Christina Aguilera’s Las Vegas Residency To Raise Money For Domestic Violence Victims

Published: Tuesday 14th May 2019 by Sam

Christina Aguilera may be prepping a colossal spectacle for her new Las Vegas residency ‘The Xperience,’ but she’s also using the venture to affect positive change.

Details below…

Xtina has announced a partnership with shelter, The Shade Tree. 

It’ll see $1 from each ticket purchased for ‘Christina Aguilera: The Xperience’ donated to the 24-hour accessible emergency facility in Southern Nevada for women and children in crisis, including those who are victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Over the course of her career, Aguilera has been vocal about the alleged abuse her mom suffered at the hands of her father. As such, the cause is one of personal significance to the singer – who is no stranger to social activism.

Speaking on the move, a rep for The Shade Tree said in a statement:

“Christina not only possesses remarkable talent, she represents strength, perseverance and unapologetic female independence — characteristics so fitting for our mission to help homeless and abused women regain their own independence.”

Kudos to Christina!

‘The Xperience’ kicks off May 31st at the Park Theater in Las Vegas.

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  1. CHINA May 14, 2019

    Girl. The last show i saw her in was a wreck. She needs to focus on STRIPPED and The First Album. Which were classics – back to basic was just that……..basic. Would not pay to see her again – there were no vocal moments — and she looked out of shape — honey needs to pull it together.

    • Pedonika May 14, 2019

      So does your mom and her loose pûssy ?‍♂️

      • CHINA May 14, 2019

        Another Loose booty F_ggy mad because your not a “REAL” woman. SUCK a Di_ck F_g

    • I love Big Black C** May 14, 2019

      Liberation is a solid album and bionic is an experimental risky taking album as well. U still stuck in stripped era. U must be really old school.

    • Richie May 16, 2019

      You’re talking fuckery out of your c##t ! Her vocals were on point for her liberation tour.

  2. Meteorite May 14, 2019

    I forgot she even existed

  3. Blaine Kelley May 14, 2019

    Is there a legal reason you phrased it as “the alleged abuse her mother suffered”? If so I can understand.

    However if not, throwing “alleged” in there comes across like you’re calling x*tina and her mom liars and/or minimizing their experience as survivors…which seems f**ked up.

  4. May 14, 2019

    You should not include homeless people with a woman whom has been abused or kids shes been attacked so severly putting those types of people whom do not thrive as she does is an insult and helps the attacker by letting her know she is a homeless worthless person as the homeless whom choose to be so. Their is a diffrence a battered woman an abused woman is a woman whom at one time was attractive because she was confident she had a plan to make a diffrence in peopls lives such as a family or in the community as a lawyer a judge a teacher a president a leader a special woman shes been attacked and the homeless the drug infected people will harm her even more because something about these women some people hate it takes a confident beautiful person to understand she had goals morals that have been stripped from her and deserves more after all the attacks assaults the yelling done to her body dont put her away with homeless i dont give a f*** people like junkies she desrves way more because of the way she carries herself herself love is what we all thrive for shes above tge people whom are lazy or drug seekers shes difrentshes smart to smart to throw away shes wounded

  5. MadonnaQueenofBeyhives May 15, 2019

    Wow Xtina is beautiful and s***!!!
    Good luck on your tour:)

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