Janet Jackson Readies ‘Control’ Limited Edition Vinyl & More Ahead Of ‘Metamorphosis’ Residency

Published: Thursday 18th Apr 2019 by Sam

As rare talents go, few shine as bright as the gem that is Janet Jackson.

It’s fitting, then, that the superstar singer is saluting her breakthrough album, ‘Control,’ with a limited edition vinyl that is very much a must-have for fans.

Dive below for details…

Set for release on June 7th, the multi-Platinum project will be re-issued on a single vinyl in two different color options: translucent red and black.

It’ll mark the first time the LP has been re-released on the format since its original arrival on February 4th 1986.

Boasting bops such as ‘Nasty,’ ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately,’ and its iconic title-track, ‘Control’ is hailed as one of the most groundbreaking albums of its time/all-time and established Jackson as a formidable force in her own right. It’s also notable for being the first project she shaped with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

Fans can pre-order by clicking HERE.

It’ll also be available to purchase on-location at Jackson’s hotly anticipated ‘Metamorphosis’ Las Vegas residency at the Park Theater store alongside other unmissable merch.


With Ms. Jackson possessing one of the most potent legacies in Pop, we’re all for her showcasing it via ventures like this. All of which ought to tide fans over as she readies her next studio album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat April 18, 2019

    It’s about time. just listened recently, You don’t have to skip one track on this album.

    • W April 18, 2019

      Rhythm Nation.. love it. Control not so..why??

      • pat April 18, 2019

        personal taste..i love the musicality of control better than anything up to velvet rope. ..a lot of those songs could come out today and be hits. funny how time flies, when i think of you….. the industrial sound with rhythym nation, though ground breaking, doesn’t age the way control does for me

      • This flop juice should close down for good April 18, 2019

        It’s the same ones who complain about music being generic then go and buy Riri or Bey’s just because it is “black music”.

        No wonder Trump won the election. Thank god hip hop/RnB is dead.

      • Mariah’s Eyes April 18, 2019

        This Arab prostitute should retire. She cant sing!!

    • This flop juice should close down for good April 18, 2019

      Liar.. who are you? La Toya???

  2. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 18, 2019

    Control was not the hottest. It was velvet rope,

    • dee April 18, 2019

      No dear…Rhythm Nation by far the best. Nearly every song cracked the top 5.

      • BeyHive April 18, 2019

        Still she had to sell her p**** to an arab .. sad sad sad!

      • I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 18, 2019

        . Janet Jackson best album is Janet.. with IF… And that’s the way love goes. That B**** wasn’t hott since IF

      • I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 18, 2019

        I don’t know who was f****** Jackson when Janet Was out but that B**** sound s*** ass s*** on there, she looked good she must have been getting some good d*** at that time, f
        JD a n** how he lose her he fcked up her album though the songs were horrible and he knew it

  3. DC3 FOREVER April 18, 2019

    Release JANET & VELVET ROPE on Vinyl while you’re at it J

  4. Reen April 18, 2019

    Velvat rope the best

  5. Jeans April 18, 2019


  6. Fancy BISH April 18, 2019

    Just take my money! ?

  7. Michael Bosket April 18, 2019

    I need her whole discography

  8. she should retire April 18, 2019


  9. BeyHive April 18, 2019

    Just sell your p**** to Arab guy! Nobody cares to check you out. Done deal… get it?? ?????

    • Kenneth Cooper April 18, 2019


  10. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 18, 2019

    That B**** never been that skinny, again……

    • Kenneth Cooper April 18, 2019

      Your momma

  11. joff April 18, 2019

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