Report: Beyonce Working On New Solo Album / Eyes Female Empowerment Theme

Published: Sunday 17th Mar 2019 by Sam

Beyonce hasn’t released a solo album in three years. However, a new report suggests that’s all about to change later this year.

Full story below…

According to a UK newspaper, music’s reigning queen is hard at work on the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Lemonade.’

After using the latter project and Jay-Z joint effort ‘Everything Is Love’ to address, marital issues and reconciliation (amongst other topics such as race and social injustice), word is that the diva is returning to her female-empowerment mainstay on her upcoming set.

Tentatively pencilled in for a summer arrival, the report claims that Bey is three songs deep and has conjured up cuts that are fierce dancefloor fillers, which her fans will love.” 

The “source” continued:

“Beyonce is on a break right now, but she has secretly been working on an album and has completed three songs which are all about women supporting women and lifting each other up.”

She’s said to have been working on the as yet untitled album while completing work on ‘The Lion King,’ which arrives in theaters on July 19th. 

Time will tell if the project really does come to fruition this year, but capitalizing on the inevitable hypesurrounding the film would be a smart play.

We’re buzzed for new Bey, are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. London March 17, 2019

    I’m not a hive by no means, but you can’t deny this woman’s talent and her ability to make a lot of noice around her release. Hopefully we can get singing Beyoncé back and not the hoodrat mumble jumble. Kudos to you Bey!

    • Gloria March 17, 2019

      Hood rat!! B**** please STOP your hood rat comment!! Sound like a foolish spectator anyway!!.???

      • Brent Christopher March 17, 2019

        no… hood rat mumble jumble is 100% accurate! that’s exactky fhetype of crap music & watered down verses that Beyonce has been serving as of lately. her newer music lacks in depth singing or below the surface lyrics. without the visual support, Beyonce hasn’t released a STRONG record since 2013’s self titled. that’s not an opinion. and her fans + the industry quietly agree. the music as of lately is sub par & bottom of the barrel ridiculous.

      • thanosoftitan March 17, 2019

        @Brent Christopher, I absolutely agree with you.

        And her self-titled album is my favorite albums of hers. Everything since Beyoncé has been on a downward spiral.

      • London March 17, 2019

        @ Gloria stfu h0£! I said wtf I said! Unlike you, I don’t prays and worship everything an artist does! Bet is extremely talented, but that hoodrat mumble jumble is a big NO! Now go suck and choke on a ? bih!!!! ??

    • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

      @London, I agree! ✅ She definitely needs to SANG! And she needs a great vocal producer too ?

  2. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 17, 2019

    Luckily Beyoncé does what she wants to do musically and her fans still purchase her tones because she’s different from a lot of other artists & it works for her, I’m ready to purchase new music!!?

    • truthtea March 17, 2019

      How can you be different from artists you steal from?

      • Jason March 17, 2019

        How about you be different than other trolls and stop making the same stupid comments they always do.. ?? Justin a thought…

      • Queen March 18, 2019

        @TruthTea- Musty b****, you still holding on to that tired rumor that’s been refuted time and time again. Come up with something else! You’re still broke and musty.

  3. Banks no tyra March 17, 2019

    How away, when she dont even interact with rb girls like brandy, jazmine Sullivan. K Michelle tamar fantasia ashanti

    • B2B March 17, 2019

      But she does work with women in R&B… Mary J, sza, Kelly, and Michelle just to name a few she has collaborated with this past decade

    • Karter March 17, 2019

      @ Banks Why would she have to interact with those “R&B girls”? That doesn’t even make sense lol.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 17, 2019

      There are very very few suportive female artists in the industry. Among megastars only Whitney Houston and Celine Dion come to mind right now. Beyonce is not. She has too much proud. Like Mariah or Madonna.

    • Queen March 18, 2019

      Them broke h*** don’t have the fame nor money to collaborate with the Queen. Not her fault them b****** fell off! She doesn’t owe them any exposure! The only ones she owes her time to if even is Kelly and Michelle and maybe Solange LMAOOO

  4. Lol March 17, 2019

    She’s done female empowerment since 2003. Hopefully she comes up with something ORIGINAL this time.

    • JoaoRico March 17, 2019

      Who run the World.. flawless.. all woman in the team.. are you serious when u Said since 2003? LOL

    • XYZ March 17, 2019

      She‘s actually doing it longer than 2003.

    • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

      The problem with today’s artists is that they think they have to write everything lmaooooo ? Like, can you just make a song your own that you DIDN’T write at ALL? Pass the pen chile! ? Michael Jackson wrote 4 songs on Thriller, the best selling album of all time! Tina Turner wrote none of Private Dancer, and who cares! She slayed my whole damn life is what she did! ? ?

  5. Pat March 17, 2019

    Cause it damn sure wont b about u gays being empowered

  6. Meme March 17, 2019

    One trick pony. Sis really needs to come up with something different. She made the same songs with the same theme since destinys child.

    • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

      I certainly and sadly agree! ✅ ??And if she wants to stick to empowerment, Beyonce needs subtle and danceable songs like (MUVA) Janet’s Nasty or Pebbles’ Girlfriend…those songs are more female empowerment than just a boring song that lyrically states the obvious! Like Beyoncé will literally say “Empower, devour” or “Who run da world” lol ? Chile, subtlety is not your strong suit! Janet can empower women by just saying, “No my first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet.” ? We don’t need Independent Womanz (lol) Pt. III ?

    • Unnatural March 17, 2019


    • Queen March 18, 2019

      A one trick pony that has a career spanning for 20+ f****** years?!?? B**** sit down before I slap you.

  7. Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 17, 2019

    Fierce dance records and female empowerment. That’s what she does best tbh. Nice to see her back in her element, but I hope she has some great ballads too, because Beyoncé’s vocal agility is everything. I don’t think she shows that off enough.

    • XYZ March 17, 2019

      Because she doesn’t have soul and that’s what most of her ballads are missing. They are sung perfectly, but there is such a lack of emotion

      • Pat March 17, 2019


      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 17, 2019

        Not on the records, no. I’ve heard her perform 1+1, Halo, Listen, Resentment, and I Care, live with great soul and emotion. But her studio versions don’t deliver that. Sometimes she’ll record a record that’s r&b in nature with pop vocals. Maybe for radio appeal? Idk. But It doesn’t work. I don’t like when she does that.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 17, 2019

      I agree. Beyonce is only technique. Her voice doesn´t have that special touch to go next level. She has released like only… a couple? of ballads in her entire career. And she knows she better not try too often. She never had success thanks to her voice. Her thing is different. Although she has a tecnically great voice.

      • D March 17, 2019

        Agreed. In contrast, I always ‘feel’ Faith Evans when she sings.

  8. OurP March 17, 2019

    Same old boring s***

  9. Clarkson March 17, 2019

    None of the tracks will reach number 1 that’s for sure.

    Her last number 1 song was single ladies in 2008, we are not counting the ed Sheeran song cause that song was bound to hit number 1, she jumped on it the same way she jumped on mi gente but mi gente didn’t reach number 1. How sad

    • Jersey March 17, 2019

      She doesn’t have to a number 1 single dummy when the whole album reaches Number 1… You have to understand she isn’t worried about something she already has. When will you ever have a number 1 anything?

    • Caleb March 17, 2019

      So success is completely reliant on #1s on the billboard hot 100? That’s like saying Nicki Minaj never had a career because none of her songs or features were #1 on that chart, and we all know that isn’t true.

    • Dennis October 23, 2022

      You were wrong lol!

  10. MissGuided March 17, 2019

    Everyone who works with Beyonce signs NDA’s. We all know she doesn’t speak, but her team is certainly tight-lipped, so I’ll take this with a grain of salt.

  11. XYZ March 17, 2019

    Already tired of this female empowerment thing. Why are people starting to make full albums around it? It’s boring.

    Whatever, if she really plans some
    Dancefloor songs, I‘m here for it. Cause i‘m Tired of her wannabe trap songs

  12. JOHNVIDAL March 17, 2019

    Hmm how is that news? That has (supposedly) been the theme of all her albums.

    • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

      lol, exactly ?

  13. K.B. March 17, 2019

    Thank you beyonce, please help with the “metoo movement” agender to keep all men “especially black” men in jail…Good work black t***** s**** girl!

    • Tyler March 17, 2019

      You sound foolish.

    • Storm March 17, 2019

      K.B ….. You sound like a hating T***** that can’t dance or lip sync her songs in clubs to get coins, f*** outta here

  14. LR WILSON March 17, 2019

    Yeessssssss!! ?????

  15. The Gag iz… March 17, 2019

    Come Thru Queen Bey!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

      Hopefully she does! I always find myself rooting for her at the very end of the day! She’s a superstar! ⭐️ ?

  16. i hate whyte and blackk b****** both not sht March 17, 2019

    b**** pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    all i know is beyonce know nicki is the queen of rap

    • i hate whyte and blackk b****** both not sht March 17, 2019

      ima stop calling her a thief…….

      why now solonge has a album out now you wanna release the same year???????

      you and mariah still can not sing like whitney houston

      • i hate whyte and blackk b****** both not sht March 17, 2019

        when bey can sing like whitney Houston

        wake me up darling, 20+ years. and dead even dead whitney houston can sing better than both beyonce/mariah. damn whitney houston is dead and still can bloooooooowww them b****** away..

      • Fancy BISH March 17, 2019

        lmaooooo, why are you even saying that? We all know Whitney is GOAT ? And don’t come for Mimi hunnie…Mariah does have those Jackson 5 era Michael Jackson vocals on LOCK ? Mariah’s cover of I’ll Be There is on point! But then again, young Whitney would slay Michael AND Jermaine’s parts lol…you’re not being fair! *Runs away* ?

  17. Keith March 17, 2019

    Beyonce is a master of getting attention for what she does. Hopefully, she will work with some stronger songWRITERS and focus on that within her theme instead of making sure she gets the hot beat-makers. Im sure Neyo/Victoria Monet/Lyrica, etc… have plenty of songs. Its past time for Beyonce to have a legendary record based on musical content rather than her visual and marketing excellence…

  18. KIKI March 17, 2019

    this theme is soooooo old i mean is all her albums going to e the same ugh!

  19. Gee March 17, 2019

    Beyoncé is going back to safe territory because even though The Carters album saw critical accolades as well as a Grammy the sales were lackluster for artists on a J&B scale. If this story is true she knows that she can easily sell because her female and gay fan base is still very strong. But honestly speaking I hope that she experiments with her sound a little bit because without the visuals musically her last few projects have been average for a superstar on Beyoncé’s level.

  20. Ty March 17, 2019

    Pointless making assumptions about what she is up to music wise. Nobody knows what direction she is going in or even when the album would be released. I just want her to give us something we can dance to. I’m sick of current female pop stars Rihanna and Beyonce are definitely needed.

  21. Lana Del Fan March 17, 2019

    This could be her “We are the world” moment and I truly hope she takes it and further cements her status as a LEGEND! (S/N I know that awards don’t matter, but this will get her that AOTY Grammy she deserves)

  22. EVANS March 17, 2019

    wow, am so so exicted!!

  23. #TheTruth March 17, 2019

    I hope we get real uptempos. But also BIG vocals. The last 2 albums didn’t showcase much.
    Also not everything needs to be overproduced, overthought, in a « artsy » mood or whatever you wanna call it.

  24. Jj March 17, 2019

    Can we get a duet with Rihanna and Ciara??? Or will she throw in Normani and Ryan Destiny to shut us up? I hope noone used them as the “token dark-skinned” sisters for their own agendas. Thats not fair…

  25. Jj March 17, 2019

    She’s almost 40 with no real hit since 2008 they about to turn on her like Janet Mariah Whitney Celine ageism is real bee don’t have the power to withstand that of all the women I posted she’s technically had less
    Success her whole career before she hit 40 then them so I don’t know Rihanna still has legs but it will happen to her too

  26. Pops mother March 18, 2019

    Female empowerment ?.. gurl.. that’s all you can say? Can you come up with something else? Can you come up with something else???? It’s tired. She needs to switch this up

  27. SMH March 18, 2019

    Lmao. Same old thing from the same old one trick pony. And she’s running out of marketing scams so i hope there’s a plan to keep her from flopping as hard as Everything is Love lol.

  28. Maurice Francis March 22, 2019

    I’m excited

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