By ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Published: Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 by Sam

The run-up to the broadcast of HBO’s Michael Jackson documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ was defined by an avalanche of media coverage.

Controversial from its announcement, the Dan Reed production spotlighted two men who accused the singer of abuse – despite previously testifying under oath that the star never did anything of the sort.

Still, the trio did the press rounds touting their narrative. However, they were followed at every turn by supporters of Jackson who presented compelling (and oft overlooked) evidence that cast a cloud of doubt over the claims. Including the fact that one of the men, Wade Robson, only launched his campaign after trying and failing to secure work in a Las Vegas show mounted in Jackson’s honor.

The late legend’s Estate took the fight a step further by filing a $100 million lawsuit against HBO – citing a breach of contract about representation of Jackson’s character relating to an earlier deal..

For both sides, the battle-lines had clearly been drawn. And with all the debate it ignited,  the one consensus seemed to be that a ratings win was a cert.

Yet, with the figures revealed, it appears the public just weren’t that interested.

Full story below…

According to TV By The Numbers, night one of the broadcast attracted an audience of 1.2 million. 

And while it’s not a paltry figure, it paled in comparison to other cable shows on that evening. Indeed, it was bested by a mid-season episode of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ (1.9 million) and Hallmark movie ‘When Calls The Heart’ (2.3 million).

But it gets worse.

Night two saw the doc dive under the 1 million mark, commanding just 927,000 viewers. Meaning it was topped VH1 reality series ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ (1.2 million) and ‘House Hunters’ on the Home channel (1.4 million).


While it’s safe to assume the numbers will be chopped and screwed to present another narrative (see: +1, on-demand, and the like), there’s only so much to work with. And by that, we mean…not much.

What is apparent is that whichever side of the fence folk are on as pertains the Pop polarizer, the doc didn’t prove a compelling enough prospect for additional dissection of a figure who’s been dissected to granular degrees – in both life and death.

Your thoughts?

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  1. aj March 5, 2019

    He answered these accusations when he was alive and he was acquitted.

    I admit, he was psychologically damaged and perhaps had a mental age below his physical age. I genuinely don’t believe that he abused these children or that he had mental capacity to know that his behaviour was unacceptable if he did.

    That said, he’s dead. Leave his legacy alone. You’ve had your chance to get justice… it’s completely one-sided to accuse him of crimes he’s already been acquitted of when he’s not here to defend himself

  2. Meme March 5, 2019

    Good. Now maybe white ni99as would stop trying to profit off of our legends.

  3. DEE March 5, 2019

    Good ain’t nobody got time for this LIARS

  4. Jasmine March 5, 2019

    Leave MJ Alone! He is INNOCENT! Crackers are mad cause he is still the King of Pop 10 years after he died and 20 years since his last tour. Keep seething. Stay mad. It aint MJ’s fault none of these crackers got a fraction of the talent he possessed.

  5. Lmfao_Hoe March 5, 2019

    F*** Oprah too she better watch herself because I guarantee she’s gonna be exposed soon

  6. Lmfao_Hoe March 5, 2019

    Smh was it worth it HBO? The Estate about to make a real example out of them when they hit court.

  7. RazzleDazzle March 5, 2019

    I feel sorry for the million people who wasted their time watching this made up story. Glad it tanked it is nothing but trash! Hopefully it will do the same here in the UK

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? March 5, 2019

    He did admit to sleeping in the same bed with little boys and on top of that preferred little boys not girls… For his little sleep overs. Let that sink in…

    R Kelly = INNOCENT and Unbothered
    MJ = GUILTY! And was Bothered

    • Jasmine March 5, 2019

      So what if he did. The children love MJ and he was such a kind soul! Out of the kindness of his heart he would let the children sleep in his bed while often he himself would sleep on the floor. People like you have a DIRTY mind. MJ was innocent!

    • GirlGone March 6, 2019

      R-Kelly is far from innocent, and his ass is bothered. Just look at that interview with Gayle King. There are sextapes with minors. Pervert needs to be locked up for good.

    • Tim McGaffin March 9, 2019

      You’re peddling tired lies. MJ did not sleep in his bed with someone else also in hid bed as was PROVEN in court. MJ either slept on the floor and the kid slept in the bed or vice-versa.

  9. DanYiel Iman March 5, 2019

    I didn’t support that BULL S***!!??‍♂️

  10. eric March 5, 2019

    I think Wade is hurting from something he’s not being honest about, and he’s taking it out on the estate by trying to discourage people from sharing Michael’s legacy with young children who would fall in love with Michael’s work and benefit from it in the way Michael intended. Wade doesn’t want people to have that experience. Corey Feldman and Macaulay Culkin were both closer to MJ than Wade and whoever the other accuser is and they both continue to say Michael was never inappropriate even though their careers have dropped off and they could use the money that would come to them by saying the opposite. Wade and his documentary buddy, on the other hand, are motivated by money, and they will say and do anything to get it since Michael isn’t here. Wade feels entitled to whatever he wants; just look at his history with Britney.

    • Jasmine March 5, 2019

      I agree 100 percent. I think Wade and Safechuck are miserable undercover gay men. Look how they sit like women with their legs crossed in interviews SPEWING LIES on poor MJ who cannot defend himself anymore. You know most male dancers are gay. Both Safechuck and Wade admitted in the documentary to chasing after MJ decade after decade BEGGING for some personal time with him. After years of BEGGING, MJ finally let Wade visit him at his Nevada mansion and MJ was so bored with that vile monster he went to sleep mid-conversation and never came back to the room while Wade waited hours for him to return. Those men are LOSERS. PURE SCUM.

  11. thanosoftitan March 5, 2019

    Good. MJ, rest in peace. He will forever be the King of Pop.

  12. Angie March 5, 2019

    Thank god this flopped.

    And shame on Oprah and the other celebs that signed off on this mess.

  13. Xs March 5, 2019

    Would you allow Michael Jackson to have a 30 day sleepover with your 7 year old child? Every year he has a new little white bestie, while last year’s bestie gets older? Michael Jackson is/was a pedofile. Get over It. Accept it. How can you see clearly when you’re looking into the sun.

    • Jasmine March 5, 2019

      MJ is INNOCENT! Leave him alone! He aint hurting nobody. He been chillin 6 feet under the past 10 years and yall wanna for him. Get over it. CAN’T NOBODY PROVE NOTHING ON MJ ABOUT BEING A DAMN P*** BECAUSE HE WAS NOT ONE. Cynical people can speculate but they CAN’T PROVE A DAMN THING. He was found NOT GUILTY! U don’t know better than the judge and jury so shut up!

    • Debra N October 11, 2020

      30 nights???? WTF Are you babbling on about? MJ was only there {{{4 times}}} while them liars were there. Robber and his family chased MJ and stalked him. MJ didn’t want to have anything to do with them stalkers. same for that other liar and his family. Hundreds of times in only 4 times???? How??? It would be impossible.

  14. Caleb March 5, 2019

    I mean HBO is a paid subscription service. Housewives is on cable.

  15. Fast_Persuader March 5, 2019

    I’m still trippin on shady hypocrite headass OPRAH.

    With all her direct friendships and business ties to well known predators like Harvey Weinstein, $he ha$ been ab$olutely $ILENT about those $ick mf’$.

    But she sure decided to go the extra mile to ignore all the years of legal/judicial evidence (10 year FBI investigation included) that exonerated Michael, and pull that slight-of-hand distraction with well-documented liars. AND then tried to tell us all to ‘say goodbye’ to Michael.

    Shady. A$$. C^nt.

  16. Rome March 6, 2019

    What does the rating have to do with it? The number of people who watched the documentary does not validate or invalidate the claims of the two guys. Understand that people are not really enthusiastic to watch a documentary on how their ultimate idol sexually abused 7-year old kids.

  17. ~The Arcade~ March 6, 2019

    GOOD *Applause*

  18. Uome March 6, 2019

    Let’s face it, at the height of his fame, he could have had a new women everyweek.. But he chose to hang around with little boys. If that doesn’t make you somethings wrong then… You need to open your eyes.

  19. Angel Keys March 6, 2019

    Wade Robson getting his paycheque from MJJ records back in the day as part of the rap group QUO. I thought he said MJ abandoned him and did not support him after he got board because he was replaced by Makuly Kulkin. Well this video was released after that so…..

    I think him and safechuck are just trying to get another paycheque, this just all feels to staged.

  20. Boytoy1814 March 7, 2019

    Don’t mess w/MJ!!! Dead or alive!!! Glad I didn’t watch that CRAP! Wade Robson’s gonna get what’s coming to him ? #Liar

  21. Bishop March 8, 2019

    Where’s the documentaries on that sick Catholic Church and the other well known creeps

  22. Tim McGaffin March 9, 2019

    Michael Jackson is a true Champion, attacked and falsely accused by the Luciferians and Satanists who control and run the entertainment industry.

    I will always stand up for the TRUTH and speak the name of Michael Jackson proudly.

    Facts don’t lie. People do.

    ALL the FACTS, evidence, sworn testimony PROVE Michael Jackson is, was, and always will be 1000% innocent, and is, was, and always will be a true King and Champion.

    Don’t fall for the same smear and defaming tactics these Luciferians and Satanists have used ever since they used them against Jesus, who was also smeared and defamed.

    “UNBREAKABLE: Michael Jackson Defines Greatness”

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