Madonna Previews ‘Medellin’ Music Video

Published: Thursday 18th Apr 2019 by Sam

Madonna is marching on with vigor to the video premiere for new single ‘Medellin.’

Set for unveiling on April 24th, the Maluma assisted track will receive the regal treatment for its visual debut; because Madge has teamed up with MTV for a global premiere event – one which will be screened in 180 countries and across all the network’s digital channels.

‘Medellin’ has been issued as the lead release from the diva’s 14th studio album, ‘Madame X,’ which arrives on June 14th. 

Ahead of its arrival, the Pop queen has taken to social media to tease with a sneak peek preview.

Check it out below…

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#MadameX ❌ @Maluma ❌ #Medellin ❌ 4/24 at 4pm ET on @MTV #MADONNAxMTV

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Ready for new Madge?

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  1. Tia Maria April 18, 2019

    Im not her big fan but this era is amazing. Love Medellin and Maluma.

    • Reen April 18, 2019

      My favourite part, well one of them is …
      “We built a cartel just for love
      Venus was hovering above us
      I took a trip that set me free
      Forgave myself for being me”

      Her vocals and the direction are lushly sultry. She is back. ✔️

      • Nobody cares about Christina’s vocal ability.. she is a disney retired puppet April 18, 2019

        You are jealous because whoever you stan for doesnt have Queen of Pop title intact to her..If i were you, I would stan for Monica.. makes no difference!


    • ??? April 18, 2019

      lmaoooo stop lying, yall know this flop is hot trash lmfaoooooo

      • Mmmm April 18, 2019

        You are jealous because whoever you stan for doesnt have Queen of Pop title intact to her..If i were you, I would stan for Monica.. makes no difference!

      • Fancy BISH April 18, 2019

        Chile, calm your tittiez lmao ? Go stream something from your prom Queen ?

      • Ginie in the slump? April 18, 2019

        Monica… screamingggg!!!

      • Brit tells the truth April 18, 2019

        Or Ciara!!!

    • Godele April 18, 2019

      Not that I’ve seen many folk dragging Madonna but just let them, people have been doing it for years, it doesn’t make one bit of a difference… now cha cha ??????????

      • Brit tells the truth April 18, 2019

        This blog is appalling. No wonder Trump is their President!!! ????????

  2. Toni April 18, 2019

    She is the Queen of Pop for many reasons. Can’t wait looking iconic already!! ??????

  3. Darren April 18, 2019

    MX thoughts: the ‘Slow down, Papi’ lyric is INCREDIBLY s***. So is Maluma. The Cha Cha Cha bit is cheeky. The vocal treatment reminds me of ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ from ‘Music’ and the rest is still growing on me. I love the imagery and the boldness and the scope of Madame X. Love the concept cause not too dark. The video looks promising and artsy. Yes, take my money!

  4. Clarkson April 18, 2019

    Raggeaton genre isn’t hot anymore. Madonna u are late.

    She looks like a grandma dancing with her grandson.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 18, 2019

      Accept she doesn’t look old in the video and you certainly cannot tell she is 60 due to the post production treatment and light / filters they are using.

      So your ageist jealous self hate observation is baseless considering the length of the clip and how much you can actually SEE. As you were peasant. ???

      • XYZ April 18, 2019

        No, she doesn’t look like 60, but you can tell she is old. Her face is so bloated by all the botox and whatever she used to tighten her face. Her eyes are getting thinner and thinner. But whatever, I don’t care for her age – she is amazing

        But honestly, the song is trash

    • W April 18, 2019

      Here we go again. No wonder this blog is quite cause the uncultured swine like u..

  5. Xtina4life April 18, 2019

    Ill be skipping this era possibly. What is madonna doing give us the bops. Thr confessions era or hardcady era or past albums era. Hate this song it blowd. Maluma is so over rated already. They killed reggaeton already over used and hasnt been good for years.

    • Wtf April 18, 2019

      Floptine is a done deal. Live well.. talking about over used? ????

      • Xtina4life April 18, 2019

        Floptina at least comes with quality music. This song is stupid and sucks. Trust me i have all madonnas albums.

      • Sis, sit down!!! April 18, 2019

        X-tuna always be the backup singer level for Mariah! Thats her level tho… ???

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 18, 2019

      Because your fave is consistently pumping out conceptual eras and bringing creative impact to her live showings isn’t she. Oh wait. Didn’t she leave her fans for dust for years while she was on the Voice and then came back with lead single that sounded like an cargo truck slamming on the breaks for 300 meters and an album that was on 30% in the right direction and 70% filler? ? Yes, we skipped her era and moved on also. ??‍♂️

    • Janet Is Back April 18, 2019

      2019 is finally interesting now that we have major releases coming up. As long no Kuntina.. im ok.

  6. ??? April 18, 2019

    lmaooo this flop is already DOA. granny needs to give it up and stop using kids 100 years younger than she is in her videos, makes her look like a child predator lmfaoooooo

    • Lol April 18, 2019

      Take a bath sweetie. Remember The Queen of Pop doesnt need Tidal or Spotify to have 12th Number One hit. ☝?

      • I just cant anymore sis.. April 18, 2019

        And Christina remains as the most successful judge in US Tv!!!

  7. I just cant anymore sis.. April 18, 2019

    And where is Floptine Aloevera this year? ?

    • Xtina4life April 18, 2019

      This isnt about xtina. This is madonna and we are saying this. Song is crap i expected madonna to come hard. Why maluma like really stop with the latin bandwagon and give us madonna back in the day.

      • Kuntina’s Fans Please Sit April 18, 2019

        You can call Madonna old but all her fans are working daddies who have the $$$$. At least 5 oomfs spent over $100 within the first hour of preorder. Maybe she isn’t on Spotify Global but your favs are broke compared to her. When was Kuntina’s last successful tour? 2002?

  8. Truth April 18, 2019

    Queen is still making good art and music. Haters cant stand that because their idols have to rely on Tidal data to stay relevant; not pure sales!

  9. Close This Blog Down, Sam! April 18, 2019

    No wonder this blog is always empty. Too many illiterate c*nts hanging out here. Bye..

  10. Caleb April 18, 2019

    Looks like a cool video from her upcoming 15th studio album.

  11. Donnie f****** Whalberg! April 18, 2019

    Ugh! This song is truly horrible. That cha cha verse wtf! This comes from a longtime fan and someone who speaks Spanish.

    Ps cultural appropriation. She’s collaborating with Anitta and maluma because they are hot internationally.

    Madonna jumped on the bandwagon when MIA and Nicki was hot! She does this all the time now! I just want old Madonna back! Can we get another ray of light album we need her to work with Orbit again!!

    • Kpop Fan April 18, 2019

      Gay Republican Closeted MAGA like you is entitled and SHOOK ?

  12. Noami April 18, 2019

    And noone comes to her 320M records sold. You can stream all you want but Kuntina Aloevera will never earn as much as Madonna, Mariah, Janet, Celine and Whitney.

    • Kpop Fan April 18, 2019

      The current generation always tries to tear Madonna down. They know their favs will not be relevant at 60 so they pitty. Madonna could care less. She does what she wants and still makes headlines to this day

      • Brit tells the truth April 18, 2019

        It’s the same ones who complain about music being generic then go and buy Riri or Bey’s because it is “black music”. No winder Trump won the election! ?

  13. Janet Is Back April 18, 2019

    Madonna is #9 worldwide on ITunes you f*ggots better show out. Her base isn’t POOR unlike Gaga or Ariana.

  14. Ginie April 18, 2019

    Where is X tine these days? She cant renew her contract or what?

  15. Ginie in the slump? April 18, 2019

    Queen of Pop! I no need to comment further…

  16. Nobody cares about Christina’s vocal ability.. she is a disney retired puppet April 18, 2019

    Christina’s doing casinos these days. #justsaying ??

  17. When Will Your Faves April 18, 2019

    Queen of Pop and The Best Selling Female Artist of All Time!!!

  18. MadOnHer? April 18, 2019

    Miserable TGJ Gays backtracking on b*tchy comments about Medellin and the Queen because it doesnt fit their narrative of instant gratification but the fact is …they all should stan for Ciara!


  19. Brit tells the truth April 18, 2019

    No wonder white supremacists are on the rise in the US because people like in TGJ have no respect for other people choices! I hope Trump will continue to serve…

    • This flop juice should close down for good April 18, 2019


  20. joff April 18, 2019

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  21. JOHNVIDAL April 18, 2019

    Nobody is on Madonna Whitney Celine and Mariah level of success. Just don´t fight it.

    • Fancy BISH April 18, 2019

      ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ?

  22. Dina April 18, 2019

    SO disappointing. The song is a hot mess

  23. I love Big Black C** April 18, 2019

    Love me some maluma. Bet they fuxked or paid him good enough to be her toy. Lucky granny

  24. Karma Sucks April 28, 2019

    The song sucks, period. Yes, Madonna looks like she’s dancing with her son. It’s just use not a s*** video, but she is trying. I do feel she’s lost her touch and it’s really showing with this’s slow tempo, five minute song she releases as a lead single. Unfortunately, Taylor Swiftis killing her with her release of her single “Me”.

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