Watch: Ciara Talks New Album, Being Independent, & Addresses Rumored Janet Jackson Duet

Published: Monday 13th May 2019 by Rashad

Ciara‘s newest album, ‘Beauty Marks,’ was just released on May 10th and is already well on its way to making its mark on R&B charts if early reads of streams and digital sales are any indication.

Pounding the promo pavement in a bid to ensure that impact is as expected, the Grammy-winner’s hitting TV (‘The View,’ an upcoming performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel,’ and more), print, and radio to raise awareness about the project.  Shortly after winning hearts over at ‘The View’ (May 10), Cici skipped across town to ‘The Angie Martinez Show’ to host an interactive listening session with a group of lucky fans.

Dishing on the album’s creative process, how collaborations came to be, confirming even more music videos for  select album cuts are in the works, and even addressing longstanding rumors that she’s set to collaborate with mentor Janet Jackson, look inside to see the C-Squad turn up to some of ‘Beauty Marks’ gems and hear the lengthy interview that accompanied the session:

Interview Highlights:

3:14 – Personal & Professional Challenges

6:20 – Going independent

7:15 – creating ‘Level Up’

11:00 – ‘the prayer that landed Russell Wilson’

50:40 The creation of ‘Girl Gang’ featuring Kelly Rowland

1:03:24 – relationship with Janet Jackson & possible duet

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  1. Zion May 14, 2019

    Most of the songs on the album are well outside of her vocal range

  2. The truth always comes to light May 14, 2019

    How come y’all haven’t posted her sales/streaming numbers? Y’all always so quick to post others sales/streaming numbers! She must didn’t do well!

    • Jay May 14, 2019

      Ciara posted naked photos, posted forced staged videos with her kids, cried in front of old women on The View, hired an all white team, bragged about her white team and white agency, all to sell close to Jackie. Maybe the numbers will go up.

    • Jay May 14, 2019

      I posted her numbers and they deleted them. I guess they are on her payroll. TGJ you all can’t hide them forever.

    • LUCKI May 14, 2019

      This site is very biased when it comes to Ciara.

      I have nothing against her, but CiCi has been a commercial failure for a decade now. I admire her branding, resilience and spirit but it is what it is. She had the makings to be up there with Beyoncé & Rihanna, but the ball was dropped somewhere along the line.

      With that being said, I wish her the best in her personal & professional endeavors. Marriage and independence looks great on her.

      • Jasmine May 14, 2019

        It is her music. She is a try hard at crossover pop instead of fulfilling the void in the industry she was originally given a record deal to do. She came at a time when Nivea was pregnant, Ashanti’s career was paused because of Irv Gotti’s record label folding, Teairra Marie was cancelled, Beyoncé was already a superstar, Rihanna had already crossed over to pop, and no other young rnb chicks were really doing the hip-hop influenced sounding rnb songs with the ability to dance like Cici did. Instead of sticking with the formula she continues to be try hard crossover pop when that industry position has been on lock by Beyoncé and Rihanna for over a decade. Ciara continues to put out try hard music instead of hits.

      • A&R May 14, 2019

        @jasmine you shared a very good perspective and thorough analysis but I’m thinking it’s less about the genre of music and more about the quality. In the realm of selling the performing arts, authenticity is important when building a colt like fan base. The type of music Ciara makes now seems very true to her person it’s just not great. Much like her vocals… and because she’s “seasoned” we now expect a grand level of creativity.. a Lemonade/ 444 moment, and she doesn’t seem creative enough to do so. Ciara is a perfect example of a artist that has good skills and it factor but isn’t as talented/ creative.

        She “needed “ a FIRE creative dir that loved/knew her so well and she loved them enough to let them lead her music direction.

        Ciara needs tactful gimmicks and created moments to push her music bc the voice and actual music isn’t enough. She need the best song writers etc bc that’s not her skill set..
        she can dance, hold enough note and has personality that connects.. the rest is where a team would need to create and sustain her.

        Being too artistically driven is what’s hurting Tinashe. Not having enough artistic capacity has damn near killed Ciara.

        I would love to she her build a brand around dance and cultivating the next line of stars along with of modeling etc. I’m not sure she can create a mega star lane around music anymore. It’s hard to watch this play out too. Ouch.

      • Tiayah May 14, 2019

        Very sad…
        Take a look at the charts guys. Very unfortunate situation. Beauty did not hit even the Top 20th mark. She needs to stop obsessing over Pop Taylor and Britney crossover appeal. She needs to hire Dawn from Making the Band. At this point, what can Ciara sell?

  3. CHINA May 14, 2019

    You know fully well – this girl can’t sell out a night club. Vocally, she’s on a level with Jennifer lopez, Paula abdul etc…..
    Her man is worth over 100 Million now, girl relax and enjoy being young, beautiful and famous

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 14, 2019

      @China – “You know fully well – this girl can’t sell out a night club.” — LMAO!

  4. Maxx May 14, 2019

    People always trying to hate on someone’s dream. CiCi you must be doing something right because your name is still out there, no crazy scandals, looking gorgeous, plenty of fans, & as of late on everyone’s tongue’s even the naysayers. Keep doing you & don’t let anyone still your dreams with their negative A*****. The album is wonderful & I can tell you have really been working on that voice. There are many successful singers who have her tone….like her mentor & Idol Ms. Janet Jackson who is one of the biggest icons out there & has a library full of hits honey. Keep doing you!!! Much love

    • MissGuided May 14, 2019

      Ms. Jackson is the epitome of an ARTIST. Ciara is not. They shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath.

      • Tiayah May 14, 2019

        Ciara wants fame and white acceptance. She doesn’t like herself as much as she claims.

  5. Fancy BISH May 14, 2019

    I’ve actually went to the store and purchased Ciara CD’s, so that’s more than I can say for some of y’all faves ?

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