Ciara’s ‘Level Up’ Certified Gold

Published: Wednesday 8th May 2019 by Sam

It’s release week for Ciara, who this Friday unleashes ‘Beauty Marks’ – her seventh studio album.

But the celebrations are starting early. Because, the project’s lead single ‘Level Up’ has just crossed a major milestone.

Details below…

As of this week, the turn-up jam has been certified Gold by the RIAA after crossing the 500,000 mark.

Blazing onto the airwaves last summer, the song quickly went viral thanks to its high-octane video and the fan-driven #LevelUpChallenge it birthed.


Beyond being a commendable feat, it’s rendered even more impressive given that it was CiCi’s first outing as an independent act with her Beauty Marks Entertainment imprint.


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  1. CHINA May 8, 2019

    This poor girl, still trying. Got to give her credit, records flopping left and right – lipsinging on award shows – looking award show ready and the public is like…..she aiight. just aiight…..the voice a little weak……… poor thang

    • Danny Bey May 8, 2019

      This record didnt even flop. And did you not even read the damn article? It just got certified Gold. How is that a flop? Everyone’s not getting these everyday. You just wanted to write somethin dumb huh

    • Maxx May 8, 2019

      You must actually live in CHINA. LMAO. GTFOH…didn’t you hear the song say she’s not about that hate life, only LOVE. I know her light is shining bright…you gonna be alright though, just grab your shades! ♥

    • SMH May 8, 2019

      And FYI, the term is lip SYNC. There’s no such thing as lip singing lol.🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. The truth always May 8, 2019

    Good for her! But that album gone flop!

  3. Beam Me Up Scotty May 8, 2019

    Damn that took awhile…

  4. Jasmine May 8, 2019

    Seems like it should be platinum by now after all the hype.

  5. ??? May 8, 2019

    Lmaooo yaasss Cici! that’s a whole lot better than flopping with 14k lmfaooooo 😂 😂😂 😂

  6. Paquet May 8, 2019

    This album coming is about to be tragic smh. She makes awful music. She has been so desperate for white people’s attention. She abandoned R&B and didn’t even promote Greatest Love. She refuses to get in her lane. Whats the point if you dont like R&B, yourself, nor your own people? If you want to continue doing pop, then girl. Goodluck. Hopefully I am wrong.

    • Jasmine May 8, 2019

      I agree. She keeps trying to be a crossover artist instead of putting out quality tracks. She wasted a good performance at the Billboard awards to perform a forgettable pop song.

    • I love Big Black Cox May 8, 2019

      Well she went back her roots with basic instinct which brought up the worst sale of her career so far. Can u explain?

      • Paquet May 9, 2019

        That was label blackballing beyond her control. She said she was also apart of her decline in her video, You Got Me. She says she was buying shoes and chasing red carpets. That’s why she named it “You Got Me”. That means someone took your possession or attention. Body Party/Self Titled saw a boost. But then she abandoned it and chased Future. Come back when we get her new album sales. This will be 10 years of her trying to crossover. Again, I said I hope i was wrong. Lets hope for the best from the white fans since thats her goal. She’s promoting white platforms..on Ryan Secreast, Z100, and The View

      • iamdiego May 9, 2019

        the problem with Basic Instinc was that she tried to re-create/combine her first 2 era’s (which she had already completed successfully) that never works. the songs were not that good. i’ll admit that ride was a bop and gimmie that was cute too though. the videos were lit, but the rest of that album was trash. its like Ciara doesnt have ear for music anymore which is why we are stuck with the generic pop version of her.

  7. Mim May 8, 2019

    Everybody here is so negativ, dont talk to much none of you would be able to do what she is doing. If we try to analyse the caarer of each and everyone who gave her a bad comment we will see that nobody in here is making the same amount of money Like Ci. She did some mistakes in the past, but right now im respect her much more, because she is indepent now and is able to get a Certification. She is Trying her best. Last Year she Peformed on the VMAS, This Year at the billboards its a huge deal. I hate when people always Judge and dont give people the credit they deserve. She is not on a major Label anymore. Some People in here are so stupid and dump sory!

    • iamdiego May 9, 2019

      i think your reaching a bit., there are really like 3 bad comments the rest was 2 trolls and a bunch of OPINIONS. why is it that ppl cant have an honest point of view anymore? get out your feelings and realize whether you thought they were good or bad they are simply just different perspectives. relax. i’d hope nobody wants to see her fail, but something is not clicking. on a positive note she’s wealthy and married with a beautiful family so lemme stfu lol. is that better? seriously, its all love at the end of the day.

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