K. Michelle Crashes Country Event & Declares She’s The New Taylor Swift

Published: Sunday 28th Apr 2019 by Sam

Long before ‘Old Town Road’ took the charts by storm, K. Michelle had been touting her abilities as a Country artist.

Indeed, despite finding her success in the R&B arena, the Memphis native has been oh so open about her love for Country music and yodelling. The latter of which she actually had a scholarship for.

Now, as Lil Nas reaps the rewards for something many felt impossible (see: Black artist making waves in the Country space), K is taking matters into her own hands.

See what we mean below…

At a Tennessee event last night, the ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ star hit the stage – to the clear surprise of the host – and declared that she is the new Taylor Swift.

She also told on-lookers “I’m a Black girl that sings better than any White muthaf**kin’ Country singer in Nashville right now.”

Watch the must-see moment below…

In social media commentary explaining the situation, she later said:

“HEY Nashville! I was not invited but I came. I walked right up there and had a public service announcement that: Nashville “I AM HERE” you can’t keep telling me I can’t sing your music but the truth is it’s MINE. It’s ours. We bleed the same blood. Let’s make some magical music regardless of how we look. We can all exist together.”

What do you think about K’s words and approach?! Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH April 28, 2019

    Can’t nobody tell her NOTHINNNNNNN 🤣

    • Tamron April 28, 2019

      That’s why most of the people I know don’t buy her CD or download it!

      • Fancy BISH April 28, 2019

        Exactly 😂 ✅ 💯

  2. Dustin April 28, 2019

    I love a b**** with an attitude. You tell them that stale crusty biscuit ain’t got shut on you. And say it again for the people in the cheap seats.

  3. Nicki Maraj April 28, 2019

    If CardiB did it y’all would praise Her, but since she’s a Black WOMAN go ahead and start y’all negative comments Crabs in a Bucket

    • Tamron April 28, 2019

      Well I’m black and I thought she was looking stupid as hell! Less words, more singing!! That would show her point!

    • Bey and Rih lives April 28, 2019

      Your a Nicki fan and y’all hate k Michelle but ig y’all hate cardi more 😂

    • Eton April 29, 2019

      Cardi is Mulatto, K-Michelle ain’t all that black herself- and she was 100% out of order and could have done that a whole lot differently.. granted she has talent but her mouth will keep her out of a lot of places… white People aren’t going to allow her to kick down their walls coz I’m the end Country Music just like RnB is a male dominated industry and she has to come through the door just like everyone else

  4. Sweetnothings78 April 28, 2019

    Very classy lol

    Why do women (of any colour) have to be sooo trashy and vulgar and expect respect. Class clearly didn’t reach this trailer park trash.

  5. Ty April 28, 2019

    She is better than Taylor Swift so there’s that!! It’s kind of funny I guess she wanted to make her point.

  6. Nikka April 28, 2019

    Drop the bottle and maybe search AA on google.

  7. Jujumanji April 28, 2019

    Good for her. K got the vocal abilities and she country at heart. Do you girl.

  8. Ropeburn April 28, 2019

    This is pretty stupid. If them White folks weren’t checking for her before they definitely won’t be after this foolery. She done went and got herself cancelled before she even started. 😂

    • Tamron April 28, 2019

      Damn straight! If you’re white and you go to a black club with nonsense like that, they going to be ready to throw your ass out! Just sing! Do what you came to do! That will prove your worth!

  9. Gee April 28, 2019

    Correction K is from Memphis Tennessee. I am sure some would say her approach was somewhat out of place but honestly we have our stuff stolen from us all the time without apologies so why she apologize for speaking her mind and owning her truth, for me I feel like she should be able to make any music she chooses to as long as it is of great quality. I say do your thing K.

  10. Opp April 28, 2019

    Girl you ain’t 10 percent of taylor! Don’t kid yourself! Like you can write and story tell like Taylor!

  11. Tamron April 28, 2019

    She’s awful!! Just awful! I’m black and I don’t even want to be near her let alone hear her! She is no diva!!

  12. Patthepuss April 28, 2019

    Higher than a Cooter Brown

  13. Sheila April 28, 2019

    Let her sing country apparently it’s her passion!! It’s not the color of your skin or where your from, its music!!!

  14. ERIC April 28, 2019

    With an attitude like that, her career won’t last long. She was a complete embarrassment on that stage.

  15. Dera April 28, 2019

    Really? I would have snatched the mic and very rudely asked you to get the hell off the stage what a filthy mouth and I heard the song it’s not that great and the lyrics are wacked. More singing and yes yodeling please.

  16. April 28, 2019

    man, she has a backbone.

  17. Betty Chatmon-Colema April 28, 2019

    Wrong. approa. She should have just started to sing. The audience would have. Told her if she was good r better..wow..to over the top

  18. kob April 28, 2019

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  19. Xoxo April 28, 2019

    DELIVERY It’s all about how you deliver a message 😑

  20. Esther Velez April 28, 2019

    This is NOT the way you want to introduce yourself into the COUNTRY MUSIC. There are lots of country singers that are great and you insinuating you’re better Dow’s not look well. I’ve always loved your music, but lately you gone lost your dang mind…slow your roll girl.

    • So so so April 28, 2019

      this! I’m all for her. Wrong introduction and I ain’t even look at video…the text I read is enough

  21. Stephanie April 28, 2019

    Oh Lord I’m so tired of this dizzy b**** always want the spot lite she acts like Nene leaks. It seems when these b**** get those surgeries these b****** loose their damn mine. B**** have a few seats with yo fake ass

    • Victor April 29, 2019

      Now all that name calling is stupid and shows your ignorance…. Don’t hate!!!

  22. Jj April 28, 2019

    Wtf wowwwww omg

  23. Sharon Cobb April 28, 2019

    Woo!!! Not good choice move at all,. No Respect for herself of any kind, wow::;,

  24. Are you Kidding Me? April 28, 2019

    African slaves started country music and it was stolen, but slander a Black woman for wanting to do watered down soul music. That’s all country is.

  25. Me April 29, 2019

    Her language was not needed and as a huge fan of hers I wish she would read the room. Cursing is okay in certain enviorments.

  26. Ryan Willingham April 29, 2019

    Let the music speak for itself. She’s already been banned from urban radio. Come with the song or shut up. Carrie Underwood would wear K out vocally

  27. Shelia Walker April 29, 2019

    Country Music doesn’t belong to any One group of people! Charlie Pride sang Country Music and did it well! All Music belong to all people! America will detroy itself internally if it continues to decide itself, along sosocial and racial lines!!! So, just Frickin, Stop It! K Michelle should have been Invited and Embarrassed, not that she Crashed anything!! What the #ell is wrong with U People!!!!

  28. Nelson Rodriguez April 29, 2019

    I don’t understand what the big stink is…. Does anyone here know of Darius Rucker from the band Hootie & the Blowfish…. he’s had plenty of success in the country genre….

  29. Victor April 29, 2019

    I strongly believe that any person who has the drive and self motivation can accomplish anything they want..so I wish you the best

  30. SMH April 29, 2019

    The ignorance in this entire post is amazing. Everyone who thinks its “impossible” for Black artists to make an impact in country music needs to Google the name “Charley Pride”.

  31. Eton April 29, 2019

    Those of us who are K-Michelle fans already knew she was a country singer and hasn’t been for quite sometime- even her RnB is Twangged…. She’s from Memphis for God’s sake- right in the Deep of the Deep South

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