Did You Miss It? Lil Cease Finally Apologizes To Lil Kim At Biggie’s Birthday Dinner

Published: Wednesday 22nd May 2019 by Rashad

Although March 2019 saw Lil Kim make it very clear that she and Junior M.A.F.I.A. group mate Lil’ Cease were currently on good terms (click here to see that), the ‘Crush on You’ duo crushed any rumors of beefing last night when they were spotted hand-in-hand at the first annual B.I.G. bash to celebrate what would be the birthday of the slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. (“Biggie Smalls”).

During the festivities (May 21), Cease grabbed the mic to apologize to his once-estranged friend.  As fans of both artists know, their fallout stems from 2005 when he testified against her in a case that led to her imprisonment and fining for perjury.  Although she has gone on record many times to say she was no longer associated with him due to the incident, it appears things have changed.

See the video inside:

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  1. Brent Christopher May 22, 2019

    it takes a big person to forgive someone who is primarily responsible for your incarceration. that jail stint basically cost Lil Kim her career. she never released a full fledged studio album after doing time. that period really drained her appeal, machine backing, status at the time & rhythm as an artist.

    WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED a junior mafia album!! please shelve any premature talks of it. their music will never sell or impact charts in today’s music climate.

    • Interac May 22, 2019

      It was unfortunate that she went to prison for a year but don’t forget how she capitalized on the situation by way of a BET reality show which ultimately set up the launch for her last studio album ‘the naked truth.’ That album was fire, the content was there. Material wise, her going to prison was like Mary going through a breakup lol = good music.

      • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

        I didn’t forget. That era

      • CeeJay May 23, 2019

        You are so right….Mary makes good music when she’s going/went through a bad relationship. I want Mary happy but something about her music when she’s going through it. I don’t think Lil Kim will ever see Cease the same way. To see him on that stand with ah Bigg tshirt on and testifying really put a major dent in their relationship.

    • SMH May 23, 2019

      Oh please, she caused her own incarceration by lying in the first place.

      • Thatflopjuice May 23, 2019


  2. Patthepuss May 23, 2019

    He didn’t apologise though. He said sorry if she “felt” a certain way about anything he said or did. That’s not an apology.

    • Jay May 23, 2019

      Exactly!!! He copped a plea, I don’t do half ass apologies! Either you say sorry fully or not,

    • SMH May 23, 2019

      He has nothing to apologize for. She’s the one that lied and got caught in it, not him.

    • Maxx May 23, 2019

      That is the real way to apologize. You can only be sorry for the way someone feels, not for your actions or you wouldn’t have done them in the first place.

  3. Gee May 23, 2019

    Great to see that Kim and Cease are able to bury their beef after everything that has played out in public. I am sure Biggie was smiling down upon them as they were celebrating his life and memory.

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