Kelly Rowland Releases Three New Songs [Listen]

Published: Saturday 18th May 2019 by Sam

Kelly Rowland sprung a surprise on fans moments ago in the form of three new songs!

The R&B chanteuse has teamed with Red Bull Studios to create fresh material with rising talent.

Speaking on the venture, she said “had the PLEASURE of going in with some talented new bloods.”

With Lord Quest and Twhy Xclusive, Ms. Kelly cooked up the songs ‘Don’t You Worry,’ ‘Diamonds,’ and ‘See Me.’

Listen below…

Cool concept and a solid collection of tracks. Truly re-affirms the potential in new up and comers. ‘See Me’ is a particular stand out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. olusheyi banjo May 18, 2019

    Love this. Go head Kelly

    • Wordonthestreet May 19, 2019

      She kind of sucks and this little EP sounds like an amateur school girl trying to make her way into the industry! Girl NO!

  2. thanosoftitan May 18, 2019

    I have all of Kelly’s solo albums with the exception of her last album, ‘Talk A Good Game.’

    Kelly Rowland is my favorite Destiny’s Child member. Unfortunately, I’m not connecting with any of these three songs.

    Still rooting for Ms. Kelly.

    • Adele May 18, 2019

      Talk a Good Game was one of the best R&B albums that came out that year.

      • Mim May 18, 2019

        I LiKE kELLY AND i lIKE THE NEW sONGS A LOT. For my Taste Talk a good game was ok, the album was to slow and a little bit borring.

      • thanosoftitan May 18, 2019

        Mim, I agree with you about ‘Talk A Good Game.’

        It’s my least favorite effort from Kelly, which is why I didn’t buy it.

        Her other 3 albums are much stronger.

  3. MUSICHEAD May 18, 2019

    See Me is hot!!!
    The other two are wack.

    • ArRihNaj May 18, 2019


    • Aaron Underwood May 18, 2019

      You are young. All them songs were fire

  4. Mark Jones May 18, 2019

    Don’t you worry gives me brandy “best friend” vibes.
    Diamonds gives that old school groove almost like fine china from Chris brown. See me is dope as well. This was a solid project.

  5. The truth always comes to light May 18, 2019

    I swear ppl just don’t know great music when they hear it! The vocals & music production on all 3 records is ah freaking amazing! Haven’t heard this great of r&b in a long time! I want Kelly to give us a BET Awards performance of “See Me” oh my gosh that would be dope as hell! Y’all gotta hear her new album though y’all mouths are gonna drop to the floor & disbelief! Y’all wait & see!!!

  6. Lanafan1 May 18, 2019

    Why did she not do this last year after Coachella?

  7. Meteorite May 18, 2019

    I like it!
    I like it!
    I like It!

  8. Terence May 18, 2019

    You lot are quite slow though ?

  9. Crashbash May 18, 2019

    “See Me” is the gem of the three. That’s a dingle for sure. What irks me with Kelly is that in my opinion she had the best voice regarding tone of the three DC girls. However Beyonce is the performer. Kelly needs to let go of her fear of upstaging and just cutloose. Stop thinking rnb is the only lane…try new genres. Re-invent her brand with a new look and sound. Each of her albums had gems when put together it becomes eclectic and interesting.

    • Dubster May 18, 2019


  10. Dubster May 18, 2019

    Diamonds is fresh

  11. Keith May 18, 2019

    Really like these songs…perhaps she should enlist them for her album. Kinda unfair that terrestrial radio will pay them dust, but I bought my copy! Go Miss Kelly…

  12. Clayne May 18, 2019

    Don’t you
    Worry is hot!

    Diamonds is cute

    See me is ok

    But come thru Kelly!

    • Bam May 18, 2019

      Yes the real gem is Don’t You Worry! It’s a 90s sounding bop, I do wish she’d have really extended that note towards the end. Diamonds is ok and See me is pretty good.

      Overall I liked it and think she should work with more newcomers and producers cause they are more likely to give her their best like Guetta back in ‘09.

  13. I love Big Black C** May 18, 2019

    Crown is like Stole 2.0. Potential hit and she abandoned it… still waiting for motivation 3.0 tho

  14. Aaron Underwood May 18, 2019

    Diamonds is my favorite

  15. ERIC May 18, 2019

    I can skip “See Me”. The other two are great!

  16. Xoxo May 18, 2019

    This sounds dated. I expect more more MORE damn!

  17. Jarboo May 24, 2019

    Wow, all these tracks are fire???, especially Don’t You Worry and See Me. Well done Kelly???

  18. I know the deal July 28, 2019

    Beyonce pays her team to write negative reviews about Kelly on blogs everywhere I have went people were impressed with these records yet here its mixed reviews I am not buying it.

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