Cardi B’s the First Female Rapper, Second Woman Overall To Win BET Awards’ ‘Album of the Year’

Published: Sunday 23rd Jun 2019 by Rashad

Cardi B may not ‘need more press,’ but she’s certainly getting it thanks to the continued history-making success of her debut album, ‘Invasion of Privacy.’

Beyond its enduring status on charts, the set’s helped fill the 26-year-old’s trophy case with a Grammy (click here to read), American Music awards, Billboard awards, ASCAP awards, and more.  With those game-changing captures in her rearview, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ beauty can now color in a new achievement on her list of accomplishments thanks to an ‘Album of the Year’ win at tonight’s BET Awards (June 23).

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With the win Cardi’s become the first female rapper to nab the ‘Album of the Year’ honors at the ceremony.  The category, introduced in 2017, saw rapper Kendrick Lamar‘s multiplatinum ‘DAMN’ as its inaugural recipient and followed with Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade’ taking home the trophy in 2018.

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  1. Gee June 23, 2019

    She had the best album out of all the nominees.

    • Jasmine June 23, 2019

      Technically, Bey is the first rapper to win this. Bey has been rapping on and off professionally since 2001 with her ‘In Da Club’ remix song to her ‘Diva’ song to ‘Bow Down’. From rapping to singing to rap singing to pop superstar Bey does it all..

      • Baad June 24, 2019

        We talk about a rap ALBUM not some songs, we all understand how much you love Beyoncé but please stop.

  2. Urg June 23, 2019

    Was there even any competition in that catagory? IOP was the obivious choice.

  3. Brent Christopher June 23, 2019

    Cardi created a smorgasbord of contemporary hip hop bangers. She included a trending sound, but added street anthems for women to rap about their relationship pain & other inner love sick struggles. Cardi is the people’s champion — emblazoned in a likeness that is organic and transcending of what one can accomplish when ground work is blended with prayer. I applaud Cardi’s success & hope that this serves as a lesson to those others who STILL have not seemed to humble themselves. I only need Cardi to rush the accompanying music video for PRESS, as the single is sinking without increased promotion.

    • Brent Christopher June 23, 2019

      PRESS is far too powerful of a record to not match the ultimate success of BODAK YELLOW. The record is FIRE, tonight’s performance of the single was FIRE and it deserves to chart significantly higher than its #16 peak on the HOT 100.

    • A&R June 23, 2019

      Well aren’t you an articulate mother f*****?! Lol I’m with you???

  4. IG: mixedboy June 23, 2019

    IOP is honestly well deserving. It’s really no shade to anybody else. It really was a great album. ?

  5. Clarkson June 23, 2019

    R.I.P nicki. Atleast u have queen radio and that murderer boyfriend of yours.

    • Nicki Maraj June 23, 2019

      Why do you keep bringing up Nicki Minaj let that hate Go

    • suhsuh June 24, 2019

      You mean murder HUSBAND ?please respect the title ?

  6. A&R June 23, 2019

    Lol blessed she is. Cardi, just be a good steward. Well deserved.

  7. NickiMinajisCancelled June 23, 2019

    St Nick never should have threw shots and swaggerjacked female rap legends for a come up. It’s literally the only thing holding her back from the greatness she aspires to be. Buhahaha!!!! ????????? Anyhoo, Congrats Queen Bardi. Female Rap Variety was on 10 tonight!!

    • My third eye June 23, 2019

      The funny thing is you have to talk down on Nicki (someone who this article is not about) to make Cardi look good. Haters never come for people doing worse than them or in your case your fav. Get well soon I know misery hurts.

      • NickiMinajisCancelled June 23, 2019

        What does all that have to do with me stating the truth? ? It’s clear Nicki spent her whole career pushing a false petty narrative to the point she can’t even turn back. She’ll never rep true female rap unity because she was built to defy it. PERIODT! Thank god for Cardi instilling value back to respecting female rap lineage. Stay miserable @ mad knowing you worshipped a fraud for a whole decade. Cult member headass!???

  8. Lashanda June 23, 2019

    Love u Cardi B! So happy for you! So proud of u! U deserve it! U the! Continue to shine, you go girl! Love it!!

  9. Jasmine June 23, 2019

    Technically, Bey is the first rapper to win this. Bey has been rapping on and off professionally since 2001 with her ‘In Da Club’ remix song to her ‘Diva’ song to ‘Bow Down’. From rapping to singing to rap singing to pop superstar Bey does it all.

  10. Beam Me Up Scotty June 24, 2019

    You all keep calling Nicki Minaj a fraud, but what’s original about Cardi B? What is Cardi B doing that is different? Absolutely nothing. Cardi B had no competition. Nicki Minaj had competition. You say Cardi B is making it possible for other female rappers, but truth is she just replaced Nicki Minaj.

    • NickiMinajisCancelled June 24, 2019

      What is Cardi doing that is different?

      1. She pays homage to her rap idols and shares the spotlight with her peers, not being insecure about being the queen of rap like Nicki
      2. She’s more real and relatable unlike St Nick who’s personality is loaded with gimmicks to keep her young fanbase brainwashed
      3. She’s more well rounded; being an entertainer, a mother and wife juggling fame unlike Spongebob who’s spent a whole decade living her life in the spotlight with no proper hiatus. She has NO LIFE outside of stardom!
      4. Cardi has the better narrative. Nick wants to be that hard street rap b**** just for clout. Ain’t nothing street about a 36 year who still brands herself after Barbie
      5. Cardi is still a new artist. If y’all garbz are shook now y’all ain’t ready for what’s next to come with Megan’s Thee Stallion & Lizzo
      6. All we wanted was respect for female rap lineage but y’all f***** up. Nicki Garbaj will become the most hated tyrannical entertainer ever. Keep it up!

      • Beam Me Up Scotty June 24, 2019

        I’m not sure what Nicki did to you, but clearly you are mad. Cardi B is doing what she was told to do by her management to replace Nicki Minaj. She did it for the money, not for the art, not for female rap. Also, why does Nicki Minaj, or any female for that matter, have to start a family? How do you know she doesn’t have a life? Lizzo is a fad. She is the white Meghan Trainor. Megan came and went.

    • Dumb h*** June 24, 2019

      What competition did Nicki have? Please elaborate. Cardi is the one wit hella competition. It’s hell of rap b****** out here now! It was only Nicki when Nicki was out that’s why she was so easy to love. Now that there are other b****** doing it you see how wack Nicki really is. How she has no stage presence, how she doesn’t have a number one with over 100 billboard entries, how she doesn’t have a Grammy, how she needs with almost everyone. How she has never worked with other rappers and foxy and Trina don’t count. How she has never embraced up and coming female artist… shall I proceed?

      • Dumb h*** June 24, 2019


      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 24, 2019

        @Dumb..- Cardi should have stage presence. She was a w**** who dropped to her knees in the back room at strip clubs and spread eagle up front on stage at them. She has no shame soooo therefore is use to a live, captive audience. She wanted money sooo she did anything before any size audience for it.

        Grammy? That was a gimme. Nicki is never going to get a Grammy because she pissed off the powers that be a LONG time ago. They are only compounding the hate for her by giving one or even more to Cardi so (shrugs).

        Teamwork? No artist HAS TO work with another. If I were a raptress I WOULDN’T EITHER. For what? So save that crap. Cardi has a team of writers yet takes the credit. The industry DOESN’T like Nicki so yes Cardi’s label/team buys her awards.

        Overall, if you people actually think that any of these awards are earned you are sadly mistaken. They are gimmes. Gimme an award OR I won’t show up/perform. Gimme an award or… same old crap different year.

        Nicki will be fine. What I find to be an issue is that amount of hate you have for this woman and don’t give me this crap about me HATIN’ on Cardi when I complimented or stage presence and referenced it with FACT from her history.

    • Monica’s Dove June 24, 2019

      Cardi is a better performer, has better visuals and better music than Nicki.

  11. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez June 24, 2019


  12. Just Sayin’ June 24, 2019

    Here we go again this tired ass old Cardi vs Nicki drama. Y’all could not just congratulte Cardibwithout mentioning Nicki? That is why ‘beef’ will never end cause of u stans.

  13. Yc18 June 24, 2019

    It’s only a bet award

    • LUCKI June 24, 2019

      And what exactly is that supposed to mean? I’m sick of you b****** downplaying the BET Awards simply because it’s a black award show.

      • Yc18 June 24, 2019

        It’s a bet award. Image awards is not downplayed but a bet award…… I think so

    • Dc June 24, 2019

      And she has only a Grammy to hater ?

      • yc18 June 24, 2019

        I am not hating tho………..
        one of her biggest supporters. My comment is coming from the headline.

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