Jennifer Lopez Premieres The Making Of The ‘It’s My Party Tour’

Published: Tuesday 21st May 2019 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for the ‘It’s My Party Tour’ – her first US trek in 10 years.

The Stateside jaunt is being mounted in celebration of the singer’s 50th birthday.

And while that’s all rooted in happy times, the diva is playing no games (with herself or dancers) in piecing together the sure-fire spectacle.

Fresh from wrapping filming for new movie ‘Hustlers,’ J.Lo jumped straight into gruelling rehearsals and is now giving folk an insight into the making of the hotly anticipated tour.

Ahead of the show’s June kick-off, check out a behind the scenes look at her process below…

The ‘It’s My Party Tour’ launches June 7th at The Forum in Los Angeles.

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  1. CHINA May 21, 2019

    Ashanti, Christina Milian, and Mariah Carey do you have any VOCALS or Beats she can still to still APPEAR fresh and talented. Her mic will only be on to address the crowd – Her MIC will be OFF and she will use “LIVE” sounding tracks….F R A U D. FRAUD. F R A U D and a Thief. If SELENA were alive Jennifer would be working as a checkout girl

    • CHINA May 21, 2019


  2. Kevon May 21, 2019

    Only hate hate for jlo .. I really dont get why people just hating on her let the woman be

    • Karter May 21, 2019

      JLo has built a career off the backs of artist like Ashanti and Mariah Carey… LITERALLY stealing songs from them and not even bothering to remove their vocals from the track. Even during her stint as a “Fly Girl”, she was very manipulative and that’s all public record… THAT’S why JLo receives the hate she gets. It’s no secret that her and Tommy Motalla (spell check) collaborated to destroy Mariah Carey’s career, that’s the only reason JLo had the success she had during the beginning of her “singing” career. Just stop.

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 21, 2019

        Oh pluuhhhheeeeeze the recording industry has and always will be dog eat dog and mass recycling of concepts, creative direction and styles – JLO is not the first to borrow and will definitely not be the last – some of these young girls today wish they could borrow and execute flawlessly – it takes talent to pull that off otherwise you’re just a tribute act – JLO is not where she is today at the head of her Empire because she’s a tribute act – i’m not even a Stan and you will deal. ?

      • CHINA May 21, 2019

        Jennifer Lopez is a Fraud who HAS RARELY EVER SANG 1 FULL SONG LIVE. She’s the Rican PAULA ABDUL without the PERSONALITY of Abdul. She’s a fraud who needs to Stop STEALING girls vocals, backup vocals and songs. SHE’s the Milli Vanilli of the Music Industry.

      • Karter May 21, 2019

        @Haterz Deal with what?? The fact you’re not a stan?? …listen, my colon is clean hun, I don’t give s#!+. Ok?! Do better ??

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH May 21, 2019


    • CHINA May 21, 2019

      Here’s some ADVICE H_oe….you take your SECTION 8 rent paying A_ss and PAY $200 TO SEE THIS H** MIME FOR 90 MINS. STFU

  4. Dina May 21, 2019

    Gosh ppl just wanna hate but she instead is makin more money and entertain the whole world . You go girl cant wait to see u

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